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All is Lost
A good film -worth going to see. Just 1 man [Robert Redford and his damaged boat out in t...
kathpressey 4 1,044 12th Jan 2015, 16:00
First hobbies/books entry :-)
Just completed a restoration project on a set of Bose 901 series iv speakers. Idea of how...
britboy 6 1,008 11th Jan 2015, 22:35
What are you all reading
Just thought I would start a new thread to find out what everyone is reading. I love to h...
lesley 104 3,684 27th Dec 2014, 07:58
teaching machine sewing
hi does anyone know of anyone who teaches basic machine sewing in wigan area
lesandgeorge 3 845 27th Nov 2014, 05:20
LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM No. 16***************************
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lizziedownunder 371 9,739 23rd Nov 2014, 17:50
class bit of vintage
A guy brought into my workshop one of these...[url="
britboy - 1,079 4th Nov 2014, 18:33
Life of Pies
Stereotypical [url=]title about one mans obsession with his ho...
aspulliter 1 965 1st Nov 2014, 22:12
0 years
films to see
we've not been t' pictures for ages but it's so cold and not fit to go out so we're going ...
kathpressey 12 1,106 25th Oct 2014, 09:22
GOLDEN BEAR 1 868 16th Oct 2014, 09:12
Captain Phillips
A good film starring Tom hanks as the captain of a container ship which is attacked by Som...
kathpressey 4 1,075 15th Oct 2014, 16:15
it's a great film in 3D. it's like floating in space. highly recommended!
kathpressey 4 947 15th Oct 2014, 16:07
LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM PART 15**************************
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lizziedownunder 244 5,066 14th Sep 2014, 09:53
Fitz and the Fool... new trilogy.
I do realize that many of you will have no idea who Fitz and the Fool are... but I do know...
Cadfael 8 1,129 4th Sep 2014, 18:34
Fishy Business
A while ago I thought I saw an eel in the canal. Could this be?? Anyway how many diffe...
orlando 10 1,669 20th Aug 2014, 22:21
dennis dickinson
LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM PART 14**************************
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lizziedownunder 234 8,682 5th Aug 2014, 15:25
LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM PART13***************************
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lizziedownunder 135 3,644 14th Jul 2014, 22:05
Calling All Crafters
Sunshine House Community Hub in Scholes are looking for stock for their community craft sh...
jo anne 3 1,101 2nd Jul 2014, 07:47
jo anne
National Flash-Fiction Day, Sat 21st June 2014
To celebrate, some ebooks will be free, discounted, or just generally low priced, all day:...
jo anne - 734 20th Jun 2014, 17:17
jo anne
LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM.....PART 12**********************
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lizziedownunder 155 5,415 15th Jun 2014, 09:11
Wigan Photo Blog
As some of you know I like photography, I also like making websites. This is my latest pr...
arrow 10 1,213 7th Jun 2014, 08:17
The 1940s.
Our hobby is 1940s events. We love to dress in the fashions of the time and we love the mu...
irene 61 2,768 22nd May 2014, 16:21
LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM PART 11*************************
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lizziedownunder 191 6,641 17th May 2014, 21:01
I am at present tracing my ancestors and I would like to know where can I find someone who...
awinstanley1 7 1,258 7th May 2014, 21:16
Just been to see the film and loved it!The Ark is brill and Russell Crowe plays a good par...
kathpressey - 726 23rd Apr 2014, 16:56
home brew wine
i am thinking of having a go at making red wine has anybody got any advice as to equipment...
lesandgeorge 15 1,065 20th Apr 2014, 17:59
LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM PART 10**************************
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lizziedownunder 282 8,096 12th Apr 2014, 20:32
I'm thinking of taking up surfing.....
anybody know where's the nearest wave to Wigan. And are there any surfers out there (and I...
i-spy 10 939 27th Mar 2014, 22:17
Jimmy Walker Psychic
Has anyone been to see Jimmy Walker the psychic recently and if so, do you have his contac...
Carolina 2 1,874 19th Mar 2014, 00:54
American Comics
Any fans of American comics out there in Wiganworld ? I'm a big fan of the super-hero type...
buzzcox 1 726 7th Mar 2014, 20:22
0 years
LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM-----PART 9----*******************
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lizziedownunder 193 5,592 2nd Mar 2014, 10:50
!2 years a Slave
very good film. Highly recommended
kathpressey 2 798 13th Feb 2014, 13:42
Sublimation Custom Printing
This is my hobby and I make some money with it as well.. tshirts,cups,high viz waistcoats....
moodysue 3 992 3rd Feb 2014, 17:12
jo anne
LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM PART 8***************************
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lizziedownunder 244 4,813 1st Feb 2014, 14:13
Which Operating System do you use?
Just wondering if anyone uses anything other that Windows. My main computer has Windows 7...
arrow 19 1,149 21st Jan 2014, 17:16
Piccies by Oy - 4
Ok - new thread time. Here are two shots from 7th Sept - but I only got the negatives b...
--oy-- 65 2,950 21st Jan 2014, 17:12
a good read
The Penal Colony by Richard Herley £1.83 on Kindle Life prisoners are now dropped on...
kathpressey 4 796 12th Jan 2014, 20:37
Good morning to you all...💚💛💚💛💚...well will you lo...
lizziedownunder 128 3,564 29th Dec 2013, 10:50
Theatre shows a great Hobby
I / we love to go to the theatre, to see various shows, when funds allow it Last week...
piccyme123 16 1,145 15th Dec 2013, 15:04
jo anne
LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM PART 6***************************
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lizziedownunder 267 11,480 5th Dec 2013, 18:55
For Master Oy...
... due out in October 2013. Let us hope it is better than the last one. "http://file...
Cadfael 9 975 2nd Nov 2013, 15:08