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Don't forget the basic rules you all agreed to when signing up to use the boards: * Do ...
brian - 17,542 Sticky!
Job Vacancies
Please add other local vacancies. Useful Links: Find a job - [url=https://findajob.d...
jo anne 52 6,439 Sticky!
Safely home? What happens when people leave hosp
Have you or someone you know been discharged from any hospital in the last 12 months? W...
pippa 19 3,784 Sticky!
Wigan History Festival
Fri 26th + Sat 27th April Wigan Parish Church Organised by Mervyn Reeves, the festiva...
jo anne 2 200 Sticky!
becoming the norm
Claiming Benefits and working on the side.i.e selling cars on the side. washing cars on th...
albion 1 84 21st Apr 2024, 21:35
Tommy Two Stroke
Turkish delight
Why are there so many Turkish barbers in Wigan ? Do any do codger deals
i-spy 1 128 21st Apr 2024, 21:34
Tommy Two Stroke
Local papers
The writing could be on the wall for many local papers because of poor circulation figures...
i-spy 16 280 21st Apr 2024, 19:58
FAO tomp
Anne has asked me to thank tomp for thinking about her and offering sun flowers. She woul...
Anne 5 128 21st Apr 2024, 15:39
A simple thing in life
Yesterday I visited Yvonne in hospital and when I came out and got to my car I was a littl...
PeterP 20 734 21st Apr 2024, 12:25
Home visits
Yvonne has been in and out of hospital FIVE TIMES (back in now) this year alone and up to ...
PeterP 23 812 21st Apr 2024, 08:17
Owd Codger
new posts only till dustaf gets wom
tomplum 8 341 20th Apr 2024, 19:07
Is it time for 'Reform'
That is a reform of the political system which is failing us, that system we have got mean...
Tommy Two Stroke 37 766 20th Apr 2024, 15:10
War in the Middle East
It is looking like it is all kicking off in the Middle East, Iran is attacking Israel, so ...
Tommy Two Stroke 30 575 20th Apr 2024, 14:18
Tommy Two Stroke
The Archers
It’s taken a long time but I only just discovered The Archers .How long will it take for...
i-spy 7 212 20th Apr 2024, 12:44
Tommy Two Stroke
Left Luggage Facility?
Is there a facility to leave left luggage for a few hours near the Railway Stations in Wig...
admin 12 367 19th Apr 2024, 22:55
Talking to a friend last night who had just come home from Japan, he said he was taken rou...
bentlegs 4 407 19th Apr 2024, 10:54
Theres been a very bad. A
at Lidls ..Woodhouse Lane.
momac 4 450 19th Apr 2024, 01:14
Tommy Two Stroke
problems with posting today
Hi admin, put some more coal ont fire, to elaborate I have tried to answer my own thread b...
tomplum 2 200 18th Apr 2024, 21:20
not long now
the last 2 years it has happened on the 27/3 , this year is a leap year and also the Sprin...
tomplum 37 763 17th Apr 2024, 15:13
on a more cheery note,
A heat wave is on its way, My weather mon is predicating less rain and wind and temperatur...
tomplum 20 407 17th Apr 2024, 14:29
Turned Off
Maybe the owner turned off comments. Or has tomplum put the whole membership on ignore
First Mate 1 261 17th Apr 2024, 06:47
Yoove Broke It
It looks like you can post a topic but not a reply, and it looks like it is yoo Tom who h...
Tommy Two Stroke - 116 16th Apr 2024, 14:08
Tommy Two Stroke
I reckon this year 2024 is going to break all records, 2023 was the highest since Noah bui...
tomplum 11 427 15th Apr 2024, 11:49
Tommy Two Stroke
Wall to wall misery
Do we really need 24 hour tv news ?
i-spy 6 291 15th Apr 2024, 11:17
Tommy Two Stroke
Sorry if this subject has been discussed before, but I was watching MasterChef the other n...
mollie m 41 709 15th Apr 2024, 08:59
peter israel
The Verve
It’s 25 years ago today since my eldest son went to Haigh Hall to see The Verve live. I...
linma 9 324 14th Apr 2024, 23:06
Fake Royal Mail postage stamps.
gaffer 17 457 14th Apr 2024, 17:20
Cash cow
Whilst going to the hospital I have most days walking up Wigan Lane and nearly every day I...
PeterP 29 980 13th Apr 2024, 17:56
WN1 Standisher
Butcher Stan
When i was a kid my Mum used to get her meat delivered, from a butchers shop in Scholes t...
jacks 10 220 13th Apr 2024, 13:54
First Mate
Is this acceptable?
[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zocE7gDbJDw]Indoctrination of children?
tonker 27 654 13th Apr 2024, 06:23
The new Market Hall
If we do get one maybe the owners will make space for an acknowledgment to past market tra...
i-spy 41 806 12th Apr 2024, 16:59
WN1 Standisher
Diabolical !
[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o58stoJJ5No]Send Him Off !
tonker 20 459 11th Apr 2024, 08:49
Owd Codger
Railway Electrification Works at Ince
Meeting - Thu 1st June, 9.30am till 11am Christ Church, Ince The meeting is regarding ...
jo anne 32 1,111 10th Apr 2024, 14:47
The stock market price of....
[url=https://www.youtube.com/shorts/640gCX49qMY] Pies
tomplum 2 216 9th Apr 2024, 22:46
mollie m
What happened to Whit
Remember Whit ? What are we doing at Whit, where are we going at Whit. Whit Week, Whit ...
Tommy Two Stroke 34 559 9th Apr 2024, 13:10
energy grant
PeterP 2 284 8th Apr 2024, 16:44
Starting this week (9th Apr) - Sofa to Saddle - like Couch To 5k but on bikes! [url=https:...
jo anne 11 182 8th Apr 2024, 14:26
Bryan Talbot ~ Graphic Novelist
I came across these posts on the social network Bluesky, and thought I ought to share them...
jo anne 1 101 8th Apr 2024, 11:36
Tommy Two Stroke
anybody got burning feet
houghy1 14 462 8th Apr 2024, 06:55
Stormy Wigan
Have you seen the crane crashing through the roof of that house in Wigan? That child on t...
linma 7 303 7th Apr 2024, 21:11
mollie m
Utter Crap !!!!
That is what the sewage companies in the form of the Water Utilities are putting into our ...
Tommy Two Stroke 24 361 7th Apr 2024, 11:18
aging membership
Are we all old in age members of WW Queries where raised about the health of Leccylegs thi...
PeterP 33 611 7th Apr 2024, 00:46
Better souñd
Does any one use a sound bar toj improve the sound output, I can the telly OK but it,s dif...
bentlegs 6 246 6th Apr 2024, 15:56
Tommy Two Stroke