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So sad....
to see her shed a tear [url=
basil brush 10 657 30th Mar 2022, 11:29
Billinge Biker
Ukraine V Russia.
I have given up watching the news for obvious reasons... I Am perplexed that this episode ...
Billinge Biker 18 639 30th Mar 2022, 00:29
Owd Codger
Today I got my statement for my state pension. I have been given a rise of £312 per year....
PeterP 53 1,415 29th Mar 2022, 11:40
P&O Ferries
There is some bad stuff going on there [url=]L...
Tommy Two Stroke 108 1,819 29th Mar 2022, 01:14
EV Charging
I have just read a story where a man who lived near a Lidl store put his car on charge at ...
PeterP 2 303 28th Mar 2022, 15:27
First Mate
The A49 extension road
Is red hot tonight, I can hear the boy racerists from here, God only knows how the people...
tomplum 15 782 28th Mar 2022, 12:11
Tommy Two Stroke
Child's Travel Cot ........
...... So, if anybody knows of a relative, or anybody, who has a baby or small child (pro...
tonker 16 603 28th Mar 2022, 11:52
basil brush
Can anyone recommend a good decorator. Particularly one giving attention to some intricat...
Anne 2 387 28th Mar 2022, 10:20
basil brush
On this fine day.
I wish all the mum's out there. A very Happy Mother's day.
jathbee 8 277 28th Mar 2022, 09:12
activities of old
I went to the cemetery this morning to take flowers and on the way saw many cars queuing a...
tomplum 27 659 28th Mar 2022, 06:15
Clocks back
Done my wrist watch
First Mate 8 322 27th Mar 2022, 11:32
Evry day a skool day
As tom is fond of saying. I did not know, until reading, just, that Freddy Mercury was ...
ena malcup 11 408 27th Mar 2022, 09:06
Healthy activities other than looking at monitor
Screens, Yes, its Spring and the growing season is back with us, Get out and breath the ...
tomplum 65 1,116 27th Mar 2022, 00:32
ena malcup
Ice Cream
Do any of you have experience making ice cream? I am not seeking recipes: there are lot...
ena malcup 15 378 27th Mar 2022, 00:18
ena malcup
Should it toughen up its act? Is it wise to move cautiously, and avoid widening the cur...
ena malcup 9 345 26th Mar 2022, 11:39
ena malcup
yoo ree Kaa,
At last I've found a joke that everyone will find funny and, Its completely, Clean, none o...
tomplum 12 530 26th Mar 2022, 03:29
ena malcup
Will any of you
Be taking up the offer of yet another booster jab, if and when it becomes available to y...
jathbee 32 759 25th Mar 2022, 23:05
Wigan Council Highways............
Seem to be playing a new game called "Guess The Road Markings Next Week". Before the wo...
Platty 21 608 25th Mar 2022, 19:54
How do you get to speak to a real person?
At Amazon? Having a recurring problem with Amazon delivering my stuff to the wrong addr...
ena malcup 4 182 24th Mar 2022, 20:44
peter israel
wow they have knocked 5p off fuel duty thats going to help us out i dont think so are they...
houghy1 12 474 24th Mar 2022, 18:14
Made in China
Surprised at the amount of stuff I have which comes from there. Should we boycott Chine...
ena malcup 16 534 24th Mar 2022, 18:03
hugh wilson
Wigan Council awarded Certificate of Excellence
"Wigan Council has been recognised with a highly regarded Certificate of Excellence from t...
Tommy Two Stroke 11 436 24th Mar 2022, 15:47
Under Review.
It beggars belief... The cost of putting the above stickers on the numerous signs is Said ...
Billinge Biker 8 455 22nd Mar 2022, 17:47
the corridor
I'm walking down the corridor, Looking left and right I know they're hiding somewhere c...
tomplum 11 534 22nd Mar 2022, 08:47
basil brush
First signs of Spring
Buds on hedges , bushes and trees, Daffs , birds singing but, mostly its the Caravans , mo...
tomplum 3 254 22nd Mar 2022, 08:39
basil brush
EWS Signs
Photos from [url=
jo anne 13 357 21st Mar 2022, 14:39
jo anne
60's music
tomplum I have just put on your folk club thread, on Wiganworld, a piece by one of my f...
ena malcup 1 244 21st Mar 2022, 08:51
Telephone Exchanges - Wigan
I was going to post the photos below and ask if anyone knew about the history of the build...
jo anne 22 805 20th Mar 2022, 20:49
jo anne
Ukraine War
Last night on Talking Pints with Nigel Farage, he was having a pint with Rear Admiral Chri...
Tommy Two Stroke 65 1,831 20th Mar 2022, 17:34
ena malcup
Welsh Rabbit
anyone ever tried this, Turn the toaster on its side ,put the cheese slice on the bread a...
tomplum 32 712 20th Mar 2022, 14:32
ena malcup
Local Health Services
When did the local chemist’s become the pharmacy?
jo anne 22 479 20th Mar 2022, 07:45
Owd Codger
After that productive morning I'm must leave you all again, I'm off out with the boys this...
TerryW 36 776 20th Mar 2022, 01:12
ena malcup
Unusual musical instrument
[url=]On this day, in 1968: UK No 1 chart record
ena malcup 2 206 19th Mar 2022, 22:17
ena malcup
CAZ-Clean air Zones!
I see that Mayor Burnham is having further talks with the Environment Minister (having met...
fedup 70 1,952 18th Mar 2022, 20:38
ena malcup
NO. Not de Pfeffel! Not that one. Boris, my neighbour. He is Russian. (I guess he do...
ena malcup 3 365 18th Mar 2022, 18:55
ena malcup
Guinness day
Paddy's day tomorrow, anybody know of any pubs with offers on Guinness. Before the lockdow...
riocaroni 36 655 18th Mar 2022, 17:24
Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe
Is on her way home, now confirmed that she is in the air on her journey home. Not before t...
berylh 37 580 18th Mar 2022, 17:12
Just received this email Has anyone any info. Dear Sir, I am researching my family histo...
admin - 407 18th Mar 2022, 13:43
In the past decade, when they were closing collieries, I seem to recall some were said to ...
ena malcup 34 766 18th Mar 2022, 11:35