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Don't forget the basic rules you all agreed to when signing up to use the boards: * Do ...
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Job Vacancies
Please add other local vacancies. Useful Links: Find a job - [url=https://findajob.d...
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Safely home? What happens when people leave hosp
Have you or someone you know been discharged from any hospital in the last 12 months? W...
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ARTHUR PILKINGTON information required.
I’m trying to trace a friend from the 1960s. His name is Arthur Pilkington. He worked in...
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New job centre wigan .
Mesnes house mesnes street opens soon
anniedingle 10 361 17th Jan 2022, 14:57
Does anyone or can anyone tell me where to find out all about this clean air act ,that is ...
GOLDEN BEAR 8 270 17th Jan 2022, 14:46
Wellfest ~ Jan 2022
From Mon 17th Jan, there’ll be free activities across the borough, and an online site wi...
jo anne 1 83 17th Jan 2022, 14:43
jo anne
Town Centre & Democracy
Public Meeting - It’s Our Town Thu 13th Jan, 5.30pm Central Wigan Venue* ([url=https:/...
jo anne 5 270 17th Jan 2022, 14:42
Proceeds of crime Auctions
I rather fancy my chances of seeing if I could get a cheap Rolex watch or similar has any...
battered sausage 36 742 17th Jan 2022, 14:34
Piers Morgan coming back on TV
Surprise Surprise Gutter Press news presenter Morgan is coming back on talk TV which is o...
peter israel 9 279 17th Jan 2022, 14:12
Bolton Wigan link road.
gaffer 33 808 17th Jan 2022, 12:43
Life & Times of Wigan’s Mr Pic
There’s a great feature on professional photographer, Dave Green, in this month’s Loca...
jo anne 1 71 17th Jan 2022, 12:07
Tommy Two Stroke
Covid-19 Omicron Variant
It seems that the governments of the world have been waiting for a while for a new variant...
Tommy Two Stroke 113 3,160 17th Jan 2022, 07:56
Owd Codger
Fried Food
Gets a bad press, doesn't it. Have got an Air Fryer, and I have not yet used it. Have ...
ena malcup 12 475 16th Jan 2022, 18:57
ena malcup
Lurdin Lane.
Could someone please help me with an old picture of Lurdin Lane? I've seen one with a l...
zenith 1 154 16th Jan 2022, 17:16
I was explaining wigan spyek to my grandaughter today & it made me think, When our people...
bentlegs 38 912 16th Jan 2022, 15:03
Wonders of Modern Science.
In the USA Doctors have transplanted a Pigs heart into a 57yrs old male with terminal hear...
Billinge Biker 12 360 15th Jan 2022, 22:21
mollie m
Not seen her for a while, is she still on holiday? She was a regular poster
First Mate 10 482 15th Jan 2022, 18:32
Does any sage know where Beaverbrooks Jeweller's are going to be moved to ??? The lady of ...
GOLDEN BEAR 17 591 15th Jan 2022, 15:50
All roads lead to Wigan Pier
(It’s a good job they don’t as the traffic’s bad enough as it is. But, any road …)...
jo anne 33 1,510 15th Jan 2022, 14:41
jo anne
Boris like to have a good time, he is such a jolly person, and he likes too PARTY [url=htt...
Tommy Two Stroke 12 390 15th Jan 2022, 11:06
Two I liked.
I don't know who said this, except that he is English. "Boris Johnson combs his hair with ...
whacker - 215 14th Jan 2022, 23:20
Marks & Spencers
What if anything do you think about what M/S are doing with their As for me i now belie...
GOLDEN BEAR 7 286 14th Jan 2022, 21:35
ena malcup
Gas /Elect
Just got my renewal through from Eon for duel fuel Gas charge per therm was 2.811 pence n...
PeterP 33 848 14th Jan 2022, 21:32
dr fauci doomed
he is caught up in his own lies., Ran Paul got him mad which the look on facuis face loo...
madamehmurray 3 151 14th Jan 2022, 21:17
Hot water control
Having had my present shower for over ten years and not been satisfied with the water temp...
Anne 26 699 14th Jan 2022, 11:02
peter israel
Henhurst Bridge ……..
…… reet, everybody thinks it’s only a bridge what goes over the Leeds and Liverpool ...
tonker 14 381 13th Jan 2022, 23:06
Jessica Lofthouse Books FREE
Anyone interested in books by this author I have 4 or 5 books about the history, and abo...
admin 2 175 13th Jan 2022, 18:22
Hoi Thee Tonker
tha sez I've never lived in Wigan reet, I've bin t' tip today and they let me tip so, I m...
tomplum 10 364 13th Jan 2022, 18:15
GB News
This is a new news channel, which will soon be launched in this country, the man behind th...
Tommy Two Stroke 46 2,384 13th Jan 2022, 17:36
Coppice drive
Anyone know what's going on in Coppice drive, off Marus ave? There is some heavy machinery...
jacks 13 1,001 13th Jan 2022, 12:43
Memories of King Street Wanted
To share your memories, email: by midnight on Fri 28th Jan ...
jo anne 11 346 12th Jan 2022, 18:29
More "Smart Motorway" stupidity?
It is announced that work will be suspended on NEW Smart Motorway projects not yet started...
fedup 9 306 12th Jan 2022, 16:42
To all the unknown "Wigan womblers" who are litter picking throughout the Wigan areas your...
mortarmillbill 25 1,406 12th Jan 2022, 10:37
B&Q Closing
B&Q at Leigh is closing
Tommy Two Stroke 6 428 11th Jan 2022, 22:33
The government are alleged to screw the pensioners again. 1st they raised the female pens...
PeterP 25 813 11th Jan 2022, 16:45
Vaccinations Eh.? …..
…….. read on! I’m a bit two-faced, I really am. But that’s just me for you! ...
tonker 18 559 11th Jan 2022, 16:13
Wigan Town Centre
Is it worth going there now. Has the Market already shut down and is the Galleries still ...
peter g 7 370 11th Jan 2022, 15:13
Just seen on the news that "A RESIDENT FROM A WIGAN HOTEL" has been arrested on Rape charg...
admin 87 2,492 10th Jan 2022, 20:42
For the attention of Mr. Tomplum
I know that you are a retired gentleman of leisure but would appreciate it if you could gi...
builderboy 18 702 10th Jan 2022, 20:17
Q : HOW MANY ……….
WIGANWORLD MEMBERS ………. Does it take to change a light bulb? A : 1 to chang...
tonker 21 583 10th Jan 2022, 15:02
"Do not regularly drink more than 14 units per week" - it says on the label." I am sure...
ena malcup 5 341 10th Jan 2022, 11:41
Billinge Biker
Remove AD ?
I was wondering how do i get a reference number from if i want to remove an ADVERT i h...
GOLDEN BEAR 21 626 10th Jan 2022, 01:00