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Balls is coming back
"Ed Balls could make a dramatic return to politics, as Labour candidate in a hotly contest...
Tommy Two Stroke 5 369 23rd Apr 2022, 14:02
Tommy Two Stroke
cheaper to fly to India] Return tickets from...
First Mate 9 306 23rd Apr 2022, 13:52
Tommy Two Stroke
Said this
All Along [url=
basil brush 6 315 23rd Apr 2022, 12:38
'Satan II'
The Kremlin claims the unmatched 16,000mph missile, which has been in development for year...
First Mate 13 433 22nd Apr 2022, 16:53
ena malcup
Salvation Army
I've always been a supporter of The Salvation Army' This comes as a big disappointment. ...
First Mate 1 321 22nd Apr 2022, 10:33
First Mate
96 today
Happy birthday to the Queen, hope she has many more
First Mate 11 274 21st Apr 2022, 23:44
Oh No!
[url=]I just hate having to sho...
ena malcup 2 220 21st Apr 2022, 16:49
Tommy Two Stroke
Charity Appeals
How greedy can some charities get On the TV today Appeal for Plan international have a...
PeterP 6 362 21st Apr 2022, 14:58
So who was active today ?
I'm a Bob geldoff kind of bloke ( Don't like Mondays ) so, Its usually a potter about the...
tomplum 19 744 21st Apr 2022, 12:06
Hope this is
Ste JONTY Johnson I hope it's okay to put it on here because I think a lot of people wi...
basil brush 5 333 21st Apr 2022, 10:54
A Asda no brainer
Just been for a Easter shop in wigan Asda, getting stuff for family and friends over the ...
tomplum 22 794 21st Apr 2022, 08:41
basil brush
Illegal Immigrants To Be Sent To Rwanda
"Priti Patel's plans to ship asylum seekers to Rwanda" [url=https://www.heraldscotland....
Tommy Two Stroke 81 2,263 20th Apr 2022, 18:12
Motorway manners........
This one is for Billinge Biker. We were cruising down the M6 mid afternoon, brm, brm, brm....
Platty 12 580 19th Apr 2022, 13:16
Monopoly (board game)
What are the high rent and what are the low rent locations on the board of the WIGAN versi...
ena malcup 15 486 18th Apr 2022, 17:33
Fitness Trackers
I did have a pedometer: it clipped onto my clothing, and registered the number of steps wh...
ena malcup 27 509 18th Apr 2022, 14:56
Learned something new today
Salmon The fish that is, not the former Scots leader. Just read that "Farm-raised salm...
ena malcup 8 349 17th Apr 2022, 21:58
ena malcup
For the attention of Anne
Hi Anne there are two sunflowers ready to leave their Mother ( Me} , Ask Ron for my email...
tomplum 20 559 17th Apr 2022, 16:30
Cheaper than David Ogden, Dougie! .....
I just booked May's flight ........ £7.99 there, £7.99 back! Your flight informa...
tonker 13 429 16th Apr 2022, 21:47
Can anyone please
explain who "number 3" is that some members of the "gang" keep going on about like a scrat...
basil brush 53 988 16th Apr 2022, 13:45
strange call
4 times now auto-recorded message says: "DHL will inform you that there is no sign for...
ena malcup 2 301 16th Apr 2022, 12:59
I know this is a LONG SHOT but has anyone got an old IMTAK Methodist badge? I had one when...
admin 6 272 16th Apr 2022, 09:00
Wigan Parish Church
Open Sat 16th April, 11am - 2pm [url=
jo anne - 197 15th Apr 2022, 20:54
jo anne
What is
it with today's coppers, are they all dodgy or do they just think they can do what they wa...
basil brush 27 1,227 15th Apr 2022, 11:34
IS this chancellor of ours Rishi Sunak taking the "P*SS OR WHAT? Just read that he is dona...
GOLDEN BEAR 97 1,536 14th Apr 2022, 23:54
Arthritis Sufferer News ......]
tonker - 181 14th Apr 2022, 21:42
Wigan, 'A place of vibrancy and culture'
'A place of vibrancy and culture': Wigan to seek status of town centre excellence [url=...
Tommy Two Stroke 9 446 14th Apr 2022, 18:13
Running with the hare, and coursing with the hound
Just read that ASUS, well known computer hardware manufacturer, is doing this. They are...
ena malcup 1 128 14th Apr 2022, 18:13
ena malcup
National Mining Museum (Overton)
(Former Caphouse Colliery) Any of you been to visit? I promised to take a group of n...
ena malcup 22 590 14th Apr 2022, 15:13
GMP Speed Enforcement.
Now one or two of you may be surprised at my next revelation. 2pm last Tuesday 24th Septe...
Billinge Biker 41 2,179 14th Apr 2022, 10:40
basil brush
"Follow the Teachings of Jesus" .....
..... I was told at Sunday School. My wife asked me, "What are you thinking of doing ...
tonker 13 353 14th Apr 2022, 08:45
Billinge Biker
Has anyone got SKY INTERNET? and are having problems or are aware of some people having pr...
admin 5 249 13th Apr 2022, 17:28
mrs m
Hit and run..
Last night 9-20 PM.on Ormskirk Rd,a woman was killed and two males seriously injured after...
momac 54 2,097 13th Apr 2022, 17:06
Michael Buble
I have got a small advert that only came on today, it's on eve...
Domin0 9 236 13th Apr 2022, 15:18
Patience is a virtue.
Another tale of woe... I recently had my MOT with the practice nurse... All oki koki.... G...
Billinge Biker 29 921 13th Apr 2022, 14:27
THE Edward Lear poem the "OWL AND THE PUSSY CAT" to be changed to the"OWL AND THE KITTY CA...
admin 25 660 13th Apr 2022, 09:17
Owd Codger
I just came across this term, in relation to Putin, though I will say that it immediately ...
ena malcup 3 254 12th Apr 2022, 21:16
Why are there only ever
Two boats in the boat race, Its always Oxford and Cambridge ?? I'll bet those illegal imm...
tomplum 69 1,167 11th Apr 2022, 21:08
An ex WW member who's my friend on Facebook shared this I'm getting annoyed with pe...
nanajacqui 3 569 11th Apr 2022, 18:43
How to deal with the death of a pet.........
Fido the dog has died. It was expected, he was 13 years old and a Puli. He was the beloved...
Platty 26 734 9th Apr 2022, 23:51