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I owe my soul to the company store
This week we will eat like royalty thanks to Billinge Biker, The Company store does some r...
tomplum 19 726 17th Oct 2021, 14:17
Oooooh., Bugger and Sod ! .......
........ Just had a message off a friend over in Spain, he tells me he's noticed my car's...
tonker 7 534 17th Oct 2021, 13:13
I deleted the post due to someone's ignorant comment . GB
GOLDEN BEAR 20 724 16th Oct 2021, 21:40
4p rise in petrol
At Asda blooming scandalous!!
neverstill 12 550 16th Oct 2021, 16:43
Sir David Amess - stabbing
Dreadful news that another politician has been murdered during the course of his work. It ...
berylh 10 523 16th Oct 2021, 10:58
basil brush
Sir David Amess
RIP. Already posted by BerylH.
TerryW 1 221 16th Oct 2021, 08:34
Polar Bear
A 10 foot polar bear has just been wheeled past my house heading for Orrell with a few peo...
Billinge Biker 4 278 15th Oct 2021, 14:36
wigan market redevelopment
reference time for. wigan council to listen to market traders, and to listen. there are ...
builder09 13 547 14th Oct 2021, 21:59
hoi thee leccy
pick holes in this 24 Hours Users Online in the Last 24 Hours 5 Staff, 13 Members, 80 ...
tomplum 21 943 14th Oct 2021, 19:50
would skryke if they had to live in these conditions [url=
basil brush 4 239 14th Oct 2021, 14:33
Can't give it away (without myther)
Middle daughter buying an house off me and her indoors... Obviously at a greatly reduced p...
Billinge Biker 9 651 13th Oct 2021, 22:41
Tories of this Borough
Nothing to say on the worst public health failure ever? Absolute shambles of a government,...
bluesfan 47 779 13th Oct 2021, 19:35
Traffic Works Again
Coming home from nightmare town WIgan today decided to come home thro Caroline st ,along W...
GOLDEN BEAR 3 312 13th Oct 2021, 15:38
Contactless card limit rises to £100
From October the Contactless card limit will rise from the current £45 to £100. For m...
mortarmillbill 46 1,461 13th Oct 2021, 11:31
virgin mobile .
virgin mobile are closing down their pay & go service forcing everyone to either find anot...
whups 9 458 13th Oct 2021, 07:43
The Silly Cow
A silly cow from the Bamfurlong area, who is missing from it's field, has been spotted on ...
Tommy Two Stroke 14 376 12th Oct 2021, 19:56
Tommy Two Stroke
Insulate Britain protests
I am totally disgusted with the Insulate Britain protesters at the M25, Dover and other si...
oldswint 25 942 12th Oct 2021, 18:40
basil brush
posts, what an achievement that is, bearing in mind how many times I have been/get attacke...
basil brush 31 820 12th Oct 2021, 16:44
basil brush
For crying out loud
I've heard it all now [url=
basil brush 26 1,104 12th Oct 2021, 16:00
basil brush
Air ambulance
Just seen air ambulance go down, could be Martland Mill, Marsh Green area. Anything happen...
Anne 1 270 12th Oct 2021, 13:01
I've noticed the BBC
Advertising black history month before programmes,why is there no mention of white history...
neverstill 36 569 12th Oct 2021, 08:33
Just had a walk in the Mesnes Park and noticed a group of about 40-50 people in the band S...
admin 21 732 11th Oct 2021, 19:25
Oh Dear
"Poland ignites EU anger with ruling that its laws supersede bloc's treaties" [url=http...
Tommy Two Stroke 7 429 11th Oct 2021, 18:22
I'm looking for a large cardboard box
If anyone has just bought a fridge, telly or had a kitchen fitted and has a load of cardbo...
tomplum 19 521 11th Oct 2021, 17:34
Did you see Cris from hawkley hall on the BBC sofa this morning? she was talking about MND...
kathpressey 9 609 11th Oct 2021, 16:39
Honorary Degree's ??
I was just enquiring has to what is the worth of these Honorary Degree's that are being di...
GOLDEN BEAR 13 377 11th Oct 2021, 16:05
now that its all over,
what are you doing tomorrow, I'm going biking, i'll set off 9 ish and do a couple of hours...
tomplum 12 477 11th Oct 2021, 11:50
Covid advice pregnant women.
The NHS is urging pregnant women to have a Covid jab because data shows they are many of t...
gaffer - 143 11th Oct 2021, 10:12
I see that yet another boat load have arrived on the shores of KENT , and was revealing wa...
GOLDEN BEAR 10 385 10th Oct 2021, 14:21
Why didn't
they sack him when he was found guilty [url=
basil brush 5 408 10th Oct 2021, 14:16
Breaking News
I have been informed, by a reliable person who is a member of different sites, that they h...
basil brush 79 2,747 10th Oct 2021, 12:52
basil brush
Ping pong ( sound of tanoy )
<<<<< Mr sledge report to reception to collect a parcel >>>>>...
tomplum - 242 10th Oct 2021, 11:52
Afghan refugees so sick
of living in hotels 'they are begging to be allowed home' [url=
basil brush - 148 10th Oct 2021, 11:41
basil brush
IT has been brought to my attention this day , that the 2 CO-VID INJECTIONS we have had ea...
GOLDEN BEAR 5 310 9th Oct 2021, 18:05
She Took Her Kids There
"ISIS bride, 34, detained in refugee camp complains 'it is not fair' she can't return to U...
Tommy Two Stroke 8 439 9th Oct 2021, 14:20
Lord (Murdering) Lucan.
Why was he never Caught?
Billinge Biker 21 594 9th Oct 2021, 11:40
Coronation Street.......
........ [url="
tonker 4 322 9th Oct 2021, 09:45
basil brush
Do they ever learn ?
Another van/lorry stuck under the railway bridge on Prescott Street. How many is that this...
WN1 Standisher 8 410 9th Oct 2021, 08:17
Tommy Two Stroke
Aerial Archaeology Mapping Explorer
Historic England’s new virtual aerial map allows everyone to explore England’s archaeo...
jo anne 2 221 8th Oct 2021, 15:46
Good Morning
To all. Looks like we are in for a wet day so the weather lass says, so stay in and keep w...
TerryW 32 896 8th Oct 2021, 14:28