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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Thursday, 1st July, 2021)


The Courthouse in Wigan.

Photo: Dennis Seddon  (Sony DSC-WX500)
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Comment by: Poet on 1st July 2021 at 07:21

A forbidding bastion of power and authority . You certainly don't want an invite . I think there may be a room 101 within .

Comment by: PeterP on 1st July 2021 at 07:53

It looks like the tree roots have pushed the flags up. There is no uniformaty to the buidings in Wigan .You have a nice brick building like the court house and next door you have the old police station/premier inn which looks like lego with slits for windows

Comment by: Veronica on 1st July 2021 at 07:53

Another building not far from Harrogate St!
I think it looks very smart, but it can be let down by some of the 'customers' hanging round outside waiting their turn!

Comment by: Helen of Troy on 1st July 2021 at 08:38

I don't understand it......the Wigan planners just can't seem to get it right somehow. Who gets the casting vote on design I wonder ??

Comment by: Anne on 1st July 2021 at 08:51

Would walk past here when it was a row of shops on the way to the town centre from Lower Ince. I would sometimes call into one of the shops with a message from my mother, to be passed onto one of her sisters. No phones in those days for most.

Comment by: bryan traynor on 1st July 2021 at 09:27

Originally planned to be built opposite the police station (now Premier Inn)but because it would have been over underground pipes for security reasons (the troubles) it was re-located

Comment by: Mick on 1st July 2021 at 10:20

It was good of the council to leave those old buildings standing that are opposite, on Fairclough st and Ellen st. for those old fashioned Wiganers who like living in the past.
If one looks on Google maps you with see its become a free car park for those with business in the local area.but I dont think I would like to use it.

Comment by: Dennis Seddon on 1st July 2021 at 10:24

It certainly has the look of a fortress doesn’t it? Sadly, the law is not what it was and young people are no longer phased by the thought of having to appear in a place like this.

Comment by: Veronica on 1st July 2021 at 10:34

Hey up! Mick's woke up from a deep sleep...

Comment by: Pat McC on 1st July 2021 at 10:52

Those beautiful trees certainly enhance the look of the Courthouse. Would never want to see the inside though!
Thanks Dennis, lovely photograph, however I must disagree with your sweeping statement regarding young people. Young and old - there have always been those who give others of their generation a bad name.
Mick - the past has moulded our characters and made us who we are today. No escaping it.

Comment by: Veronica on 1st July 2021 at 11:14

Pity the poor staff who work there. Actually my son works at the Crown Court at Bolton and I did a twelve month stint working at the County Court 30 odd years ago. I must say the staff were lovely though. But the Crown Court is different with some very bad cases. I wouldn't like to be there these days.

Comment by: Helen of Troy on 1st July 2021 at 12:51

Mick should be made to write the last couple of lines of Pat MC's comment 100 times !!

Comment by: Mick on 1st July 2021 at 16:28

Pat and Helen, I will write this only once, you both have moved away from the dark and dinghy Wigan of old and re-molded yourselves into the characters who you are today.

Comment by: WN1 Standisher on 2nd July 2021 at 10:38

Pat/Helen, I bet you've never been called a remould before :)

Comment by: Pat McC on 2nd July 2021 at 11:15

WN1 Standisher - No I haven't, but Mick could be right, as I do have a bit of a spare tyre!!

Comment by: Helen of Troy on 2nd July 2021 at 13:09

Well I have never been called a Remould either Pat !
Think Mick was just having a bad day & I forgive him. Even though I left Lancashire & the Wigan area a long time ago I have never re-branded myself, I am still a Bradshaw, as was my father, grandfather & grt grandfather & a probably few more great grandparents before that as well. As Pat noted there is no escaping your past, nor would I want
to, I am proud of my Lancashire heritage.

Comment by: Veronica on 2nd July 2021 at 14:50

I wouldn't mind being re- moulded as long as it wasn't with rubber.
I could do with a good style guru and hairdresser....

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