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HURST, james - 1817-23

Posted by: marie causey
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I am looking for my hurst family. james born 1882 was born in blackrod bolton his father was john hurst born between 1847-49 bolton he married catherine jackson at wigan in 1873. also looking for jackson mary catherines mum born 1834 ireland died 1889 wigan. george jackson born 1823-25 nottinghamshire married mary 1853 nottinghamshire lived wigan george street till he died in 1880 so any hursts from leigh wigan bolton please help if you have any information.

Requiring help with these family names:

Surname / Forename Year
      catherine 1856
      george 1885
      george 1919
      james 1882-1846?
      james 1817-23
      john 1847-49
      george 1823-25
      mary 1834