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Get Ready Folks
Council tax bills are on there way. There is nothing more I begrudge paying to be honest.
TerryW 13 464 18th Mar 2022, 08:43
Owd Codger
good news for bikers
the Isle of man TT races will be held this year [url=
tomplum 4 305 17th Mar 2022, 22:45
Tom Plumb
Tom when swapping a washing machine over is it just the mains water tap that needs turning...
peter g 121 1,547 17th Mar 2022, 22:33
Welcome to Britain .......]
tonker 14 359 17th Mar 2022, 21:42
Laurel and Hardy
Where’s this?]
jo anne 16 296 17th Mar 2022, 20:13
basil brush
Weather has Turned...
No matter though, I'm in the kitchen looking out of the window at two squirrels feeding on...
TerryW 40 699 17th Mar 2022, 19:21
Salad with Wiltshire ham, I have informed a rattled STD on another thread. Give him a litt...
TerryW 8 192 17th Mar 2022, 19:09
basil brush
DANGER at Poolstock/Pool Street junction
The temporary traffic lights have been removed at the junction and the road markings are i...
mortarmillbill 30 1,584 17th Mar 2022, 18:43
Pigeon Floo
I have had a letter today, from the Government Dept for Rural Things, and they want to com...
Tommy Two Stroke 11 320 17th Mar 2022, 13:51
More than 100 British businesses
offer jobs to Ukrainians [url=
basil brush 10 299 17th Mar 2022, 13:33
Owd Codger
Chip shop chips
I go to a fairly local chip shop where the fish is very good,but the chips are just bits...
fossil 37 907 17th Mar 2022, 11:49
Owd Codger
Sun Is Out
Enjoy the day, keep busy and active and let's shake those winter blues off. Spring is just...
TerryW 16 382 17th Mar 2022, 11:48
Just had...
A steak pie for my supper if anyone is interested then a Kit Kat.
TerryW 9 295 17th Mar 2022, 10:33
Star moments on here
or rather star delta moments, best one was, Sledge /Stardelta finding out his best budd...
tomplum 9 333 17th Mar 2022, 09:58
basil brush
Sweet Jacket Potatoes
Butter, grated cheddar and bolognase for fifteen people. Food for the gods. Over to the...
TerryW 25 702 16th Mar 2022, 19:53
Billinge Biker
Harold Davies
Following on from previous post. Now looking for Harold and barbara Davies. Known to have ...
kathpressey - 114 16th Mar 2022, 18:26
Annie Winstanley Ne Newton
I posted this on People but I think more people read General so here it is again. My aunti...
kathpressey - 140 16th Mar 2022, 17:41
Just seen on the news that...
people are to be asked if they have a spare room to take in any Ukrainian refuges, and a w...
chatty 33 899 16th Mar 2022, 15:32
New North Sea gas field goes into production.
gaffer 5 377 16th Mar 2022, 14:40
Paddy tells his mate, Mick, ......
......... "my bumhole is really burning and I've no idea what it is, so I've not". "Ri...
tonker 52 833 15th Mar 2022, 22:32
ena malcup
Oh Dear
basil brush 23 379 15th Mar 2022, 21:11
ena malcup
Gas /Elect
Just got my renewal through from Eon for duel fuel Gas charge per therm was 2.811 pence n...
PeterP 45 1,407 15th Mar 2022, 17:57
Tommy Two Stroke
Happy Anniversary(of a fashion)
Happy Anniversary to my wife Yvonne It is 50 years today at approx 10 past eight tonight...
PeterP 16 456 15th Mar 2022, 15:25
On The Menu...
Today is a Beef Broth, but I need to nip out for pearl barley as I forgot it the other day...
TerryW 27 376 14th Mar 2022, 23:25
As we seem to currently have a flurry of threads concerning food/cooking, I thought maybe ...
ena malcup 7 304 14th Mar 2022, 22:30
Northern Lights
Just said ont weather forecast that good chance of seeing them tonight. If you have cle...
ena malcup - 118 14th Mar 2022, 21:58
ena malcup
Been listening...
While cooking to a tape that came from my aunties house after she passed away years ago, i...
TerryW 4 276 14th Mar 2022, 19:30
Must admit, I never noticed
[url=]gunslinger gait
ena malcup 1 155 14th Mar 2022, 19:27
It Had To Be...
Good old bangers and mash with onion gravy.
TerryW 139 1,158 14th Mar 2022, 13:44
basil brush
When you was young
I remember in the 1980's and working with an older plumbr called Bob, We were having a bre...
tomplum 20 606 14th Mar 2022, 09:48
A bit of light entertainment over the week end with the dog show. With over 20000 dogs on ...
PeterP - 139 14th Mar 2022, 07:43
Government help with energy bills
Here we go again, the only people who will get help are those on the Benefit system. Wh...
Owd Codger 16 476 14th Mar 2022, 05:14
mollie m
A Song ......
...... dedicated to [url=]Little Scotland!
tonker 4 243 13th Mar 2022, 22:42
For those who might be interested.
I won't be having a Sunday roast for tea It will be one of my favourites. MOUSSAKA.
jathbee 10 313 13th Mar 2022, 20:47
Forgot to post last evening, anyroad up... We had chicken casserole and lots of lovely ...
TerryW 34 468 13th Mar 2022, 15:32
Is there a collection point in WIGAN?
admin 2 233 13th Mar 2022, 14:39
Logging in to Wigan World
On trying to log into Wigan World this morning, my anti virus programme told me that it h...
First Mate 18 525 13th Mar 2022, 13:06
basil brush
ena malcup 1 179 13th Mar 2022, 11:30
jo anne
Covid-19, It's Coming Back
I hope I am wrong about this, or as a Wiganer would say "a ope am wrung abhett this" but I...
Tommy Two Stroke 76 2,726 13th Mar 2022, 09:10
Owd Codger
Plummy: Do you agree?
This was posted on Nextdoor by Bob Jones: The new cycle route past the Pier just isn't ...
Platty 7 316 12th Mar 2022, 22:04
Tommy Two Stroke