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Help with "Chinchits"
I am told that my uncle served with the "Chinchits" during the War. Can any one tell me w...
christi 19 2,871 1st Dec 2006, 11:39
christmas houses
we take our daughter round most of the wigan area she loves looking at the houses all done...
tas1235 9 3,232 1st Dec 2006, 10:14
Teams & Clubs on friends reunited
Having trouble with teams & clubs on friends reunited, can anyone get other members photo'...
dougie 5 1,999 1st Dec 2006, 08:00
Wallpaper Strippers
If anyone is thinking of re-decorating their home and has wallpaper to strip first, then I...
truckerdave 4 2,219 30th Nov 2006, 21:10
I'am rich
Just opened my emails to discover that I am the next of kin to some one who was killed in ...
geoffcott 18 2,462 30th Nov 2006, 20:21
swaps take a look, ya could do a swap maybe? son in law always uses thi...
billy 6 2,320 30th Nov 2006, 17:18
penny for the guy????
had our first christmas carolers last night???noel noelll noell noeelll??then a knock on t...
billy 5 1,070 30th Nov 2006, 15:56
Antiquated old Brewery.
I was reading one of the local papers yesterday and it carried a story of a new ale being ...
christi 14 2,648 30th Nov 2006, 15:52
JJB Roller Rink
A recent guestbook entry asking about the roller rink prompted me to do this post. I went ...
brian 19 3,628 30th Nov 2006, 14:33
Ouside Toilets
For anyone who dosn't read the Forum page. I have had a request from someone at the BBC. ...
wiganyankeeron 13 2,507 30th Nov 2006, 12:53
English Sports?
Got up early this morning to watch Great Britain v New Zealand. G-B just did not perform t...
coccium 17 1,375 30th Nov 2006, 10:53
Padget's Rose Graden
Right from being a young girl I have always loved Wigan Park in particular the Rose Garden...
christi 3 1,944 30th Nov 2006, 09:10
what does PA stand for between initials of a name???
billy 8 2,449 30th Nov 2006, 08:40
aussie roy
Lost Dog..(possibly in the ince area )
My dog got out yesterday morning around 8am he was last seen in langdale avenue in ince ar... 6 1,930 29th Nov 2006, 22:08
50 +
Does any body remember Liberty Bodice, they had rubber Buttons, my mam made us girls wer...
sandra 16 3,913 29th Nov 2006, 21:10
nutty tart
FAO xrh59
Saw your message on another thread, had a browse around, at the end of this article I am p...
empress 8 1,892 29th Nov 2006, 17:01
Someone on the forum has some info she thinks you may be interested in, but she can't seem...
del-girl 12 1,419 29th Nov 2006, 16:48
XMAS - Ho Ho Ho
Does anyone agree with me that Xmas is over rated and should be banned? I am just so over...
ozzielass 19 2,094 29th Nov 2006, 13:44
Mad Friday
In the USA it's the day after Thanksgiving day. All the big superstores are having pre-ch...
britboy 7 2,439 28th Nov 2006, 19:17
a woman fined a couple of hundred quid for having a piece of paper in her bottle bin???doe...
billy 5 2,239 28th Nov 2006, 19:15
chill out with dorsey miller ect ect ect for you guys who love the big bands and the 40/50/60/70s ca...
billy 3 2,073 28th Nov 2006, 12:59
When Coal Was King With Ricky Tomlinson
Dont miss tonight "disapearing Britain" CHANNEL 5 (9 TILL 10PM ) jj
john joseph 9 2,118 28th Nov 2006, 10:11
brocket hotel wigan
do you rember the name off the befor it was called the brocket in wigan
tinas8 3 2,153 28th Nov 2006, 07:58
coops back in 60s
hellow out there do you remder the good time at coops. hi i am maves i worket on the press...
tinas8 - 1,842 27th Nov 2006, 16:19
re register
brian why do you have to re register
deano 2 2,052 27th Nov 2006, 09:16
British cars
getwom 36 2,648 26th Nov 2006, 22:41
Although this was written for the Battle of Jutland,May 1916 i think it reaches across to ...
xrh59 44 3,079 26th Nov 2006, 22:31
Balaclavas,Snake belts and a Ganzzi (pully)
Reet come on who used to wear this type of clobber, I used to walk about with me balaclava...
xrh59 16 2,241 26th Nov 2006, 22:04
Vehicle MOT
I have just had the car into the M.O.T. Station at Wallgate for the annual test, unfortuna...
truckerdave 11 6,436 26th Nov 2006, 10:47
Now I've heard everything, In one of the daily tabloids yesterday there was a top cop sa...
truckerdave 3 1,916 25th Nov 2006, 18:54
Pity The British Dummy was removed
it wasnt the actually posting of it that bothered me it was amusing and that sort of thing...
levi1962 15 2,137 25th Nov 2006, 13:57
getwom 3 2,019 25th Nov 2006, 13:49
H.S.B.C. Bank
Having just checked my e-mail in box I noticed I had an e-mail from the affore mentioned b...
truckerdave 4 2,160 25th Nov 2006, 09:24
I though this was interesting so I thought I would just put it on here in case no one had ...
elizabeth - 2,215 25th Nov 2006, 09:11
dave v tom
has anyone noticed how much tom jones is begining to look like david guest or is it the ot...
maddy 3 1,994 25th Nov 2006, 05:07
Super Nannies
Our unbeloved government has come up with the latest hogwash by introducing so called supe...
truckerdave 2 1,853 25th Nov 2006, 04:58
ileen (LOGAN)
ILEEN LOGAN, Qld Aust. Having trouble replying to your email?? Do u have a blocker on for...
ozzielass 2 1,992 25th Nov 2006, 04:51
DVD copies
are you for or against, got to admit ive always been against them but as the price for new...
levi1962 - 1,765 24th Nov 2006, 18:15
for busy bee
hi busy, i sent your photo on thurs hope you have received it by the time you read this, p...
maddy 1 1,967 24th Nov 2006, 17:33
busy bee
The British Dummy
Post removed [unsuitable]
levi1962 7 2,341 24th Nov 2006, 17:04