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Baby pseno number 2
We didnt plan ut. Our daughter petunia wasnt.10 mos when we found out. If ists a boy. Josh...
madamehmurray 13 667 5th Apr 2021, 11:44
Tommy Two Stroke
Lowering some restirctions
Some colleges well think all of them round here lowering restrictions. When toot I call he...
madamehmurray 1 342 5th Apr 2021, 05:53
More phrases and their meaning
Go cold turkey. To go cold turkey means to suddenly quit or stop addictive or dangerous b...
raymyjamie - 171 4th Apr 2021, 20:14
Shame about ....
[url=""]The Boat Race!
tonker 2 310 4th Apr 2021, 16:24
A Bend. In a Road.
In Wigan? [url=""]Any of you recognise it?
tonker 1 342 4th Apr 2021, 15:40
jo anne
Naughty Corner
Who on the Wigan World Message Boards, should be made to go and stand in the 'Naughty Corn...
Tommy Two Stroke 16 792 4th Apr 2021, 10:23
basil brush
Participatory Arts Project
With local creative organisation, Wigan STEAM
jo anne 1 143 3rd Apr 2021, 18:42
jo anne
Message boards....
Hi everyone...Not been on for ages and decided to pop in for a nosey earlier and now not a...
custard 17 770 3rd Apr 2021, 15:43
jo anne
Her Indoors
For the last few days we have had lovely biking weather... Now retired her indoors has dec...
Billinge Biker 20 730 3rd Apr 2021, 10:14
Billinge Biker
Good Friday Film
I expect a late night film on TV on GF. Surprised this year, not to find one offered. ...
ena malcup 3 322 3rd Apr 2021, 02:17
A Wind Turbine ......
....... Blade. Being transported to site. Seeing it like this, on a lorry, alongside ...
tonker 1 376 3rd Apr 2021, 01:07
ena malcup
A great site i've had bookmarked for a few years. [url=
sonlyme 1 225 2nd Apr 2021, 21:28
ena malcup
Today is Thursday .......
...... but it's Maundy? Wierd!
tonker 19 620 2nd Apr 2021, 19:37
Easter Weekend - what you did
Mine was almost always some thing to do with bikes. Thursday night/Friday morning the bike...
WN1 Standisher 3 288 2nd Apr 2021, 18:57
Wigan Cemetery
Hi Long shot but does anyone have a plan of the graves at Wigan Crematorium, I have the c...
kb10975 7 435 2nd Apr 2021, 18:40
12th April.
Just thinking which pubs will bother opening on the 12th April. I've heard the Boars Head...
riocaroni 40 1,527 2nd Apr 2021, 11:50
basil brush
Mobile phones
Just got a new mobile, and decided to go 5G. (I need better download speeds) It is a...
ena malcup 15 560 2nd Apr 2021, 11:47
basil brush
Classic car insurance
Great/cheap summer motoring. This morning insured my X1/9 for £65.89 fully comprehensive....
Anne 9 493 1st Apr 2021, 22:39
Frightened to death
A man keeps knocking at my door he won't go away..I've rung the police half an hour ago,th...
momac 27 1,040 1st Apr 2021, 19:55
Billinge Biker
Even more interesting words
Ulotrichous Refers to people with curly hair. Kakorrhaphiophobia Describes the fear o...
raymyjamie 4 302 1st Apr 2021, 19:01
Phrases and their meaning
Phrases and their meaning :- There's no such thing as a free lunch Nothing is fre...
raymyjamie 52 1,307 1st Apr 2021, 17:50
small world innit
Maureen AKA momac asked to to look at her friends outside tap, So i agreed and was pleasan...
tomplum 2 513 1st Apr 2021, 13:50
"I Laaaaike .......
.......... Meat an'Two Veg."!
tonker 10 591 1st Apr 2021, 13:49
basil brush
Skipping? .........
........... is for girls! [url=""]Raaaaaight?
tonker 3 259 31st Mar 2021, 23:19
In the news AGAIN pupil put into isolation because his hair was too short.Another kept off...
PeterP 8 464 31st Mar 2021, 16:07
Someone Once Told Me ....
...... That Mac was a good singer. [url=""]...
tonker 21 856 31st Mar 2021, 10:01
basil brush
Wigan Athletic Sold
Mr Abdulrahman Al-Jasmi who has got a shop on Norley, is the new owner of Wigan Athletic ...
Tommy Two Stroke 18 1,253 31st Mar 2021, 09:47
basil brush
Yelloe wheelie bins
I have seen one or two yellow wheelie bins ouside private houses what do they use these fo...
peter g 8 531 30th Mar 2021, 21:47
baker boy
Has anyone read a report in today's paper regarding a suggestion about fitting a tracking ...
GOLDEN BEAR 11 597 30th Mar 2021, 16:08
looking for info on john hough and jane lee bithell from mostyn flintshire born about 1848...
houghy1 4 361 30th Mar 2021, 14:54
One of my lads works in Leigh and one of his workmates found a dead body on her walk to wo...
tonker 18 1,429 29th Mar 2021, 17:42
Tommy Two Stroke
Most annoying phrase
Most nights on the news, whenever there is a tragedy involving Social Services they roll o...
admin 10 581 28th Mar 2021, 20:09
Tommy Two Stroke
Robin Retail Park
Mike Ashley and Fraser Group have bought the Robin Park shopping area according to the BB...
mortarmillbill 8 701 28th Mar 2021, 14:45
Easter Caption Competition
(Not to be confused with an Easter cap shun which is when someone doesn’t don a bonnet)....
jo anne 4 216 28th Mar 2021, 14:31
jo anne
Sod Hall
Deep down I always knew that there was Sod Hall to be found in Tyldesley [url=https://...
Tommy Two Stroke 2 282 27th Mar 2021, 21:38
laughing gravy
CCTV cameras
Standishgate and Wigan Lane are going to get 24 new cameras, What about every where else A...
PeterP 7 429 27th Mar 2021, 17:08
Hole in't wall
Just been up town and went to the bank to get some cash. Bloody woman in front put three d...
riocaroni 28 1,197 27th Mar 2021, 12:21
This Gentleman of Colour ......
....... sees an example of 'Racism' on TV and simply cannot control [url="
tonker - 321 27th Mar 2021, 11:48
GM Buses - The Return Of
Greater Manchester is to take back control of its bus services, it being 35ys since the bu...
Tommy Two Stroke 8 567 25th Mar 2021, 20:55
Tommy Two Stroke