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Wigan Council
On my journey thro Wigan today i was driving along wallgate up to queen street , then left...
GOLDEN BEAR 11 753 19th Apr 2021, 15:22
Once again the bbc have gone completely overboard , OK the guy has died and i realise he i...
GOLDEN BEAR 67 1,822 19th Apr 2021, 13:52
ena malcup
Dehumidifier .......
...... FREE to anybody who wants it. It's hardly been used. In fact, I've never used it!...
tonker 3 327 19th Apr 2021, 13:08
laughing gravy
Ahem! ....................
........... Shhh!
tonker 38 920 18th Apr 2021, 16:51
Owd on a bit.... The choice of Muslims is to fast during this month... Why is P. N. E. Foo...
Billinge Biker 23 835 18th Apr 2021, 12:52
BBC Teletext
Has it finally finished It hasn't updated for two days.
peter g 4 292 17th Apr 2021, 16:38
In the course of business, .....
...... this morning, I went to a house at the other side of Warrington, where an old (is...
tonker 4 380 17th Apr 2021, 16:04
Tommy Two Stroke
That Explains It ! .....
And so the cookie starts to crumble... Daylight killers... The masks begin to fall off! ...
tonker 16 761 17th Apr 2021, 15:08
Tommy Two Stroke
Back to the pub.
Just got back from having a spot of lunch in Tom & Jerry's in Ashton. Not to packed and S...
riocaroni 36 1,600 17th Apr 2021, 09:24
christine marsden
Tory Sleaze is Back
Tory Sleaze is back, with dodgy Dave and his mates in the government, jobs for the boys, a...
Tommy Two Stroke 39 837 17th Apr 2021, 01:39
Covid cases per million across Europe.]Covid
gaffer 2 293 16th Apr 2021, 23:48
Todays Shooting in America...
due to the ongoing madness that keeps happening over theer iv'e decided to start this to k...
laughing gravy 8 417 16th Apr 2021, 22:55
bike register
keep your bike safe,i know a few of you on here enjoy cycling so have a look at this http...
tommy39 3 336 16th Apr 2021, 16:00
Analyse this then .....
........ This morning, me and my wife went to our Westhoughton shop. The area seemed qu...
tonker 29 1,090 16th Apr 2021, 12:16
St john's Pemberton it's got bmd from early 1800s up to...
christine marsden - 180 16th Apr 2021, 11:53
christine marsden
COVID cause of death on death certificate.
Daily Telegraph. Almost a quarter of registered Covid deaths are people who are not dyi...
gaffer 11 528 15th Apr 2021, 14:35
Pre-Flight Checks ....
.... [url="
tonker 7 590 14th Apr 2021, 09:01
Thank you Wilkos, Tesco and other big stores
your policy on making the auto tills take cards only is, Making my corner shop very busy, ...
Arfur petesake 22 1,197 13th Apr 2021, 19:50
Lost Railways of Where? .....
...... "Lost Railways of Wigan", says the voice, on Wigan Peers. Yet no railway s...
tonker 16 559 13th Apr 2021, 13:22
Tommy Two Stroke
Poolstock Lane - 20's plenty
I drove down Poolstock Lane for the first time in ages and noticed the the whole road is n...
mortarmillbill 3 448 13th Apr 2021, 09:07
Tomplum ......
........ Hello Tom. I drove past your house today. Hope you don't mind. You weren't in an...
tonker 27 1,145 12th Apr 2021, 16:09
WN1 Standisher
Prince Philip's amusing moments.
From today's Times. The Duke of Edinburgh was like a walking time bomb: you never knew ...
gaffer 3 462 11th Apr 2021, 22:43
Get shut of Burnham.
Elections 6th May.... Vote for Nick Buckley MBE... Has done great things for the homeless ...
Billinge Biker 36 1,041 11th Apr 2021, 13:01
The Duke of Edinburgh
Passed away this morning.R.I.P.
momac 30 1,048 10th Apr 2021, 20:43
First Cuckoo of Spring
Sir, I have just heard what is positively and absolutely the first Cuckoo of Spring. No...
tonker - 257 9th Apr 2021, 23:45
Wigan North Western Mural Project
This looks interesting! [url=]@WiganComRail (9th April...
jo anne - 160 9th Apr 2021, 15:56
jo anne
My Abandoned Consignment.
The latest 'chancer' ..... Your Abandoned Consignment. RS <richardstephen250001@...
tonker 2 319 9th Apr 2021, 15:19
Free British Sign Language Course
The 6 week online course is available to residents of Greater Manchester and will start mi...
jo anne 9 495 9th Apr 2021, 12:39
jo anne
Wigan Golf Club
Is Wigan Golf Club in Wigan ?
Tommy Two Stroke 13 373 9th Apr 2021, 09:50
basil brush
Phrases with animals
Monkey see monkey do. Silly people copy each other In the dog house. In trouble Fl...
raymyjamie 3 188 8th Apr 2021, 21:00
Titanic Survey ......
tonker 2 211 8th Apr 2021, 20:48
It's All Going Worse!
Yesterday and today. Traffic queued nose to tail all through Ashton centre. Why? Because...
tonker 4 335 8th Apr 2021, 20:04
The Bird Shop, Wigan
Happy Easter everybody! This painting has appeared on Twitter today, and I’m just wo...
jo anne 18 698 8th Apr 2021, 07:29
jo anne
V for Mystery
This question has been posed on a local Facebook group and I don’t think anyone knows th...
jo anne 51 2,122 7th Apr 2021, 18:25
jo anne
You have just tried to upload some STREET images but there aren't any images????
admin 8 565 6th Apr 2021, 14:57
Giant Petunia
We took petunia to doctors the other day where bryan and both can go now. The pediatrician...
madamehmurray 7 724 5th Apr 2021, 13:09
peter g
Baby pseno number 2
We didnt plan ut. Our daughter petunia wasnt.10 mos when we found out. If ists a boy. Josh...
madamehmurray 13 662 5th Apr 2021, 11:44
Tommy Two Stroke
Lowering some restirctions
Some colleges well think all of them round here lowering restrictions. When toot I call he...
madamehmurray 1 341 5th Apr 2021, 05:53
More phrases and their meaning
Go cold turkey. To go cold turkey means to suddenly quit or stop addictive or dangerous b...
raymyjamie - 168 4th Apr 2021, 20:14
Shame about ....
[url=""]The Boat Race!
tonker 2 309 4th Apr 2021, 16:24