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Money's Worth.
Just realised I am certainly getting my money's worth from my TV licence fee... Our Lad fl...
Billinge Biker 19 722 23rd May 2022, 11:01
basil brush
Doctor pleads guilty to manslaughter.
He pleaded guilty earlier this morning. He’ll be sentenced in July. [url=https://www....
gaffer 3 436 23rd May 2022, 08:30
Owd Codger
I would just like to inform anyone on this site tread very ,very carefully should you want...
GOLDEN BEAR 8 559 23rd May 2022, 08:23
Owd Codger
Salad Days
I do like a salad when weather is warm. After a good start, this spring once again tu...
ena malcup 29 690 22nd May 2022, 19:45
Almost free day out???
As said on “Going places thread” myself and friends intention was to go to Buxton on F...
Anne 2 251 22nd May 2022, 15:11
prices have gone up
[url=]Someone is using their loaf
ena malcup 16 883 22nd May 2022, 07:34
Owd Codger
Manchester Theatre
O.K. all you sit at home knockers, we past a bad weather day with a trip to Manchester on ...
dougie 12 650 19th May 2022, 21:45
I was driving past the old Hindley Council offices today i saw a nurse going in with sever...
GOLDEN BEAR 5 473 19th May 2022, 19:22
Billinge Biker
Passport renewals
Advised by Gov.Uk to allow 10 weeks for renewal. Got photos from Max Spielman at Asda a...
mortarmillbill 5 286 19th May 2022, 09:55
I WAS wondering if any member's of Wigan World have a HYBRID Motor Car ?? I AM deeply int...
GOLDEN BEAR 18 522 17th May 2022, 21:28
apologise to GB
and all the decent folks who drive down and up Poolstock Lane in the right manner but, I'v...
tomplum 7 407 17th May 2022, 19:33
Billinge Biker
NHS Prescription Charges
"NHS prescription charges in England are to be frozen for the first time in 12 years, the ...
Tommy Two Stroke 19 458 17th May 2022, 17:23
Original Woodfield School
Has anyone got any photographs showing the building? There are a few on the site but they ...
admin 12 461 17th May 2022, 13:15
Rebel without a cause
[url=] Mama Don' 'Low no banjer pickin' here
tomplum 1 191 17th May 2022, 11:14
Patience is a virtue.
Another tale of woe... I recently had my MOT with the practice nurse... All oki koki.... G...
Billinge Biker 30 1,150 16th May 2022, 14:11
jo anne
Never been. Had lots of Irish friends over the years. Where in Ireland would you rec...
ena malcup 31 710 16th May 2022, 12:45
Tommy Two Stroke
What say you about proposal to make them only every two years? I drive a quite old car....
ena malcup 44 647 16th May 2022, 11:38
Billinge Biker
Obviously Ukraine will win..whatever the songs are like…it just seems silly to have it a...
roylew 21 630 16th May 2022, 08:32
Tommy Two Stroke
Sleepwalking into decline.
Work-shy Britain is sleepwalking into a doom-spiral of decline The country is in denia...
gaffer 110 1,773 15th May 2022, 21:04
Queen's Speech by JUG EARS
Well we had the queens speech delivered by old jug ears himself and his floosy , There hav...
GOLDEN BEAR 24 628 15th May 2022, 12:53
peter g
Why is it that all new housing is suddenly being built on a large scale around Wigan when ...
Owd Codger 39 1,124 15th May 2022, 12:27
Wholesale gas prices.
There is a glut of LNG in the UK following a rise in ship deliveries of LNG bound for the ...
gaffer 2 301 14th May 2022, 21:19
baker boy
Just received this email can anyone help? I’ve just been looking at the website. My...
admin 3 311 14th May 2022, 18:59
Replacement wall
Another job being done by subbies for Wigan Council. The stone wall on Upholland road just...
PeterP 4 422 14th May 2022, 15:23
Anyone remember Mark Thomas?
Whatever happened to satirical activists? example: The Mark Thomas Comedy Product (l...
ena malcup - 164 12th May 2022, 21:20
ena malcup
Where is everybody going..................
Anne's going to Buxton, Jathbee's going to Keswick, Billinge B's going to his abode on whe...
Platty 46 1,035 12th May 2022, 19:26
Now, that's what I call a 'White Hat'!
ena malcup - 184 12th May 2022, 18:47
ena malcup
Is it april or may the weather is cold and damp
anniedingle 3 308 12th May 2022, 17:29
Gold statue in ince near bull dog tools
Anyone seen this a gold figure of a man showing front and back of him
anniedingle 2 375 12th May 2022, 16:39
Manchester airport.
Would not travel from manchester airport for free at least until next year. Just seen it o...
riocaroni 17 674 11th May 2022, 23:04
Sankey Viaduct
ena malcup 2 263 11th May 2022, 19:24
ena malcup
No mow May
Is anyone following that rule ? Not me, I think its another, woke brigade rule, they thi...
tomplum 45 1,040 11th May 2022, 18:40
BBC bias
Who says the BBC isn't biased towards the left and is anti Tory.
chris southworth 29 901 11th May 2022, 16:04
Just been reading how Hungary vetoed acceptance of Ukraine's earlier requests to join NATO...
ena malcup 2 296 10th May 2022, 23:12
ena malcup
Beergate - Keir Starmer Broke Lockdown Rules
Keir Starmer, and that gob on legs deputy, Angela Rayner are to be investigated by Durham ...
Tommy Two Stroke 48 1,325 10th May 2022, 11:53
Another Grand
ena malcup 6 384 10th May 2022, 11:37
Where, (if anywhere) in Lancashire is still making towels? I decided to buy a bale of n...
ena malcup 29 841 10th May 2022, 09:56
Tommy Two Stroke
Market hall/Galleries
Now the Galleries is empty of shops how long before access is stopped through the area Wil...
PeterP 52 1,506 9th May 2022, 18:08
Tommy Two Stroke
double sided tape
I have just lifted a small carpet which was held down with double sided carpet tape, The t...
PeterP 14 548 9th May 2022, 14:49
I'm in the money
Whoop whoop what should I do ????????????? dear l am Frank Koffi Maxwell,the personal a...
nanajacqui 8 543 9th May 2022, 12:50
basil brush