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And another, once upon a time...
in the lovely town of Wigan, in the fifties, when us kids played in the street with a foot...
fred mason 13 1,754 25th Jan 2015, 11:15
fred mason
Depressing visit.
After attending Joe Calderbanks funeral yesterday, I took a bus from Ashton into Ince to v...
RobinG 22 2,326 2nd Jan 2015, 18:58
The Former Golden Lion Pub
Hindley Green, heard that the post office is re-locating to the present shop, anyone know ...
dave© 8 1,684 27th Nov 2014, 05:16
....... not many I would imagine!
tonker 9 970 9th Nov 2014, 20:19
Once upon a time...
in the lovely town of Wigan, in the fifties, there was....
fred mason 47 3,308 6th Nov 2014, 08:11
fred mason
Change is this the last straw
generally I only read these days unless an important matter such as this rears it's head. ...
orrellite 4 1,341 5th Nov 2014, 20:06
There has got to be a few......
lizziedownunder 38 2,817 21st Oct 2014, 17:35
alan lad
Especially for Lizzie and Dennis....
Wiremu, a New Zealander, was working in Australia but about to fly home to watch the Rugby...
fred mason 4 1,229 12th Oct 2014, 21:32
Email reminders
Is it at all possible to get email reminders when you get replies to topics you have eithe...
kameras 5 1,230 24th Sep 2014, 03:04
mollie m
hi lizzie ,do you ever watch home and away ?those koalla bears in the adverts crack me up ...
ecmdj 4 1,065 19th Aug 2014, 10:46
WMTG present SHOWTUNE 30 Sept - 4 Oct 2014
Wigan Musical Theatre Group (WMTG) is staging SHOWTUNE, music and lyrics by Jerry Herman.A...
hilarym30 - 796 10th Aug 2014, 13:49
the Wigan money tree
has anybody else noticed it on the main track up to Haigh's on the right hand side...
i-spy 17 2,515 23rd Jun 2014, 10:59
Pockets Sewn Up
I had occasion to buy a new coat today, probably the first time for several years, only th...
dave© 23 2,138 23rd Jun 2014, 00:25
AND ANOTHER ONE AGAIN*****************************
Standing just at the entrance to Makisons Arcade, was an elderly gentleman.....He had been...
lizziedownunder 358 8,557 21st Jun 2014, 21:37
jo anne
Garden Gates
Hi All, I've just had two garden gates made and fitted by a W W member that goes under the...
dougie 19 2,953 18th Jun 2014, 15:22
another one started by lizzie down under
if this was made into a book ,whose permission would you have to have ,lizzie,dennis,or ve...
ecmdj 66 2,235 23rd May 2014, 17:48
fred mason
Limited edition print of Wigan Parish Church
One of 200 by William Geldart. According to an old typed note taped to the back of the fra...
carol gr 8 1,644 18th Apr 2014, 21:27
I have just tried to make a comment on one of the catagories and am unable to do so, anyon...
berylh 10 1,385 4th Apr 2014, 19:32
jo anne
Where is that topic about planners and Wigan which involved the Ball and Boot.
MarieM 1 979 2nd Mar 2014, 21:03
jo anne
A Nice Day
It's a nice day for taking the dog out for a walk. But unfortunately I don't have a dog. ...
winder 11 1,127 25th Feb 2014, 19:07
wigan v roosters
Good luck wigan on sat.i will be travelling down from Brisbane to see them play and catchi...
Buddy 15 1,396 24th Feb 2014, 08:56
Video for any ex-REED/SCA people
This is mostly for ex-reeds men but anyone feel free to look the photo was taken in the...
dougie 10 2,914 16th Feb 2014, 08:36
Wigan Warriors down under..
@ Lizzie.... Guess you know the lads are down under for a few weeks, Liz. 12/02/2014...
fred mason 3 1,186 9th Feb 2014, 21:10
fred mason
Farmer, Farmer May We Cross Your Golden River?
Anyone else play this game as a kid? We used to use one side of the pavement on one side o...
dave© 22 2,352 5th Feb 2014, 14:20
To Lizzie and all contributors...
It's a book... I have compiled all the posts into a 76 page book using Microsoft Publis...
fred mason 2 940 29th Jan 2014, 22:46
fred mason
George and Dragon Billinge
Anybody remember Bernard the landlord of the George and Dragon in Billinge in the 70's and...
GrahamK 51 7,295 6th Jan 2014, 09:24
Wigan's Bijou theatre group that was.......
anybody know anything about them.
i-spy 4 1,087 29th Dec 2013, 22:09
jo anne
Job Vacancy Thread
Thought this would make a good thread for people to post details of any Job Vacancies that...
veg grower 6 1,331 13th Dec 2013, 20:24
Jimmy Walker Psychic
Has anyone been to see Jimmy Walker the psychic recently and if so, do they have his conta...
Carolina 2 1,382 8th Dec 2013, 15:45
Mark Jones Bickershaw Colliery
I was told today that a former undermanager who was in charge of the Plodder area passed a...
graneyjoseph 3 1,231 3rd Dec 2013, 20:28
Dell xps
Does none have a charger for a dell xps m1530 that I could try ,I bought a new battery but...
chrisr 4 957 11th Nov 2013, 19:52
just clearing some e-mail
might be of interest or a laugh.] Subject: FW: Humor CH...
cindy 117 6,945 2nd Nov 2013, 15:12
Good joke
A man was in his front yard mowing grass when his attractive blonde female neighbour ca...
jacks 8 1,835 31st Oct 2013, 17:23
dennis dickinson
Mac 4 1,295 21st Oct 2013, 08:22
Walter brown
Does anyone have any information about Walter brown owned a plumbing business in aspull a...
dobber 5 1,892 21st Oct 2013, 05:28
Well done the lads
Another good hard match..The double done...Hope it continues next season......oops wrong b...
bassman 1 979 17th Oct 2013, 18:41
AND ANOTHER ONE...................................
[url='javascript:scroll(0,document.getElementsByTagName( %22body%22)%5B0%5D.scrollHeight);...
lizziedownunder 413 4,972 15th Oct 2013, 19:36
A blog about Wigan
From a Swansea City supporter [url=
Mac 11 1,326 10th Oct 2013, 02:22
not sure how to get some of the symbols onto messages ,such as the letter c enclosed in ci...
graneyjoseph 45 1,493 8th Sep 2013, 22:11
Gardening Column - All Things Garden Related.
I thought I would start a new Gardening Column as a few had suggested the other was too lo...
veg grower 174 5,787 26th Aug 2013, 14:05
veg grower