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They. Need to stop forcing people to get the jabs. It doesn't do any good. My cousin almos...
madamehmurray 12 538 25th Nov 2021, 16:50
I won't be watching tonight, Adele on ITV 7.30, she sings the most depressive songs ever.
basil brush 17 512 25th Nov 2021, 10:48
dave b
Wigan & Leigh Carers Centre
Tomorrow - Fri 27th Aug - from 11am, the centre is holding a volunteering event. Anyo...
jo anne 10 369 25th Nov 2021, 09:54
jo anne
Northern Rail Betrayal !
WELL we have finally been been told something we knew would happen ,and that is this go...
GOLDEN BEAR 42 973 24th Nov 2021, 23:42
hey Dougie
We went to Downhall green Rectory Road church today to lay Christmas pots on the , gone b...
tomplum 4 334 24th Nov 2021, 20:57
Tommy Two Stroke
‘Great Discredit to Wigan’
Crossbench peer Lord Alton of Liverpool, as quoted in the Catholic Herald, 3rd Nov 2021 - ...
jo anne 7 478 24th Nov 2021, 14:45
Service of Light
Sat 4th Dec at 4pm For all bereaved by suicide Wigan Parish Church https://i50.servim...
jo anne 1 145 24th Nov 2021, 10:42
jo anne
Mental Health Support
In April 2021, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust became the provider o...
jo anne 23 599 24th Nov 2021, 09:32
jo anne
4 years
My aunt Diane after my uncle died, stopped going to family functions.. my cousin Darlene ...
madamehmurray 1 159 24th Nov 2021, 08:57
Own mind
You get married 2 times, and family has to know all. I can't go to any family function wit...
madamehmurray - 154 24th Nov 2021, 01:55
River Douglas
Ribble Rivers Trust: What do you think about your river? As part of our #ERDF funded...
jo anne 11 373 23rd Nov 2021, 22:25
First Mate
Christmas Booze
Bushmills £22 per Litre on Amazon (for one day only)
ena malcup 1 120 23rd Nov 2021, 21:51
Good Luck
Kev [url=]hero
basil brush 20 328 23rd Nov 2021, 16:31
Billinge Biker
The Albion Ormskirk Rd.
Having been overseas for a few years now. I wondered if the Albion Chinese take away is st...
kameras 13 421 23rd Nov 2021, 10:58
basil brush
ena malcup - 133 22nd Nov 2021, 17:56
ena malcup
Shamima Begum ‘living in fear’
Shamima Begum has said she fears for her life after IS fanatics attempted to launch an ars...
TerryW 10 549 22nd Nov 2021, 14:16
Interesting sayings
Sore finger An expression often used by Chinese people who own/work in chip shops. They ...
lectriclegs 68 2,119 22nd Nov 2021, 11:50
I see the latest increase's by our supermarket chains is to jack up the price of fuel yet...
GOLDEN BEAR 12 307 21st Nov 2021, 23:29
Local Photos
Wigan Squared Local photographer, Martin Holden, has just published the first part of h...
jo anne 14 1,380 21st Nov 2021, 18:11
Does anybody know 1934 Granada Scruggs?
Hello, I am looking for the user "1934 Granada Scruggs" - he might have some informatio...
Allens93 102 1,512 21st Nov 2021, 12:58
basil brush
Am I missing Something...] "Apparently, calli...
TerryW 13 489 21st Nov 2021, 11:37
A good
reason to celebrate [url=
basil brush 4 196 21st Nov 2021, 11:22
peter g
Frank Orrell Photography
All these books are available at Rydings news stall in Wigan market hall. They’re not ye...
jo anne 18 1,852 21st Nov 2021, 10:22
jo anne
The Albion Ormskirk Rd.
Having been overseas for a few years now. I wondered if the Albion Chinese take away is st...
kameras - 48 21st Nov 2021, 03:14
CNN,,,, Biased
For ages now, the American News Network CNN has been running us Brits down, all through th...
Tommy Two Stroke 33 695 21st Nov 2021, 02:36
Leeds and Liverpool Canal
Great Canal Journeys - S13, Ep2 Wed 1st Sep, 9pm on More4 (Ch.18 on Freeview) https:...
jo anne 21 1,052 20th Nov 2021, 22:53
jo anne
Andrew Marr to leave the BBC
"Andrew Marr is to leave the BBC after 21 years of crap interviewing" [url=https://yout...
Tommy Two Stroke 11 312 20th Nov 2021, 20:10
Tommy Two Stroke
Speaking of public transport ........
...... last month, I came into Manchester Airport (first time in a couple of years) on m...
tonker 15 543 20th Nov 2021, 17:31
Confirmed: Austria is locking up the Unvaccinated
"Covid: Austria orders nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated" [url=
Tommy Two Stroke 13 542 20th Nov 2021, 16:09
Lexit,,, Leigh to split from Wigan
Today at Prime Minister's Question's, Leigh's very own MP, the rude, and very [url=https:/...
Tommy Two Stroke 24 828 20th Nov 2021, 11:34
basil brush
only one person allowed
we cannot have our spouses to into er with us, we have to go alone. Now with our Daughter ...
madamehmurray 13 498 20th Nov 2021, 11:32
basil brush
Poolstock Lane traffic
At last this morning something has been done about the speeding cars on Poolstock Lane. T...
mortarmillbill 8 731 19th Nov 2021, 22:21
Looking for Mr John Appleton
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I have become a member as I am looking for s...
Allens93 41 733 19th Nov 2021, 16:47
Tommy Two Stroke
Dark nights .
I was walking dog in park tonight it went dark quickly when I were young it never bothered...
anniedingle 2 222 18th Nov 2021, 18:33
Past Forward
The latest issue of the local history magazine is available online for free - [url=https:/...
jo anne 25 3,827 18th Nov 2021, 12:01
jo anne
Sgt Dave Woods.
Pemberton Oldies will remember the above... Sadly passed away 82yrs...his funeral this Fri...
Billinge Biker 3 190 17th Nov 2021, 22:04
Tommy Two Stroke
Hello Does anybody have any pictures of the Stanley arms (Stanley hotel) Ormskirk road U...
gemmaf47 - 108 17th Nov 2021, 19:47
hey Sonlyme
I've just opened a WW folk club over on the WiganWorld board, Don't want to bore the good...
tomplum 5 286 17th Nov 2021, 17:12
ena malcup
Not more
homes being built in the village. [url=
basil brush 7 332 17th Nov 2021, 15:30
Tommy Two Stroke
MPs more than one job??
GOLDEN BEAR 45 854 17th Nov 2021, 11:31