Wigan Genealogy


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Stephen Gorman was born in Ireland, perhaps in the village of Nabber (au Nobair), County Meath. The Gorman family may be associated with the Matthews family of that village. Stephen was 18 during the UK Census of 1851. At that time he lived in Yorkshire. STEPHEN (1851-1879) died young perhaps in a colliery accident the same year his son Stephen was born. Married Margaret Doran who after his death married John Doyle. STEPHEN (1879-1930) married Annie Pomfret in December 1899 at the church of St. Thomas & St. James, Poolstock, Lancashire, England. Stephen Gorman owned a rooming house and a bar in Wigan. The bar was known as "The Golden Lion”. Stephen, Harold, and William Gorman, the children of Stephen Gorman and Annie Pomfret, were born in the flat above this bar. STEPHEN (1900-1963): Stephen immigrated from Wigan in 1905, along with his entire family. He was 5 years old. He married Anna Gorman in Providence, RI in 1920.

Requiring help with these family names:

Surname / Forename Year
      MICHAEL 1851?-1879?
      STEPHEN 1833?-1881?
      STEPHEN 20JUL1879-30AUG1930
      STEPHEN 1MAY1900-26NOV1962
      STEPHEN 28FEB1921-16JUN1984
      STEPHEN 27NOV1951-