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Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Wednesday, 5th April, 2023)

Wigan Lane

Wigan Lane
A stroll along Wigan Lane.

Photo: Dennis Seddon  (Sony DSC-WX500)
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Comment by: Garry on 5th April 2023 at 02:56

Ah...SPRING, my favourite time of year....Great.

Comment by: PeterP on 5th April 2023 at 06:22

Nice to see lines of daffs without idiots destroying them. They will lift visitors spirits on their way to the hospital.

Comment by: Fred Mason on 5th April 2023 at 07:42

Ahhh...Spring has sprung. A heartwarming picture, Dennis.

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 5th April 2023 at 08:51

Spring on Wigan Lane. Happy memories of walking through those Plantation Gates to get the tractor to Haigh Hall. When Our Jamie lived in Swinley I used to walk his little dog, Colin, around that area.

Comment by: Sue on 5th April 2023 at 08:57

Love it!

Comment by: Sandra on 5th April 2023 at 09:02

Ah Spring, good days on the way.
Daffodils are Springs call, to say
"Spring is here".
What I have sadly noticed is not many blackbirds singing early morning. Are we loosing our beloved garden birds.

Comment by: D Day Again on 5th April 2023 at 09:35

Today is D day and at dawn's despatch ,
The flowers of spring are on the march ,
Of winter's Occupation , Enough !
Now the yellow bugles in their ruffs
Are proclaiming freedom across the morn'
And retaking the hills and the garden lawns.

On D day they're assembling everywhere ,
Divisions of daffodils assaulting the air ,
In ranks and battalions fore and aft ,
In tanks and tubs like landing craft .
Winter's foe shall be put to Sword
By Juno's lemon flowers of Gold ,
No more appeasement ! They'll make a stand ,
On D day they'll reclaim the land .
Today is the day of the daffodils ,
Brave liberators on window sills .


Comment by: Roy on 5th April 2023 at 09:42

Unfortunately Sandra even THEY know there's not much to sing about these days.
Nice pic Dennis.

Comment by: Jembo on 5th April 2023 at 10:19

Nice one Dennis!

Comment by: Bradshaws Girl on 5th April 2023 at 10:43

Thanks for that Dennis, it brings back so many memories.

Comment by: Malc on 5th April 2023 at 10:47

Cats Sandra...they should all have bells attached to their collars as a warning alarm. There are more cats and dogs about than ever before, but dogs are controlled cats are not. ie, prowling in other people's gardens.

Comment by: Veronica on 5th April 2023 at 13:22

It’s a very pleasant feeling ‘losing’ oneself amongst the ‘ daffy down dillies ‘ … we may be ‘losing‘ some birds sadly but the pigeons fight to remain kings in waiting on tops of
chimneys. We seem to be even ‘losing’ the telegraph wires …perhaps that’s another sign of lost birds.

Comment by: Cyril on 5th April 2023 at 14:31

Nice floral photo Dennis, and a nice time of year to sit on those benches admiring those flowers and the aroma in the breeze.

Malc, I agree that Cats do take some birds and mostly they are ones that have slowed due to illness or age, but Magpies and also Squirrels which have increased in numbers over the years do take eggs and young birds from nests, also Foxes which too have increased in numbers will sniff out, catch and eat those fledglings that have left the nest and are hiding in undergrowth. So Malc I'm not sticking up for Cats, I just don't see that it's all down to them doing what they do and prowling around, also a lot of collars are dangerous to put on them, if the collar snagged on something it could end up throttling the Cat.

I mentioned on a photo yesterday that from around where I live the Sparrows and Starlings have disappeared completely, also Greenfinches were once abundant too, whereas over the years I've seen the number of Foxes, Magpies and Squirrels increase, Jackdaws and Crows which also take eggs and young birds from nests have also increased in numbers around here too.

So Sandra I too am hoping that it is just a blip in nature or maybe they've all gone round to Ozy and Edna's eating nicer tasting seeds, and that we aren't losing our much loved garden birds.

Comment by: jim on 5th April 2023 at 14:41

Cats kill over one million birds a Month !

Comment by: Alan on 5th April 2023 at 16:01

Veronica is missing the point about garden birds. Garden birds sing throughout Spring and Summer, pigeons have that annoying cooing noise, wood pigeons are even worse.
Sandra, your spot on about the decline of our garden birds.

