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GLENNERSTER, fred - 1936

Posted by: jacki glennerster
Notes / Message
All who used to live or near the the old pub (now pulled down) The Prince of wales. on Bell Green Lane. In 1944 or so i jumped on the back of an american lorry with two other little lads i was the only one that was daft enough to stay on and receivied injuries that i still have to this day, i always wonder who the other 2 was they where more senseble than me?. that let go at the back of the army truck and left me hanging on, to go down hill towards a railway bridge where a railway man ran down and more than likely saved my life.

Requiring help with these family names:

Surname / Forename Year
      albert 1901
      doris 1938
      elsie 1903
      fred 1936
      jack 1941