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Anyone Lost Something?
dostaf 21 825 12th Feb 2012, 09:38
Animal In A Laundry Hamper
Which comedy series featured a scene in the vet's where somebody had a large basket with a...
dostaf 56 1,276 10th Feb 2012, 15:54
over 50s car insurance
Just took out a new car insurance fully comp £213.Like everyone else i let my fingers do ...
PeterP 27 2,154 8th Feb 2012, 08:33
gas/electric bills
Just got my bill from N-power says I am £104 in credit but my monthly payement is going u...
PeterP 11 1,123 6th Feb 2012, 13:02
Has Anyone..............
ever seen a bus shetering, in one of these? "
winder 11 1,266 30th Jan 2012, 19:50
Hospital Visitors (RAEI)
dostaf 1 794 27th Jan 2012, 18:54
trying something
Gone fishing ""] Give yourself a pat on...
erontquay 21 1,744 22nd Jan 2012, 18:05
has anuy one seen any interviews are know what he is doing the Boy/Man who took the part o...
elizabeth 9 1,348 21st Jan 2012, 06:16
veg grower
Charity ?
Over the christmas period I donated £10 to a cancer charity for kids from my mobile phone...
truckerdave 1 692 15th Jan 2012, 21:41
veg grower
charity shops
Most towns now are full of charity shops but had to laugh to myself last week.I saw one ch...
PeterP 31 1,657 15th Jan 2012, 13:53
Re casting Corrie
Who from WW would you cast? I think Tonker would make a good Norris
erontquay 101 4,556 10th Jan 2012, 14:59
dostaf 14 1,265 7th Jan 2012, 22:35
jo anne
Argos announce that their shop in ashton is to close in the new year due to not renewing t...
PeterP 3 1,208 21st Dec 2011, 21:50
Wigan where hell once froze over, then it rained
Just been having a Google and this came up, noticed he or she has posted it as anonymous. ...
ayrefield 37 2,268 12th Dec 2011, 13:24
waste paper sacks
Now that most of us have been supplied with a blue bin,What do we do with the redundant he...
PeterP 13 1,361 11th Dec 2011, 10:32
seeing if this worked
madamehmurray 18 1,017 4th Dec 2011, 00:52
Bloomin Heck!!!
So ladies - have any of you seen the gorgeous photos today in the Mail of the Rugby Player...
veg grower 182 5,481 1st Dec 2011, 07:25
motorway services
Dont know how they stop open,getting even dearer.£2-40 for a small coffee,£4 for a sandw...
PeterP 13 1,822 14th Nov 2011, 08:50
For the Canadian addicts: Armani, who art in Holt's hallowed be Thy shoes Thy Pr...
priscus 4 1,001 12th Nov 2011, 23:38
rio caroni
Look how young Chesney was when Schmeichel was but a very large pup. [url=http://www...
ayrefield 10 1,243 9th Nov 2011, 09:59
removed thread
thank you to brian or ron or whoever it was who removed the thread "blinkin eck" from the ...
walshy76 50 2,497 1st Nov 2011, 21:40
What happen to the thread wanting him back?
ruddy duck 59 1,844 27th Oct 2011, 19:23
Royal Wedding
Am I the only one who thinks this wedding is way over the top and why the bloody hell shou...
sedge 118 3,352 24th Oct 2011, 19:04
ruddy duck

Now with Sunderland.
the_gwim_weaper 42 536 24th Oct 2011, 06:57
ruddy duck
when do you loose your values and turn in to a
snob think your better than the people you grow up with you know who im talking about and ...
jack tomorrow 8 1,160 14th Oct 2011, 22:06
baker boy
dave marsh 1 891 13th Oct 2011, 19:32
veg grower
i like
scoop 6 1,125 15th Sep 2011, 21:19
nana wine it is 4lb peeled bananas half pound nana skins Quarter pound grape co...
momac 5 1,298 14th Sep 2011, 08:22
Hull KR -v- Castleford
I hope I am on the right messageboard for this as I have been on holiday since May and 'Ha...
lock lass 3 1,443 11th Sep 2011, 09:27
lock lass
Yet another of our super six gas companies raise gas prices by 17% then today announce pro...
PeterP 4 1,452 8th Sep 2011, 22:43
veg grower
wish this was mine
[img"=] scoo...
scoop 5 1,171 13th Aug 2011, 15:24
queens handbag?
yesterday wathching royal wedding as queen and p philip heading back he got into coach fir...
process 7 1,484 8th Aug 2011, 13:36
up and away
tomorrow morning , sun sea and margarittas ,computer going off soon and early to bed . see...
ecmdj 13 1,334 31st Jul 2011, 14:22
For Owd Dave.....
I'm going to miss you on WW. You are one of the people I've had pleasure chatting with on...
brenda m 35 3,700 28th Jul 2011, 16:02
old news
How for behind is Wigan today with news when they report a wagon turned over at landgate i...
PeterP 8 1,406 22nd Jul 2011, 14:02
Morwenna banks
[url=]Little girl
the_gwim_weaper 7 1,136 21st Jul 2011, 15:46
lottery draw
Why do they pay someone to press the button to start the lottery draw when its clear for a...
PeterP 1 1,124 20th Jul 2011, 21:54
adious amigos
sees ya later
rbilly 8 1,730 18th Jul 2011, 21:13
Do you know who the estate agent was?
Not sure if this is true, but somehow I can believe it, maybe he should have called at Spe...
ayrefield 10 1,546 16th Jul 2011, 17:27
cars and computers
This is spot on. Nice one Ford. > For all of us who...
cindy 1 1,072 12th Jul 2011, 21:58