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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Sunday, 7th May, 2023)

Now and Then

Now and Then
Top - the bottom of Makinson Arcade on what was Woodcock Street, as it is now.
Bottom - same view as it was before The Galleries was built.

Photo: Dennis Seddon  (Sony DSC-WX500)
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Comment by: Veronica on 7th May 2023 at 04:25

Whoever thinks of the sentences on the posters? “Be a better you for you” ! And
“ there’s a real sense of community here and that’s important to me”. Who’s ‘Me’… ? Doesn’t make sense! All these posters covering windows of empty shops. Just deceiving people.

Comment by: Jack on 7th May 2023 at 10:42

Quite right Veronica. The posters will be written by councillors who don’t even live in Wigan.

Comment by: Abram Alice on 7th May 2023 at 11:05

Just look how mucky Wigan looks in the old photo, If the vans are that mucky on the outside what must it be like on the inside where they keep your pork pies.
It must have been hard for pedestrians trying to get past parked vehicles and up those six inch kerbs

Comment by: DTease on 7th May 2023 at 13:59

Them pork pies never did me any harm Alice, in fact they were better than the processed muck we have to put up with now!
They don’t make pigs like they used to tha knows.

Comment by: Jean on 7th May 2023 at 17:05

Sure Abram Alice is M of Shangri-la. !

Comment by: Jack on 7th May 2023 at 18:36

Jean. Translation please.

Comment by: PeterP on 7th May 2023 at 20:20

Jean you could be right if its not Shevy then Mick will slag it off.

Comment by: Pat McC on 7th May 2023 at 20:28

All I can see is thriving businesses and no inane slogans in sight. For the life of me, can't see a trace of muck. Must be in the eye of the beholder!

Comment by: Jean on 7th May 2023 at 21:40

Translation,? Meaning ,Mick only insults other photos,and several of us think 'Abram Alice' could be aka Mick. !

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