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FLOWERS, George - 1850

Posted by: Susan
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Is anyone related to George Flowers, born in London, Bow in about 1850, married Mary in 1875 in Ormskirk, lived in the Ince area. I think that his original name could have been spelt Flewers. I was always told by my Mother that her grandmother came from Skemersdale, and she told me about going to a wedding in skemersdale with her Gramdmother in the 1930's. She lived next door to her grandparents, in Bolton Street. She said that her Great granddad had just come up from London to do one job and stayed. I was also told by an uncle that the other side of the family from Skemersdale had originally come down from Scotland (something to do with cattle??) Sadly my uncle passed away last year, and I really regret not asking him more.Has anyone got any more information.

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Surname / Forename Year
      George 1850