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R Dean Taylor
Nobody told me he had died. Well, there's a ghost in my house now, as there was in Wigan ...
Platty 78 997 12th Mar 2022, 21:20
ena malcup
HMP Hindley in Wigan plans expansion to house
hundreds more inmates to meet increased demand [url=https://www.manchestereveningnews...
basil brush 10 282 12th Mar 2022, 12:19
Tidy up
Let's have ago on here to tidy the town and estates ,some people dont seem to care how ba...
surfer_tom 19 512 12th Mar 2022, 11:41
Tommy Two Stroke
Well it's Friday.
And as a Roman Catholic. I will have my traditional fish meal. Not a chippy tea though,...
jathbee 9 336 12th Mar 2022, 11:03
Rockin all over the Wiganworld
I've been approached by peoples high up the pecking order to record and produce a theme tu...
Arfur petesake 87 1,464 12th Mar 2022, 10:40
Arfur petesake
Heinz Investment
Have the employee's botched up by rejecting the new working practices agreed at National L...
Owd Codger 83 2,023 12th Mar 2022, 08:00
Owd Codger
Serious Question
Has tuther site shut down?
basil brush 49 619 11th Mar 2022, 22:16
Had a look at
[url=]This place] today. Seems a li...
lectriclegs - 257 11th Mar 2022, 18:45
Latest Scams
Beware of emails about making donations to help the people in the Ukraine. What kind of...
Owd Codger 4 411 11th Mar 2022, 17:56
Avian Flu
Some of you will know I have sometimes mentioned watching pheasants, partridges etc. round...
Anne 11 360 11th Mar 2022, 17:04
Bird Wrestling
This morning I have been wrestling with a female Blackbird that got stuck in some netting ...
tomplum 20 425 11th Mar 2022, 15:36
Tossers wanted apply here,
I'm looking for skilled tossers to train , entry level tossers for an upcoming event in a ...
tomplum 29 986 11th Mar 2022, 09:42
Monkey batters seagull to death at Chester Zoo.
Video contains upsetting scenes, [url=
gaffer 12 449 10th Mar 2022, 18:17
Tommy Two Stroke
Scrambled eggs on toast tonight folks.
TerryW 7 331 9th Mar 2022, 20:07
Almost Forgot...
It was spare ribs and cabbage with crusty buttered bread. Flippin' good it was too.
TerryW 11 638 9th Mar 2022, 17:00
Might have
a look in [url=
basil brush 43 956 9th Mar 2022, 10:37
basil brush
Bird survey
Next week end is the annual bird survey. I am led to believe you count the number of birds...
PeterP 9 402 9th Mar 2022, 09:10
A Grand Day Out
Yesterday, ended up at Wigan St Pats watching Andy Gregory's open age team playing against...
TerryW 27 923 9th Mar 2022, 08:43
basil brush
when is
International Men's Day?
basil brush 4 287 9th Mar 2022, 08:42
basil brush
NHS-Galleri Trial for Cancer
Has anyone been invited to take the trial ? I received an invite & have just had my blood...
nanajacqui 2 335 8th Mar 2022, 18:09
Are there any tomato growers here, if so do you have a favourite variety that you stick to...
TerryW 21 556 8th Mar 2022, 13:19
basil brush
Donkey Stones
Is there anywhere local that these can be bought ? Asking for a friend.
First Mate 13 622 7th Mar 2022, 17:55
After our very own Tonkers post about his steak on a shovel I have decided that it will be...
TerryW 28 473 7th Mar 2022, 15:13
I think Brian
Should do away all together with GENERAL on here, it's just making a laughing stock of WW,...
dougie 137 2,093 7th Mar 2022, 09:58
basil brush
Rice Pudding
Did your Mam make a good rice pudding with a lovely brown skin on? I remember we all wante...
TerryW 25 670 7th Mar 2022, 09:48
Are they going to
offer them Michelin star food. [url=
basil brush 10 615 7th Mar 2022, 09:31
basil brush
Mind set,
Who else has this ability to set their mind, I've never needed an alarm clock because, I c...
tomplum 16 520 6th Mar 2022, 20:33
fine dining
back to wigan next tuesday for the football.Can anyone recommend a decent place to eat bef...
joebloggs 34 974 6th Mar 2022, 20:30
Holland and Barratt-Russian owned?
Who would have thought it? Health food chain Holland and Barratt owned by Russian oligarc...
fedup 5 319 6th Mar 2022, 08:44
Just Been Informed
That we may be dinning out this evening, destination unknown to me as yet, I shall inform ...
TerryW 39 947 5th Mar 2022, 19:43
Billinge Biker
International Brigades
Reading about how a number of these have formed, and headed for Ukraine. Yet another pa...
ena malcup 7 462 5th Mar 2022, 07:48
Owd Codger
Due to unforseen circumstances tonight's tea will be baked cod with mash and green beans....
TerryW 10 330 4th Mar 2022, 21:43
The UN security council voted on a resolution deploring Russian invasion of Ukraine. Elev...
admin 46 903 4th Mar 2022, 21:12
Russian Fossil Fuels
Should we be placing an embargo on Russian gas and petroleum products? It is not someth...
ena malcup 1 280 3rd Mar 2022, 21:35
ena malcup
Orwell's novels Kindle ebook, currently offered for nowt by Amazon
ena malcup 14 435 3rd Mar 2022, 20:34
ena malcup
Well, its finally been confirmed
basil brush 1 202 3rd Mar 2022, 19:16
basil brush
I shall be dinning alone. So this evenings menu for one is a meyt and prayter pie from...
TerryW 64 919 3rd Mar 2022, 15:08
Following on from my post about the demise of Beaverbrooks in Wigan i also have heard abou...
GOLDEN BEAR 29 1,035 3rd Mar 2022, 14:35
Wigan Beer Festival 2022
Thu 3rd - Sat 5th March 2022 Wigan CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival https://live.staticfl...
jo anne 6 538 3rd Mar 2022, 14:28
jo anne
Beaverbrooks In Wigan ?
Well here i go again calling this utter inept council that is running down this once proud...
GOLDEN BEAR 19 636 3rd Mar 2022, 14:27