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A present for Mac] I know you are into liquoric...
erontquay 22 873 3rd Oct 2012, 18:06
a bedtime riddle if you can't sleep
Answer all seven of the following questions with the same word ...
i-spy 33 1,679 3rd Oct 2012, 15:06
School Haircuts
At this time of year it is usual to find articles in the press about kids being excluded d...
dostaf 220 5,532 4th Jul 2013, 14:14
one of my socks has gone missing...
where do they go to. Is there a sock world out there.
i-spy 68 1,965 3rd Oct 2012, 10:00
jo anne
wellies should be banned...
they are a risk to life and limb.Impossible to get on without pulling a muscle or falling...
i-spy 32 2,296 3rd Oct 2012, 09:58
jo anne
dostaf 100 3,508 29th Sep 2012, 17:43
Are you smart enough to work for Google?
Answer these Q's. Cheats need not apply. Why are manhole covers round? How man...
Mac 32 933 29th Sep 2012, 13:01
A right Royal shocker
an anagram of Kate Middleton has just been pointed out to me. You'll have to work it out f...
i-spy 2 905 25th Sep 2012, 10:58
jo anne
Rod Wax
Mac's recent resurrection of an old joke elsewhere about a chap with wind and chicken innn...
dostaf 9 776 24th Sep 2012, 19:09
Invisible wire in the park
Beware if going into the park. [url=]invisible wire
ayrefield 2 861 24th Sep 2012, 17:39
I don't see any mention of the intended Merger of BAE with French and German Companies on ...
norman prior 2 792 24th Sep 2012, 11:12
norman prior
Where Would You Say/Type Wiagn's High Street Is?
BOWT GOOGLIN [url=]I said/typed not to. [ur...
dostaf 40 1,032 23rd Sep 2012, 22:04
Telly Puts Years On You
[url=]This afternoon [url=http://img...
dostaf 16 1,065 23rd Sep 2012, 21:53
Personal Theme Tunes
I often wonder what theme tune folk would have if they were in a film type scenario. Fl...
dostaf 116 1,894 22nd Sep 2012, 18:45
Changing Euro's
Can you still change Euro notes at the Post Office - anyone know offhand?
veg grower 5 772 21st Sep 2012, 18:19
Fallen Women
I thought I'd ask before googling; but can you also have fallen men?
dostaf 35 1,229 20th Sep 2012, 19:03
veg grower
Very costly area code
New Area Code - PLEASE READ Be sure you read this and pass it on. 809 Area Code...
cindy 3 1,645 20th Sep 2012, 09:25
veg grower
Thinking about things sticking to other things, aren't them limpets strong? I wonder w...
dostaf 4 964 12th Sep 2012, 14:33
Coming And Going
It has always been said that Leigh is a lovely place to come from, but enough about that. ...
dostaf 54 1,990 12th Sep 2012, 07:48
For the last few days getting warnings on various messageboards on WW from Mcafee blocking...
PeterP 3 973 11th Sep 2012, 12:46
Wigan wedding funny speech
This mon should write comedy scripts. [url=]grooms speech
ayrefield 6 1,378 10th Sep 2012, 15:06
jehovahs witness
john joseph i hope you get a sense of humour for easter you miserable bugger
kellysdad 38 2,970 6th Sep 2012, 15:06
The Farmer And The Gas Main
dostaf 5 1,094 5th Sep 2012, 00:56
Leather handbags
I seem to be going through lots is there nothing made to last anymore .
ann-spam 7 1,179 3rd Sep 2012, 09:46
You need hands
See Max Bygraves has passed away at 89, he couldn't keep his hands off women and had umpte...
ayrefield 3 1,519 2nd Sep 2012, 23:48
veg grower
Someone on Classified are selling Fascinators, they will make excellent cat toys after the...
ayrefield 19 1,114 27th Aug 2012, 15:45
Profound Quotes
[url=]'as long as theres carrots...........donke...
dostaf 224 3,957 27th Aug 2012, 14:55
bank charges
Which magazine saying banks are overcharging on current accounts and now banks are thinkin...
PeterP 3 781 22nd Aug 2012, 13:37
Search for Lord Lucan
The search for Lord Lucan goes on.
ayrefield 14 1,108 21st Aug 2012, 20:47
Amazing ant hill structure
The structure of this ant hill is amazing, especially when you think that their brains wil...
ayrefield 17 1,164 20th Aug 2012, 14:48
charity bags
Just got a bag throu the door asking for unwanted clothes for THE CHILDRENS AIR AMBULANCE ...
PeterP 21 1,841 18th Aug 2012, 22:04
baker boy
Al Qaeda's internet job advert
Wonder if the young muslim lads are beginning to realise that they will not end up in para...
ayrefield 12 995 18th Aug 2012, 13:38
hospital parking
New signs going up at Wigan Imf. stating charges also how you must park (in between the wh...
PeterP 11 1,659 16th Aug 2012, 12:02
Google tax dodge
Wonder if a certain wiganworlder contributed to Google profits. [url=http://www.daily...
ayrefield 5 1,191 16th Aug 2012, 10:56
baker boy
Beer shampoo
What a waste of beer. [url=]Angela gets ice cold beer down ...
ayrefield 11 1,277 8th Aug 2012, 15:52
Spring has finally sprung
Spring is here and the coos have been let oot. [url=]In the...
ayrefield 18 1,218 1st Aug 2012, 19:43
who do i complain too.
scoop 2 828 31st Jul 2012, 14:19
inventions that drive you nuts.......
I'm still learning to cope with child proof tops on pill bottles and now some genius has c...
i-spy 22 1,455 30th Jul 2012, 21:48
sticking plaster marks
My wife has just had a portable heart monitor removed and she has been left with round adh...
PeterP 12 1,103 30th Jul 2012, 15:14
A sick society at large
Society is getting sicker, it makes me sad and mad that these people are called human, the...
ayrefield 6 1,031 30th Jul 2012, 08:37