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Interesting sayings
Sore finger An expression often used by Chinese people who own/work in chip shops. They ...
lectriclegs 195 4,475 7th Jun 2022, 21:37
Watch This .........
....... well, it's a long one, but watch the first minute, then forward it quickly, stopp...
tonker 5 260 7th Jun 2022, 18:58
Billinge Biker
River Douglas
Douglas Rivers Association CIC is a new local group passionate about restoring the River D...
jo anne 19 1,493 7th Jun 2022, 18:34
Billinge Biker
Boris & Rishi - Fined for Partying
Now we know two things. 1. The reason why Rishi Sunak moved his stuff out of Downing St...
Tommy Two Stroke 98 1,754 7th Jun 2022, 13:49
Tommy Two Stroke
I am about to run out of Bushmills. I did lay in a stock, prior to Christmas, at a cost...
ena malcup 15 434 6th Jun 2022, 22:16
Does this
bother you? [url=
basil brush 9 306 6th Jun 2022, 19:53
Texas school shooting
basil brush 10 234 6th Jun 2022, 14:20
basil brush
Stolen BBQ
Be careful if you're putting your BBQ outside for a street party , a white van has driven ...
nanajacqui 6 689 6th Jun 2022, 09:51
basil brush
Rotary clothes line dryers
Can anyone tell me, please: Is the fitting between the upright and base a universal size,...
ena malcup 7 315 6th Jun 2022, 09:18
Bank closures
Every day we read about bank closures and the excuse being less and less people are going ...
PeterP 44 870 5th Jun 2022, 08:20
I do like to hear Classics on piano
ena malcup 19 454 3rd Jun 2022, 20:30
ena malcup
Happy jubilee weekend...
Hi everyone... I have not been on here for a long time.. Missed everyone from years ago. ...
custard 16 517 3rd Jun 2022, 15:25
Unpaid Carers
Wigan and Leigh Carers Centre support both adult and young carers who look after a family ...
jo anne 1 108 3rd Jun 2022, 14:48
jo anne
OK, it can be fast. But it is NOT ALWAYS so. Just found downloading a book from Amaz...
ena malcup 2 178 3rd Jun 2022, 14:29
ena malcup
The Duck is Dead .............
........ A woman brought a very limp duck into a veterinary surgeon. As she laid her pet ...
tonker 13 357 3rd Jun 2022, 14:05
basil brush
Some Things .........
........ just don't make sense! [url=
tonker 1 207 3rd Jun 2022, 13:44
gas bill
got mine today my DD has risen from £50 a month to £180 per month, WOW, I hope bori...
tomplum 14 496 3rd Jun 2022, 07:52
Owd Codger
weird happenings
I'm pottering about the garden today and in the shed messing with my Jubilee display when ...
tomplum 25 705 2nd Jun 2022, 22:58
Absolutely disgusting
basil brush 2 346 2nd Jun 2022, 16:09
Ted Hankey.
Former BDO darts champion sent down today for2yrs for indecently assaulting a teenager. Th...
Billinge Biker 7 504 2nd Jun 2022, 11:14
basil brush
One Life... Live it.
All was well Saturday afternoon.... half time at the Rugby cup final... round at a neighbo...
Billinge Biker 22 879 1st Jun 2022, 22:33
Wigan Market is Closing Down
Wigan Market is shutting down this year, this awful news was announced in Leigh Market thi...
Tommy Two Stroke 109 2,099 1st Jun 2022, 22:16
“Mental health”
No wonder people are struggling with it …constantly being battered with news programmes...
roylew 12 304 1st Jun 2022, 20:18
ena malcup
car maintenance
can anyone recommend a reliable cost efficent garage for a repair to my car
baker boy 41 937 1st Jun 2022, 19:29
CAZ-Clean air Zones!
I see that Mayor Burnham is having further talks with the Environment Minister (having met...
fedup 71 2,103 1st Jun 2022, 14:21
Tommy Two Stroke
Aircraft crash
Just seen on NW news, aircraft down, Rindel road Wigan. Is that a spelling mistake, ever ...
Anne 28 819 31st May 2022, 21:48
Ofgem con email.??
Just received an email from Ofgem ( allegedly) offering free money rebates on energy bills...
peebee 19 534 31st May 2022, 19:27
Sonic bird scarers
Our garden seems a magnet for some of the local cats to use as a toilet I have orange peel...
PeterP 19 527 31st May 2022, 10:27
School Shootings
Donald Trump says that the solution is to arm the teachers. I guess you get a better qu...
ena malcup 10 444 31st May 2022, 00:16
Help with energy bills, means tested benefits.
From the Times More than eight million households on means-tested benefits will receive...
gaffer 49 970 31st May 2022, 00:03
The Galleries Redevelopment
'ALL' of The Galleries as built in the 1980s will be demolished, which of course will incl...
Tommy Two Stroke 122 5,884 30th May 2022, 16:42
Why are they so expensive in UK? Unanticipated event prevented my usual shop this weeke...
ena malcup 14 353 30th May 2022, 09:57
I am asking this question for someone who does not have any access to computer's etc ... ...
GOLDEN BEAR 41 844 29th May 2022, 18:42
ena malcup
ABBA - Choose the UK
ABBA have chosen to not only launch their come back doings in the UK, but they are buildin...
Tommy Two Stroke 28 1,335 29th May 2022, 18:24
ena malcup
Went to Asda today to get some barley only to be told they don't stock it anymore. I then ...
riocaroni 20 594 29th May 2022, 16:18
Being a , White , English born subject of Her Maj, I'm planning a display for the up comin...
tomplum 67 1,126 29th May 2022, 09:05
Good News/ Bad News
The good: Just got my AA car insurance renewal quote, and it is more than £100 less than...
ena malcup 18 520 29th May 2022, 08:13
£280 Million
Just said on BBC News channel: What Brits are expected to spend upon Jubilee tat!
ena malcup 6 252 27th May 2022, 19:34
What say you about four geriatrics having you listen to their recorded music whilst viewin...
ena malcup 18 371 27th May 2022, 15:17
ena malcup
Blast from the past
Just had a phone call from someone I was at school with. (now not seen each other in more...
ena malcup 5 464 27th May 2022, 13:02
ena malcup