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Australian news
We don't watch no lying news CNN cbs abc nbc. They lie about what the vaccine. Why do peop...
madamehmurray 18 426 9th Nov 2021, 13:10
First Mate
Some Jokes
My mate from Liverpool has started working in a local slaughterhouse, stunning the animals...
TerryW 63 1,158 9th Nov 2021, 09:09
Shortage of taxi drivers, latest to hit the News headlines. Said less than 50% of pre c...
ena malcup 17 540 8th Nov 2021, 18:54
basil brush
Postcode Lottery
Do we have any WW members doing the PL, if so what experience have you had for the length ...
TerryW 30 578 8th Nov 2021, 15:05
peter g
I fancied
some of this but they've sold out [url=
basil brush 22 583 8th Nov 2021, 08:51
basil brush
Hey Billinge Biker
Did I eyeball you and Mrs Biker this morning about 10.20 jogging down sandbrooke road, I w...
tomplum 5 338 7th Nov 2021, 17:13
Billinge Biker
Wigan Miners Monument
The long-awaited unveiling is set to take place! Sat 11th Sep, 11am - 12pm https://p...
jo anne 34 1,053 7th Nov 2021, 17:08
That's two off my list.
I must admit I like a good quiz programme on the TV.. The first one to go off my list.. CO...
Billinge Biker 18 1,192 7th Nov 2021, 11:23
On this day.....
Tuesday 5th November 1974....a young 16yr old spotty faced Billinge Biker was en-route fro...
Billinge Biker 16 511 7th Nov 2021, 11:01
Billinge Biker
Local History Talks
FREE online talk Sat 18th Sep, 1pm - 2pm Wigan's Railways and A 19th Century Station...
jo anne 6 372 7th Nov 2021, 10:27
jo anne
Hair cuts
Does anyone else cut their own hair, I do with my trusty Wahl clippers and a little help f...
TerryW 33 699 7th Nov 2021, 09:24
Last year I had to call police due to turned out to be ..a foreigner who was drunk..b...
momac 30 1,148 7th Nov 2021, 08:02
Has admin deleted my joke about the chiropractor I posted about a week back?
TerryW 7 461 6th Nov 2021, 15:41
Flight Diverting back to manchester
Fuerteventura Tui flight circling over Wigan area having got as far as south Wales hope th...
orrellite 9 344 6th Nov 2021, 11:18
basil brush
World's third best city! (Time Out)
ena malcup 10 391 6th Nov 2021, 10:35
Admin or Brian
What's up with the communicate board, it's in and out like a fiddlers elbow and distractin...
TerryW 19 515 5th Nov 2021, 23:39
Tommy Two Stroke
counties flags
For the last few days on the bottom task bar there as appeared flags with the country at t...
PeterP 5 175 5th Nov 2021, 17:24
Booster Jab appointment
I booked an appointment for this coming Monday, at Hollowoods in Mesnes street. I was offe...
jacks 69 1,524 5th Nov 2021, 10:34
Who's ......
...... been mauling with 'General'? It seems to have 'took boggarts'!
tonker 24 609 4th Nov 2021, 21:01
Tommy Two Stroke
Councillors approve £190m Wigan town
center transformation [url=
basil brush 11 529 4th Nov 2021, 20:20
st cuthberts football team
recalling my amateur football days playing for st cuthberts pemberton and cant remember m...
joebloggs 1 200 4th Nov 2021, 14:17
Thr Price of Fireworks ......
....... Shocking! Yesterday, I was stopped in traffic (nothing new, laaaaike!) on Ma...
tonker 11 496 4th Nov 2021, 13:01
The guy accused of the kidnap in Australia is in a hospital ward after his first night in ...
broady 3 404 4th Nov 2021, 11:43
WN1 Standisher
With all due respect, to all relevant parties, but would Brian and indeed Ron, give due co...
Tommy Two Stroke 10 499 3rd Nov 2021, 18:52
What is it about this useless bloody country of ours ? I had to do some shopping today fir...
GOLDEN BEAR 17 742 3rd Nov 2021, 16:39
Thank You Amazon
I ordered four gift sets of Famous Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky, 70cl with a hats gloves a...
TerryW 25 578 3rd Nov 2021, 08:28
basil brush
old mate
looking for an old mate bernard smith used to live at 57 balcarres ave whelley wigan
houghy1 3 361 1st Nov 2021, 16:16
peter g
Clocks & Climate ?
Can anyone explain to me why doesn't the government abolish this outdated system of movin...
GOLDEN BEAR 12 496 31st Oct 2021, 22:01
First Mate
The Frog War
Remember the Cod War in the early 1970s, Billinge Biker does, well now we have the 'Frog W...
Tommy Two Stroke 14 497 31st Oct 2021, 20:31
Billinge Biker
Over 95000 people have now signed this petition which only went on line this week. Ma...
mortarmillbill 33 2,913 31st Oct 2021, 13:07
countries wouldn't put up with this lot [url=
basil brush 15 497 31st Oct 2021, 10:16
basil brush
tornado damage .
has anyone had any damage with the tornado we had ? .
whups 11 386 30th Oct 2021, 19:13
Clocks Go Back
The clocks will change on Sunday, October 31, 2021 in the early hours of the morning. ...
TerryW 5 254 29th Oct 2021, 19:23
Booster paper certificates ???
Just wondering when one has a booster jab where can you get a paper certificate from ,if a...
GOLDEN BEAR 7 191 29th Oct 2021, 16:50
Tommy Two Stroke
Wigan's WH Smith to Close
Wigan's WHSmith to close - and the in-house post office is at risk too The operator of...
Tommy Two Stroke 22 1,953 29th Oct 2021, 14:30
Lancashire Mining Museum
Open Day Sun 21st Nov, 2pm - 3.30pm Limited places, email to book: contactus@healthyarts...
jo anne 1 122 29th Oct 2021, 11:41
jo anne
a proper sentence [url=
basil brush 16 414 28th Oct 2021, 21:01
basil brush
Christmas Cakes
When are you starting yours? Shop bought are fine but you can't beat the stage by stage pr...
TerryW 60 718 28th Oct 2021, 20:39
25th October
On this day in 1415, the English army, led by Henry V, scored a decisive victory over the ...
TerryW 41 931 29th Oct 2021, 10:35
basil brush
La Palma Volcano live feed YouTube
[url=]link there's 3 live feed cameras , wit...
dave b 1 138 28th Oct 2021, 17:19
jo anne