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FISH, Clifford - 1936

Posted by: Melanie Hitchen
Notes / Message
Primarily I am researching the Hitchen family of Wigan, Pemberton, Ince and Blackrod but some spouses have come from different areas such as Platt Bridge and Farnworth. Ronald Hitchen: 1939-1974, he married Nancy O’Malley in Blackburn 1965, was killed in car crash in Blackburn in 1974. William Hitchen married Hilda Sumners in 1936 in Wigan, Hilda died in 1946. William Hitchen, remarried a Florence Phoebe Worthington, (Rostron), in 1950 in Ince and then moved to Blackrod. Clara Hitchen, (1916?) married a John Henry Barlow in Wigan in 1936 and had two children Elizabeth Barlow 1937 and John Barlow 1942. Maud Hitchen (1905-1939), married a John Fish in 1936 in Pemberton, Wigan, they had two or more children, John Fish 1937 and Clifford Fish in 1936. Clifford went on to marry Betty Bradley and they had a child called Annette in 1958. Florence Phoebe Rostron married a James Worthington in 1928 and had a son John Worthington in 1929 in Platt Bridge, Hindley. The following are just a few names that could be red herrings but you may recognise some of them. James Hitchen and Elizabeth Heyes married 1888. William Hitchen 1878 and Elizabeth Heselden. Children- Harold 1905, Maud 1906,William 1910, Wilfred/Winifred 1915 and Hilda 1920. John James Hitchen 1889. Matthew Hitchen 1890 married Sarah E Smart in 1919. Had four children Gilbert 1920-1984, John 1921, James William 1931 and Dorothy 1933-2004 Maragaret Hitchen born 1895. Mary E Hitchen 1895. Elizabeth Hitchen 1897-1903. Thomas Hitchen 1903 married an Agnes Moorfield. Harold Hitchen 1905. Florence Phoebe Rostron 1905. John Worthington Platt Bridge 1929. And some addresses are Gore’s Court, Pemberton Valley and Victoria Street all in Wigan.

Requiring help with these family names:

Surname / Forename Year
      Annette 1958
      Clifford 1936
      John 1937
      Maud 1906 to 1939
      Harold 1904
      William 1910
      Florence Phoebe 1905
      john 1929