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The Wigan rejects Grand national
The rejects national horse race is open to rejects members, running Saturday free entry...
Arfur petesake 51 1,131 9th Apr 2022, 22:48
Hello Again ..... I'm Back!
tonker 34 1,032 9th Apr 2022, 20:58
Solar Panels
Are they worth investing in, Bear in mind I have a fairly new gas combi boiler and radiato...
peter g 24 646 9th Apr 2022, 19:23
Tragic accident in Pemberton last night outside Little Fifteen,stolen Range Rover crashed ...
nanajacqui 2 364 9th Apr 2022, 13:37
Origin of non dom tax status.
From today's Times. Non-domiciled tax status is a bizarre relic of British colonial-era...
gaffer - 367 8th Apr 2022, 16:06
Night shift
here's my night shift staff coming on duty, he's clearing the nocturnal plant killers tha...
tomplum 4 273 8th Apr 2022, 15:41
WN1 Standisher
The Poets Thread...
CLAIR de LUNE There she goes, following me again... Across the cropped corn and ...
jarvo 407 12,358 8th Apr 2022, 12:14
Owd Codger
Channel 4
Being sold off. It may raise £1 billion for the state.
First Mate 69 835 8th Apr 2022, 12:09
poolstock greyhound track
last greyhound to win at poolstock 1973. was it john player
phildog 3 250 7th Apr 2022, 19:30
First Mate
Possible fuel shortage
Just been to Sainsbury's and saw a notice on the petrol forecourt “no unleaded, no dies...
Anne 9 547 7th Apr 2022, 16:01
Its took a while
but at least it will look better "Erection of an employment building with ancillary off...
basil brush 9 481 6th Apr 2022, 21:56
Tommy Two Stroke
The latest figure's released to date are that 4,550 have come across the channel in all ty...
GOLDEN BEAR 10 340 6th Apr 2022, 11:43
Meter Readings
Is anyone else finding that they cant submit a meter reading today?
First Mate 51 856 5th Apr 2022, 21:13
I miss you,come back
joebloggs 16 654 5th Apr 2022, 15:00
Just a thought
Been watching these “Escape to the Country” programmes on BBC The people buying seem ...
roylew 18 521 5th Apr 2022, 13:38
Tommy Two Stroke
emails tumtingle
Tumtingle i have been trying to send emails to New Zealand but they bounce back saying so...
bentlegs 13 467 5th Apr 2022, 12:51
Bruce Asher
basil brush - 157 5th Apr 2022, 11:53
basil brush
automatic car with a hand brake
The last two cars I have had were automatics with electronic (hand) brakes which when appl...
PeterP 17 488 4th Apr 2022, 23:50
what we need on here
Is a bloody good laugh to rise the standard and [url=
tomplum 52 1,059 4th Apr 2022, 14:43
basil brush
Here has
Jarvos thread gone? please don't tell me it turned nasty.
basil brush 33 824 4th Apr 2022, 14:04
Andrew Marr to leave the BBC
"Andrew Marr is to leave the BBC after 21 years of crap interviewing" [url=https://yout...
Tommy Two Stroke 52 1,235 4th Apr 2022, 00:22
What's for tea tonight Terry.?
joebloggs 40 1,117 3rd Apr 2022, 21:32
mollie m
Embassy of Cymru
Hi all! I moved to Wigan from Wales fairly recently and jokingly referred to my flat as th...
EmbassyofCymru 15 703 3rd Apr 2022, 17:27
All that is currently happening in various places and the press is full of stories about t...
broady 8 487 3rd Apr 2022, 08:50
Owd Codger
What's happened to the mercure royal oak Hotel is it opening again
joebloggs 19 776 3rd Apr 2022, 08:36
Arts Events
Roger McGough, ‘the godfather of modern British poetry’, is appearing in Wigan! Thu...
jo anne 11 305 2nd Apr 2022, 19:43
jo anne
Interesting sayings
Sore finger An expression often used by Chinese people who own/work in chip shops. They ...
lectriclegs 192 4,248 2nd Apr 2022, 18:49
A Happy day
I wish to welcome back my old friend who helps me in the garden [url=https://www.youtub...
tomplum 12 416 2nd Apr 2022, 18:27
WN1 Standisher
Good deal at Timpsons
First Mate 9 387 1st Apr 2022, 21:15
First Mate
Busy day today
I bought a DIY swimming pool and diving board and installed it in my garden , I Told Miss...
tomplum 10 536 1st Apr 2022, 10:28
18,000 posts
and still going despite constantly being attacked by the gang, and threatened let's ho...
basil brush 24 1,061 1st Apr 2022, 09:02
basil brush
Meter readings
This won't apply if you have smart meter. I am going to read my meters at the end of mo...
ena malcup 20 716 1st Apr 2022, 07:09
Owd Codger
I've had the.
Best weekend ever. Been to Bowness for my sisters 60th birthday. The place was packed...
jathbee 34 1,230 31st Mar 2022, 20:39
Train Driver Vacancies
The bbc gave out last night details about a shortage of Train Driver's on Northern Rail, t...
GOLDEN BEAR 45 890 31st Mar 2022, 19:35
ena malcup
Traffic Lane Closure's
Travelled along the by pass today from Wigan to home and for the full length of the new by...
GOLDEN BEAR 10 521 31st Mar 2022, 18:46
Tommy Two Stroke
Titan at Aldi
If you like Milkyway choc bar, You will like the Titan bar from Aldi.
tomplum 18 566 31st Mar 2022, 17:02
todays activity
was a bike ride down the Sankey Valley to Winwick, A ride of 25 miles through countryside...
tomplum 11 437 31st Mar 2022, 09:38
More and more this site is reviving memories from long ago. In those days every street, ev...
broady 19 992 30th Mar 2022, 20:48
Mondays activities
Ok lets hope this thread keeps on the rails, With the garden in good shape now, I'm plant...
tomplum 27 546 30th Mar 2022, 17:41
Memories of King Street Wanted
To share your memories, email: by midnight on Fri 28th Jan ...
jo anne 34 1,407 30th Mar 2022, 16:46
jo anne