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Don't forget the basic rules you all agreed to when signing up to use the boards: * Do ...
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Job Vacancies
Please add other local vacancies. Useful Links: Find a job - [url=https://findajob.d...
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Safely home? What happens when people leave hosp
Have you or someone you know been discharged from any hospital in the last 12 months? W...
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A3/A4 Brother Scanner/Printer MFC-6890CDW
Can anyone make use of a Brother A3/A4 scanner printer? I have only used it as a scanner f...
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Old film projector.
CAN ANYONE LOAN AN OLD STYLE FILM PROJECTOR?? A lady has offered some old reels of film f...
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Fuel ?
Returning home today from't van up theyer.... charnock richard services are charging £2.0...
Billinge Biker 18 401 5th Jul 2022, 07:09
Owd Codger
Nasty boris
Rumours going round Boris Johnson going to call snap election in October , he as told the ...
surfer_tom 51 745 5th Jul 2022, 07:01
Owd Codger
I wonder what folk on this site think about Boris Johnson 's give-away the other day by do...
GOLDEN BEAR 40 705 5th Jul 2022, 06:58
Owd Codger
German hypocrisy.
gaffer 2 104 4th Jul 2022, 23:00
Tesco fighting Heinz over the price of items supplied to them. Lets see who wins. Asda hav...
PeterP 56 1,104 4th Jul 2022, 19:42
Ladybird Books ........
....... People at Work Series -
tonker 2 164 4th Jul 2022, 18:21
Serious Question
Has tuther site shut down?
basil brush 55 957 4th Jul 2022, 16:47
You can't get away from it can you. Numbers infected were in steady decline. Then, t...
ena malcup 13 319 4th Jul 2022, 14:47
Wigan & Leigh Hospice
Volunteer Open Day Thur 16th June, 10am - 12pm All welcome at the informal drop-in eve...
jo anne 5 166 4th Jul 2022, 12:27
jo anne
If you are an adult in UK, and you become a victim of crime, the most likely crime to hit ...
ena malcup - 102 4th Jul 2022, 12:14
ena malcup
Just a Thought ........
tonker 2 144 3rd Jul 2022, 17:03
Can anyone please
explain who "number 3" is that some members of the "gang" keep going on about like a scrat...
basil brush 100 1,652 3rd Jul 2022, 16:57
Does anyone ever look at Guestbook?
First Mate 25 681 3rd Jul 2022, 11:06
basil brush
Ignore List.
Yes there are 3 of them... have you noticed their sparce and acidic comments have not inte...
Billinge Biker 38 671 3rd Jul 2022, 11:04
basil brush
Wrightington Classic Car meet
Change of venue for the Wrightington Classic Car meet. Well worth a visit for car ent...
Don GB - 112 2nd Jul 2022, 21:46
Don GB
I really think
its time to have a clear-out and get rid of some of the judges [url=https://www.dailyma...
basil brush 20 914 2nd Jul 2022, 13:58
basil brush
What is
it with today's coppers, are they all dodgy or do they just think they can do what they wa...
basil brush 29 1,418 2nd Jul 2022, 13:37
basil brush
This question is mainly for T.T.S. my wife keeps asking me when on earth is wigan council ...
GOLDEN BEAR 12 377 2nd Jul 2022, 09:59
Glastonbury 2022
Did you enjoy it
Tommy Two Stroke 43 651 2nd Jul 2022, 08:37
I see the Queen has just a whopping big pay rise just like our MPs ,she has gone up to £ ...
GOLDEN BEAR 12 216 1st Jul 2022, 19:03
Am I alone in concluding that a total lack of vision seems apparent in respect of promotin...
ena malcup 2 185 1st Jul 2022, 18:25
How one of Britain's biggest
town centres is 'dying on its feet' [url=
basil brush 8 374 1st Jul 2022, 16:49
ena malcup
I took note the other day of a small new's item which i reckon a lot of folk will probably...
GOLDEN BEAR 31 500 1st Jul 2022, 16:15
ena malcup
Changes to local NHS management.
The Care Commissioning Groups are no more. This is the new body replacing the CCGs locall...
gaffer - 50 1st Jul 2022, 16:02
how to fix a squeaky wheel
you know the saying that, a squeaky wheel gets oiled but, [url=
tomplum 17 331 1st Jul 2022, 13:51
how times have not changed
Reading the other day about teachers not allowing pupils to remove their jackets in class ...
PeterP 24 641 30th Jun 2022, 11:34
Population changes. Wigan lowest in Gtr. Man.
gaffer 17 399 30th Jun 2022, 08:20
basil brush
New casino
Any comments about the “new casino” just before the grand arcade…awful for me
roylew 11 560 30th Jun 2022, 07:32
Owd Codger
Not for a Gowd Pig.
If someone was to offer me first class flights to london and return.... 5 * accomodation f...
Billinge Biker 27 590 29th Jun 2022, 22:39
Tommy Two Stroke
Irish twin sisters joke.
Twin Irish sisters in a nursing home were turning one hundred years old. The editor of ...
gaffer 22 662 29th Jun 2022, 19:09
Whither NATO?
John Bolton, head of defence to former President Trump says Trump intended to pull US out...
ena malcup 5 228 29th Jun 2022, 18:32
Billinge Biker
When did the Wigan schools cease finishing on the first weekend in July for the Summer bre...
broady 14 359 29th Jun 2022, 15:48
Can someone help me how do i stop these ADS that keep appearing on the screen when i am on...
GOLDEN BEAR 17 376 29th Jun 2022, 15:36
The Wigan Flashes Mystery
Spooky goings on over the flashes, a 7ft tall ape which dissolves into the trees, a UFO ap...
Tommy Two Stroke 19 563 29th Jun 2022, 14:02
ena malcup
Another stolen car.
A stolen, newish, white Mercedes car came bombing down our crescent about 1 hour ago follo...
admin 10 468 29th Jun 2022, 09:15
So sad [url=
basil brush - 57 29th Jun 2022, 09:00
basil brush
Ian Simm .........
.......... [url=
tonker 10 468 28th Jun 2022, 13:55
Billinge Biker
Rough Sleepers
I've driven past the Infirmary a couple of times this week and seen what I thought was a p...
admin 16 798 28th Jun 2022, 08:47
basil brush
Name um
Shame um and then sack um [url=
basil brush 15 562 28th Jun 2022, 08:44
basil brush