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Don't forget the basic rules you all agreed to when signing up to use the boards: * Do ...
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Job Vacancies
Please add other local vacancies. Useful Links: Find a job - [url=https://findajob.d...
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Safely home? What happens when people leave hosp
Have you or someone you know been discharged from any hospital in the last 12 months? W...
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Someone is trying to locate any relatives of Bill Sayer who played for Wigan R.L.F.C. Can...
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Trump back soon
More and more states coming forward against voting fraud. Obama thinks he is running the c...
madamehmurray 10 460 14th May 2021, 03:34
Introducing myself
Hello everyone my names Bruce and I've been readinng Wigan World since 2019. Great sight. ...
Bruce Asher 7 220 13th May 2021, 23:55
Is anyone really interested in their opinions or lives? They have turned their back on the...
broady 153 5,326 13th May 2021, 20:16
Bruce Asher
Are we a dumping ground
Why is this man serving his sentence over here [url=
sonlyme 7 339 13th May 2021, 20:06
Not Again.....
basil brush 6 180 13th May 2021, 18:56
Holidays Abroad
Reading today about all those spineless foreigners of spain and italy to name just two , b...
GOLDEN BEAR 85 1,728 13th May 2021, 18:56
Cop shops rented out
[url=""]Watch from 2 minutes 44 seconds Owned ...
thaknows 2 88 13th May 2021, 18:43
Tiles with Style
Architectural photographer, James Davies, has posted this on Twitter: “What a greeti...
jo anne 9 315 13th May 2021, 18:02
jo anne
WHY can't boris johnson tell nicola sturgeon that if she wants scotland to be independant...
GOLDEN BEAR 24 860 13th May 2021, 13:41
Government to ban junk food ads before 9-00pm. Nothing being said about gambling sites fro...
PeterP 14 358 13th May 2021, 12:22
Jabbed! Britain's Vaccine Triumph
Did anyone watch it last night on Channel 4 , I have just watched it now, and it explains ...
Tommy Two Stroke 16 540 13th May 2021, 11:24
basil brush
It's All Happening ......
...... It's All Going On! In Israel. Palestinian rocket attacks, apparently. Is it...
tonker 14 508 12th May 2021, 21:51
The tail is now wagging the dog
Just seen an advert for a new TV series with a Black woman playing Anne Boleyn!!!! The TV ...
admin 44 1,051 12th May 2021, 19:52
A bit of useful information. Maybe.
I recently had surgery to remove a cataract. Drops have to be inserted for three weeks af...
jathbee 34 718 12th May 2021, 12:10
Since this co-vid started i am struggling to find a decent decorator /wallpaper hanger, th...
GOLDEN BEAR 1 227 11th May 2021, 17:01
Local Election Results
Has anyone seen any of the local election results for councillors. I have not been able...
mortarmillbill 2 167 11th May 2021, 16:19
Special Offer ......
....... Ideal forSummer! ""]
tonker 1 182 10th May 2021, 19:09
Andy Burnham has won with an increased vote of 4%, we'll done that man!
riocaroni 39 927 10th May 2021, 17:11
Will Somebody ......
....... Stop people from saying "droring"! It's really annoying me,and they won't stop...
tonker 15 402 10th May 2021, 09:34
basil brush
Chinese Rocket Falling toEarth .....
Out of all the comments, coming in Worldwide .... TechnoIogy Futures ?It’s not dang...
tonker 6 272 9th May 2021, 21:13
Well i did not see that coming i mean come on it was bad enough at the last election when...
GOLDEN BEAR 24 839 9th May 2021, 17:34
Tommy Two Stroke
To all the unknown "Wigan womblers" who are litter picking throughout the Wigan areas your...
mortarmillbill 20 574 9th May 2021, 13:53
loyalty cards/schemes
A few years ag Asda had a price match scheme were if your shop was not cheaper than four s...
PeterP 2 244 8th May 2021, 20:46
Arfur petesake
lennons supermarket
who remembers shopping at lennons king street wigan
ann-spam 89 5,171 8th May 2021, 10:20
Wigan Pier
I see the work has come to a standstill...shame on you Wigan Councillors....they say they ...
roylew 21 852 7th May 2021, 18:53
Tommy Two Stroke
Desperate ................
or what [url=
basil brush 20 569 6th May 2021, 16:01
Not more homes
basil brush 20 319 6th May 2021, 15:13
I have been to Standish today, and looking at the building site where Chadwick's used to b...
Tommy Two Stroke 93 1,913 6th May 2021, 13:43
basil brush
Voted for GM Mayor today.
Posted off my vote for Greater Manchester Mayor today along with my vote for a local counc...
mortarmillbill 8 571 6th May 2021, 12:19
In platt wazz, hope there's no fatalities [url=
basil brush - 161 6th May 2021, 11:19
basil brush
Lost the baby
We were 13 weeks and some days we believed the baby was a boy yeshua john. Had to go to er...
madamehmurray 4 373 6th May 2021, 09:19
Wigan Local History & Heritage Society
Zoom presentation on Mon 14th Sep at 7pm: The ‘Walking Horse’ and Early Railways in...
jo anne 40 1,663 5th May 2021, 18:36
Just when you don't need it.
Been to hindley this morning to see the in-laws... On the way home called into Robin Park....
Billinge Biker 10 731 5th May 2021, 16:50
Another one bites the dust.
Debenhams closes it's doors for the last time on the 8th of May. Another nail in the cof...
jathbee 37 1,074 5th May 2021, 08:15
Phrases and their origins
Phrases and their origins A sight for sore eyes. Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's...
raymyjamie 7 415 4th May 2021, 17:35
Did anyone work on the old Wigan Corporation Buses
Looking for information of the design of buttons that were worn on the old Wigan Corporati...
admin 6 279 4th May 2021, 09:01
Has anyone seen one this year ? I can remember when the annual MAY QUEEN parade was looked...
admin 31 918 3rd May 2021, 21:11
Well they
definitely got the weather wrong yesterday, it came up on my phone as 15 degrees but I had...
basil brush 31 732 3rd May 2021, 20:56
Eckersley Mill Demolition
Footage taken by ‘Black Tree Video’ and published on YouTube (1st May): ‘The Dem...
jo anne 4 355 3rd May 2021, 19:42
baker boy