Comment by: Arthur on 5th April 2023 at 16:14

Cyril makes some good points about cats and some silly points. I never defend cats they poo and dig all over my lovely garden at night. Thing is, a lot of owners just sling them out at night and couldn't careless about other people and their moggy. The old story use to be to keep mice from out of the house, an old wife's tail for me. We must defend our garden birds against any cat otherwise we'll be in big trouble.

Comment by: Cyril on 5th April 2023 at 16:16

Where's your proof jim? Domestic Cats are now too pampered and far too overweight to be able to chase and catch birds or even mice come to that, they just lie there and expect everything to be put at the front of them - so go get the biscuits, and jim - the Good Biscuits!

Comment by: Sue on 5th April 2023 at 16:21

Cyril it is the young birds that have no chance with cats, young birds are not aware of the danger of cats creeping up on them.
Good point about all cats should have bells on the collars.

Comment by: Tommy on 5th April 2023 at 16:25

Skylarks have really declined since the 1970s, so have sparrows. Is it really climate change?

Comment by: Veronica on 5th April 2023 at 16:42

Alan’s missing the point of my ‘ missing’ the point! Where have I said pigeons could win a contest over garden birds singing a song?
Are you speaking “Metroforically” again Alan old boy ?

Comment by: Cyril on 5th April 2023 at 17:20

Arthur you commented: We must defend our garden birds against any cat otherwise we'll be in big trouble.

Be aware that if you or anyone becomes known to have purposely harmed any Cat - no matter on whose property or for what ever reason, then you may find yourself in big trouble and stood facing a court, as I know for a fact that the RSPCA does take any deed of cruelty against any animal seriously, and will prosecute anyone responsible.

Sue, instinct is inbred into every animal when born to be aware of any danger, and especially so to keep away from people - the biggest and most destructive enemy of any animal.

Comment by: Anne on 5th April 2023 at 17:34

Just noticed two collared doves knocking about, not seen those for years.

Comment by: Maureen on 5th April 2023 at 18:33

I've always had a cat until nowadays simply because I love cats but I'm fully aware of the danger they cause to the little birds..I once put a collar with a bell on my cat,and never let her out at night..however she came home one day with her collar choking her some cat hater had taken her collar off then tightened it before putting it back on.
I read the other week that cats have now worked out how to walk with a bell on their collar without making a single noise.

Comment by: Alan on 5th April 2023 at 18:47

No Veronica, I'm talking sense.
You can't seriously compare vermin pigeons with garden birds can you??
Pigeons are not King's and never will be. We need to care for our garden birds and not pigeons who are pooing machines and pests.
Hope we're still friends Veronica , but that's my opinion.

Comment by: Veronica on 5th April 2023 at 19:29

Alan - I am not comparing the pigeons! By the way they are wild birds not vermin. Rats are vermin not pigeons. They are a stronger species than little birds that’s the point I am making. They will still be here if all the garden birds disappear they are survivors. Garden birds are more delicate. Plus all birds and creatures excrete. Not just pigeons….I personally prefer the garden birds to pigeons but they are still birds.

Comment by: . Ozy . on 5th April 2023 at 20:25

Allow me to be the first to admit that I am not , neither have I ever been, fluent in any foreign language other than Wiggin .

My French is well below average , my German is virtually non existant ,… I would prefer not to even discuss my proficiency in Latin , and with regard to my GCE oral in Metroforical , well , i didn’t even bother showing up for the exam … although I do posses the linguistic ability to trot out ….

“ dos cervezas por favor Manuel “ at my local cantina .

Following several repetitions of the above phrase over a period of a couple of hours , I appear to somehow magically , mysteriously and imperceptibly acquire the ability to speak fluent Swahili ,… or so I’ve been informed by the kindly souls who take it upon themselves to carry me home to my subterranean casa in Guadix and put me to bed .

…. [ God bless every one of those dusky little fellows ] .

I can’t say that I’ve ever knowingly spoken Swahili , and I don’t recollect ever having taken lessons in Swahili at school either ,…but to be fair , everything they taught at my school was all foreign to me anyway so I reckon I’ll just have to take their word for it .

Comment by: Maureen? on 5th April 2023 at 20:45

Alan,Veronica is stating an opinion as we all do..and she is entitled to her opinion no matter what..she's
doesn't pick you up if she ever disagreed with you.

Comment by: Cyril on 5th April 2023 at 20:50

Alan I'm just very glad that I can still hear not just garden birds singing, but also the cooing of pigeons, doves and wood pigeons all of whom are very welcome in my garden as they are wild birds too.

