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Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Tuesday, 15th August, 2023)

Shipping Container

Shipping Container
The offending shipping container at Crooke. Mentioned in the Comments to the P-a-D on August 2nd. Also mentioned was the access to the Cruising Club’s moorings - which the new fencing seems to have addressed - with the gate moved through 90 degrees to allow access from up the hill, rather than diagonally across the plot.
The L&L short boat KENNET is owned by the L&L Canal Society - it may be moored there in readiness for the “Crooke Charity Festival” in September - “Music, Beer, and Boats”.

Photo: David Long  (iPhone)
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Comment by: Helen of Troy on 15th August 2023 at 07:48

Surely even if you owned the land you would have to have planning some sort of planning permission?
It is definately '' a blot on the landscape '' & needs to be removed

Comment by: Garry on 15th August 2023 at 07:58

For those who are not too sure how to identify canal boats, the boat to the right is a barge and the others are narrow boats.
I know many do get it wrong.
Good photo Rev.

Comment by: Veronica on 15th August 2023 at 08:33

It always looks a nice peaceful place to live apart from the dumped container spoiling the scene. I imagine there will be complaints.

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 15th August 2023 at 09:02

Apart from the shipping container, that's actually a very nice scene. I have only been to Crooke once, many years ago with a friend, and remember being surprised at such a hidden gem.

Comment by: Wigan Mick on 15th August 2023 at 09:30

My sister lived in the house were the black car is parked until she died last year, plan was to scatter her ashes on the green, if we had done she might be under the container now.
A few weeks ago the container was in Shevington Memorial park, but Ive been told that the Crook Hall pub landlady bought it and moved it to Crook.

Comment by: Helen of Troy on 15th August 2023 at 09:42

Re planning permission..I have just read that a shipping container is classed as a non permanent structure so does not normally require planning permission except in certain circumstances...but surely where this one is sited should be looked into ?

Comment by: John Bull on 15th August 2023 at 11:13

if id only ever been to a local place once I would be making shure to go again as soon has possible.

Comment by: Cyril on 15th August 2023 at 15:06

The canal looks to be a very brown or a muddied colour, I remember it to be a grey/silvery looking colour from nearby, but the water was always of good clarity with the bottom able to be seen down from the banking, but then it's over twenty years since I last went to Crooke, and John Bull, I've no plans for going back there anytime soon.

Comment by: Clive on 15th August 2023 at 16:40

I can think of another blot on the landscape that needs to be removed. It can be found at the top of Millgate.

Comment by: PeterP on 15th August 2023 at 17:09

Unfortunately time passes and what was a pleasant grass area of the village has now been sold. The shipping container probably has building equipment inside. The container had to be put on the private land otherwise some one from the village could then raise an objection to being put elsewhere. I am sure relevant plans have been put in for any future building projects on this site.

Comment by: e on 15th August 2023 at 17:47

Some places are timeless ,
as if the world ignores ,
left to its own devices ,
breezes lift away ,
the landing of modern spores .
Not that you are not welcome ,
its just that we like to be ,
yours is a moving water ,
mine is a choice , called me ..
A kite will seek what it’s meant for ,
and reach for the clouds up above ,
but a grandfather clock is no different ,
as it ticks our time with such love ,
Each to their own is the question ,
do we race with the changes we face ,
or watch the bats in the night time ,
as they melt within our own moments of space ..

Comment by: Cyril on 15th August 2023 at 20:52

Seems the brownish water colour could be down to a water fern plant: https://www.lep.co.uk/health/this-is-why-a-stretch-of-canal-has-turned-a-strange-brown-colour-in-preston-73380

Another theory by CRT is that if a lot of boats have been passing along, then they could have been churning up any sediment on the bottom of the canal.

Comment by: Rev David Long on 16th August 2023 at 13:15

It's more noticeable on the narrow canals, which were dug shallower in the first place than on the broad, barge canals, but you can see the mud being churned up by each turn of the propellor as a boat moves through the water. Since very little dredging is done, the bottom of a canal gets nearer the top all the time - so it is very rarely clear. The only area I've passed through over the years where you can clearly see to the bottom is on the Bridgewater Canal on the approach to Patricroft - after you leave the section around Worsley which is nearly orange from iron-contaminated water running from old mine workings.

Comment by: John Noakes on 16th August 2023 at 17:16

That parcel of land, the one with the container on, was up for sale a few months back. It might have been on Pugh’s auction.
Possibly, the container belongs to the buyer, placed there ready to start development work in the near future.

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