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GLOVER, Frank - 1900-?1950?

Posted by: Althea Cawley-Murphree
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I'm looking for Frank Glover. I believe he lived into the 1990's, maybe longer. His cousin's daughter, Loretta Cawley of Rhode Island, USA, was in touch with him up until her death. Frank's mother was the daughter of Joseph Appleton. Joseph was born in Wigan. I know he stayed in England, but I don't know if he stayed in Wigan. I've entered most of what I know about Joseph under the name "Joseph Appleton" in this registry. His father was also Joseph Appleton. His mother was Ann Delaney, first marriage Reid, second marriage to Apple. She was Irish. I think she immigrated to Ireland with her daughter's family and I think Joseph was the only child in the family to stay behind, but perhaps half sister Anna Reid stayed there too?

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Surname / Forename Year
      Frank 1900-?1950?