Also it is us humans who are the 'pooing machines' as you put it, the output we produce is so great that the sewerage systems across the UK are vastly overloaded, and they are pumping untreated sewage into rivers and the sea daily, with swimmers and surfers complaining about sanitary products and loads of excrement is in the water.

Comment by: Arthur on 5th April 2023 at 21:06

Cyril you've got your mind a little twisted. What I clearly said we must protect our garden birds from cats. As Malc rightly says put bells on their collar. For the record, I don't like cats but would never harm them.
I agree with Maureen's comments.

Comment by: Maureen on 5th April 2023 at 21:11

Cyril..brilliantly put...I've said before,man is the dirtiest animal on this planet.

Comment by: Malc on 5th April 2023 at 21:16

Agreed Arthur.
I much prefer our garden birds singing than pigeons and doves.

Comment by: Edna on 5th April 2023 at 21:19

Good photo Dennis,I love daffs. Sandra I have a lot of blackbirds in the garden, but they chase the little one's off. I wouldn't harm a cat, but I livid when I have just done my garden, and then I have to go out with a shovel, and move their dirt. If it was a dog the owner would be fined.

Comment by: . Ozy . on 5th April 2023 at 21:21

Errr ! … thanks for the info Cyril .

… I think I’ll just put the quiche back into the fridge until tomorrow and make do with a couple of ginger nuts instead .

Comment by: Mike on 5th April 2023 at 21:26

What is much worse and annoying than pigeons, Doves and wood pigeons cooing, is cats fighting in the dead of night with other cats. Especially when up for work at 4am.

Comment by: Arthur on 5th April 2023 at 21:29

Edna...fully agree with you.

Comment by: Veronica on 5th April 2023 at 22:04

But would appreciate the odd horse’s load in the road after they’ve cantered past - very valuable for the garden soil.

Comment by: Dick Dastardly on 5th April 2023 at 22:56

A beautiful life affirming photo this morning , but sunk into gloom by evening . That's humans for you .

Comment by: Phil Taylor on 5th April 2023 at 23:28

According to the RSPB

The most recent figures of how many creatures are killed by cats are from the Mammal Society. They estimate that cats in the UK catch in the order of 92 million prey items over spring and summer, of which around 27 million are birds.

Comment by: DTease on 5th April 2023 at 23:41

Here’s a little poem wot I rote a while ago about horse muck.

I’m sitting on my barrow
In the middle of the road
Waiting for a carthorse
To deposit me a load
I need it fer mi roses
‘Cos they don’t look very fit
And I’m told the thing to cure ‘em
Is a barrow load of….horse manure.

Comment by: Garry on 6th April 2023 at 04:31

It's still raining cats and dogs.

Comment by: Helen of Troy on 6th April 2023 at 07:35

Loved the ditty DTease. Bit late in the day to comment but garden birds have not disappeared everywhere.
My list of birds seen in our garden...
Blue Tits
Grt Tits
Longtailed Tits
Greater Spottered Woodpecker
Wood pigeons
And Buzzards high up in the sky.
And the garden is on the edge of a town
We have pesky squirrels too but I have 2 water pistols !

Comment by: Veronica on 6th April 2023 at 08:07

DD it must be an age thing!
Agree Dtease.
( metroforically!)

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 6th April 2023 at 08:47

Love your poem, DTease! xx

Comment by: Veronica on 6th April 2023 at 10:25

Helen I am not surprised the little rascals have flown to Norfolk they couldn’t be in a better place. There’s more room in those big, big skies for them. I was only thinking this morning about the little Wrens and where they had gone to. I thought they had disappeared with the old farthing! You have made my day knowing they are all in lovely Norfolk. That’s the place I would go if I had wings.

Comment by: Poet on 6th April 2023 at 11:57

Lots of wrens poking about in the brambles down Hic Bibi this morning .
Sometimes hard to see them but the noise they make is like a load of alarm clocks going off. . Heres what I saw ,
Goldfinches , Yellowhammers , Great and Blue Tits , Rooks , Blackbirds , Robins ( one followed me for a mile ) Buzzards a mile high , Skylarks and a couple of Chiff Chaffs ( the only bird that sings its own name and a sure sign that spring is well underway) .
In a few weeks I expect Whitethroats , Garden Warblers and Blackcaps to turn up and then the Swallows .

Comment by: Veronica on 6th April 2023 at 22:16

It sounds like a gathering of the clans up yonder near Hic Bibi

Comment by: Edna on 6th April 2023 at 22:39

I agree Veronica, about the horse muck.I have scooped it up myself in the past...Love the poem DTease.

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