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Wallgate finished
Been up town today and was surprised that every cone had been removed. Was just wondering ...
riocaroni 12 747 9th May 2022, 09:00
phone calls
The other day I phoned a bank and it took me 75 mins to get through. Yesterday I tried to ...
PeterP 5 397 8th May 2022, 13:13
Polling day today
It is time for our local elections today. Probably it will be yet another poor turn out fo...
PeterP 39 970 8th May 2022, 09:22
See roylews post saying it was bigest mistake he ever made voting to leave Eu, tend to agr...
surfer_tom 156 2,791 7th May 2022, 19:04
Today is .......
The celebrated mid day Furry Dance It is FLORA DAY
ena malcup 4 219 7th May 2022, 17:25
Tommy Two Stroke
crazy justice
A woman nudges protesters with her car is banned from driving for 12 month and fined £4...
PeterP 3 344 7th May 2022, 10:58
Tommy Two Stroke
Bruce asher
tomplum 39 1,434 6th May 2022, 13:38
Wigan Infirmary Car Park
Be warned they only take card payments now for parking and after riding round for 20 mins...
peter g 33 987 6th May 2022, 11:59
peter g
Does anyone.
Have any good news to share. I'm sick to the back teeth of listening to the doom, gloom ...
jathbee 65 1,237 5th May 2022, 20:01
"I'm so upset and angry":
Heartbroken woman films council workers cutting down the WRONG tree [url=
basil brush 8 610 5th May 2022, 14:46
Dying Matters Awareness Week
Informal drop-in event Tue 3rd May, 10am - 12pm Wigan & Leigh Hospice ‘Plan for to...
jo anne 5 351 4th May 2022, 13:48
jo anne
Gas & Electric
I all, British gas as just sent my bill from 23rd November to 23rd April, got a nice surpr...
dougie 15 795 3rd May 2022, 22:48
No Free Range Eggs...........
On sale from next week. All birds have to be inside because of the flu. They will be label...
Platty 55 1,211 3rd May 2022, 12:22
ena malcup
Local Health & Social Care
A chance to have your say and help shape the future of Health and Care with the Greater ...
jo anne 1 170 3rd May 2022, 10:15
jo anne
Anyone had this problem on pavings/patio. I have tried all kinds of so called miracle idea...
Anne 4 366 2nd May 2022, 17:03
Place names
Does any one who works for the council who plan then get place signs erected know the area...
PeterP 4 517 1st May 2022, 19:35
I got dragged along screaming
But I'll let you know how it went on sunday [url=] the old wi...
tomplum 8 603 1st May 2022, 11:40
Stain removal
Other than having the corner unit professionally cleaned does anyone know of a good cleani...
annefair 2 364 1st May 2022, 10:24
Council Tax Rebate.
Apologies if this has been done before but has anyone received the Tax Band A to D £150 r...
builderboy 11 705 30th Apr 2022, 23:10
Whilst scrolling down some of our member's comments on here i noticed several adverts in b...
GOLDEN BEAR 4 387 30th Apr 2022, 11:50
Does anyone know
What the heavy traffic going along Warrington road to the motorway was about this evening ...
tomplum 3 505 30th Apr 2022, 07:46
The Age of The Train
[url=]Just not quite yet
ena malcup 2 327 29th Apr 2022, 18:26
ena malcup
OK no more tea time food,what's for lunch inst
joebloggs 61 1,429 29th Apr 2022, 15:56
A Proposed National Nature Reserve
From Wigan Flashes to Pennington Flash Zoom meeting for local people - Sat 7th Nov, 1...
jo anne 4 1,318 29th Apr 2022, 13:37
jo anne
Mental Health Support
Online Event Tue 8th Feb, 1pm - 3pm Sign up here: [url=
jo anne 11 431 29th Apr 2022, 10:38
jo anne
Wigan Council Staff
Nearly 100 staff suspended over the last 3 years on full pay. Can someone link to the M...
mortarmillbill 4 397 28th Apr 2022, 19:02
Tommy Two Stroke
Council tax bands
I think I may be in the wrong band, but to challenge successfully it is necessary to provi...
thaknows 8 408 28th Apr 2022, 07:43
Wallgate closed
Overnight closures from Monday 11.04.22 for road surfacing works. Closed at 8pm to 6am ...
mortarmillbill 17 849 27th Apr 2022, 23:12
Tommy Two Stroke
new gardening project
A person phone today and asked, Do you tidy gardens up ? I said, Yea if its not too much f...
tomplum 98 1,954 27th Apr 2022, 21:16
Well that's my postal vote done for another year. Unusually only 2 candidates this year...
mortarmillbill 1 222 27th Apr 2022, 16:17
If I had a wish granted I would be,
on the stage with status Quo doing, Caroline or, going fishing with Whitehouse and morti...
tomplum 17 707 27th Apr 2022, 14:16
Billinge Biker
St George's Day
Today is St Georges Day flicked through one of the papers No mention of it The other thre...
PeterP 29 878 27th Apr 2022, 13:30
ena malcup
Just gone
5 pm and I have a strange feeling something is missing on here. No doubt it will come to ...
lectriclegs 167 3,492 26th Apr 2022, 19:49
Cracking down on password sharing and introducing adverts after loosing 2000,000 subscribe...
First Mate 40 1,053 26th Apr 2022, 17:59
First Mate
Favourite sporting moments.
Whilst bb has started a thread which so far hasn't been spoiled how about three sporting m...
riocaroni 24 1,070 26th Apr 2022, 15:30
Oil scarcity
Shall not have a shop until next week, so not encountered the rationing yet. I don't us...
ena malcup 20 568 25th Apr 2022, 14:55
Just heard that Colin Hurst died yesterday. Colin was a stalwart of the Wigan Little Thea...
admin 4 457 25th Apr 2022, 13:09
Thanks tomplum…..sorry not replying, internet been down. Just had it fixed this morning,...
Anne 20 680 25th Apr 2022, 12:26
What are the most iconic objects you have actually touched? Mine are. APOLLO 11 COMMAND ...
admin 43 1,250 25th Apr 2022, 09:22
basil brush
Terry's tea today
Terry is very likely having Fish for Lunch and a Salmon Salad for Tea, Because today is G...
tomplum 25 1,097 25th Apr 2022, 09:22
basil brush