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Photo-a-Day  (Tuesday, 2nd May, 2023)


Squatters in the old Rylands Mill.

Photo: Mick Byrne  (Panasonic DMC-TZ100)
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Comment by: Garry on 2nd May 2023 at 03:32

I suppose they are better up there than sprawling and scrounging off folk from Wigan Town centre shop doorways.
At least you can't see um.

Comment by: Sue on 2nd May 2023 at 08:49

I think these are homeless people taking over premises that don't belong to them. The crazy thing is, they are legal so long as they don't break down the door, ie the door was unlocked.

Comment by: Alan on 2nd May 2023 at 08:54

Squatters rights?? What rights.
Why do we have to give in the these irresponsible people.

Comment by: Veronica on 2nd May 2023 at 08:56

They won’t be having sherry parties that’s for sure Garry. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was ‘them men’ who broke into the closed pub on Standisgate and created a lot of damage to a lovely old building. It’s since been boarded up.
As usual ‘after the horse has bolted’…. What a decaying eyesore that is… shameful!

Comment by: Dave on 2nd May 2023 at 09:27

Are they sailors ? No , didn't think so living in those conditions .

Comment by: Sylvia from Bognor Regis on 2nd May 2023 at 09:51

What gets me is how can any Wiganer say Wigan park is the best park in the world, when you still have this derelict monstrosity overlooking it.

Comment by: DTease on 2nd May 2023 at 10:45

That monstrosity had thousands and thousands of pounds spent on it Sylvia and then it was left to rot just like a lot of other buildings in Wigan. It must be a nightmare for the people who live around there.

Comment by: Garry on 2nd May 2023 at 11:52

Sylvia from where ever.
Wigan Park is a lovely place to be during the Summer months.
This building won't be here forever.
I think you'd be better off concentrating on Bognor Regis, but you might not have a great site like Wigan World.
Have a nice day.

Comment by: Dick Dastardly on 2nd May 2023 at 12:43

Methinks S from BR is really M from S .

Comment by: Cyril on 2nd May 2023 at 12:52

As long as they do no damage, though there isn't much more damage as could be done to that building as what has already been done to it, I'd rather see homeless folks in there sheltering from the elements, if they can find somewhere dry to shelter in there. It is just being left to rot away to the point of no return, for which the owners would be very happy to happen any time soon.

Just because we can't see them doesn't make the problem of homelessness go away, it's a deep seated spiral they find hard, if nigh impossible to get out of, do you honestly think they would live the way they have to do if they had the choice? They are fellow humans, and we all know the saying - there but for the grace of God go I.

If they could afford to get out of the country and to come back on a dinghy, they would be somewhat better off with being in a hostel or hotel.

Comment by: Arthur on 2nd May 2023 at 13:56

Get rid of um.

Comment by: Julie on 2nd May 2023 at 14:26

All that i can say this country today is horrible in theses times. There are our own people living like this cannot afford to live anywhere, cant afford to rent it is a joke some people have paid into the sytem and fallen on hard times. It never used to be like this years ago. People today all that i can say are sefish and dont care a dam as long as i am alright jack forget about other people.

Comment by: Job satisfaction. on 2nd May 2023 at 15:23

No need to live like that.
Get a job like the rest of us, Work equals money.

Comment by: Ticsmon on 2nd May 2023 at 15:31

Thank you Cyril, but I'm afraid you may have an uphill task getting sympathy from many of the contributors on here.

Comment by: Tom on 2nd May 2023 at 16:22

The thing is Cyril, if any of them get injured while they are up there trespassing who will have to rescue them.

Comment by: Veronica on 2nd May 2023 at 17:22

Once a week I pass the pub that’s was being wrecked on Standishgate. There was a group of ne’er do wells drunk as mops at 11 30 in the morning. There are some very genuine cases of homelessness but there are others who are hell bent on wreaking havoc.
Perhaps it’s time to bring Lodging Houses back for the genuine ones.
When you see the likes of Speedo the Liverpudlian who was homeless and is now making millions for the homeless it really restores your faith in humanity.

Comment by: Stan on 2nd May 2023 at 18:48

Bring back National Service and stop all these lay abouts....meaning a lazy shiftless person or idler.

Comment by: Wiganer on 2nd May 2023 at 18:56

Julie: people do care thats why they have jobs to care for their families and pay Taxes. It's called a better life. Most of this lot don't want work just handouts. Its a fact.

Comment by: Cyril on 2nd May 2023 at 20:41

So true Ticsmon, cheers.

I'd imagine a lot of those being homeless through no fault of their own would go and do National Service.
Tom, it will be the same folks who rescues the likes of those who go up Ben Nevis wearing shorts and flip flops when bad weather has been forecast, or those called out to rescue those who've been acting silly with inflatables at a beach and get swept out to sea, or have been tombstoning and hit the rocks, or those who rescues motorcyclists after they have crashed when riding far too fast for the conditions or who crash whilst racing each other, and I could go on...

How do you know they are trespassing? They look far too clean and could be workmen taking a break whilst securing the building, I really can't see anyone sheltering or as Mick describes as being squatters in there, especially when there isn't electricity, a roof nor any windows, so who would want to squat or even bed down in a place with rain pouring in and a cold wind blowing through what will be more a less a brick shell.

Comment by: julie on 2nd May 2023 at 20:48

Its alright job satisfication and wiganer saying get a job we are not in the 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s era anymore when there used to be a lot of full time jobs its not as simple as you may think it is anymore you need to go and look what the job situation is today instead of jumping the gun and labelling everyone who is homeless you need to get in the real world. I

Comment by: Rev David Long on 2nd May 2023 at 20:53

I've every admiration for Speedo Mick - but to put things in perspective - he raised a million (not millions) for charity over his years of walks. Rishi Sunak spent £850 million of our money on his 'Eat out to Help Out' scheme in a few weeks - which spread Covid and cost lives and the Health Service's resources. Hand-outs were given carelessly to all sorts of con merchants, and we're billions out of pocket - with nowt left to meet the reasonable pay demands of our hospital staff. I know who I consider the ne'er do wells in our society - and it's not a few desperate down-and-out squatters....

Comment by: Silvia from Bogna Regis on 2nd May 2023 at 21:40

Right On Rev . Marxist Vicars Rule O.K .

Comment by: Wiganer on 2nd May 2023 at 22:33

You get out of life what you put in it. Simple as that.
It doesn't matter who you are, we all have the same chance to make a successful life.

Comment by: Rev David Long on 3rd May 2023 at 10:05

Sadly, Wiganer, it isn't true. Far too many of the folk on the streets are ex-military. They put in plenty - but many struggle on civvy street. The 'Armed Forces Covenant' of 2014 was the Government's acknowledgement of this. Food for thought when considering bringing back National Service, I think.
It's a strange idea anyway - how can you compare someone who starts with nothing and has to graft all their lives to get by with someone born into a fortune who only has to stop themselves squandering their inheritance to live a comfortable life?

Comment by: Tom on 3rd May 2023 at 10:39

I think many of the soldiers are crackpots before they join up, then when they come out they turn into bigger crackpots.

Comment by: Veronica on 3rd May 2023 at 12:16

To my mind It’s all about strength of character some of us are strong and sadly some are weaker.. intelligence as well and knowing the consequences of our actions….Being born poor doesn’t stop anyone from being successful same for someone being born with a silver spoon in their mouth they can go either way. It’s what’s inside that counts. It’s not always having a good start in life either.

Comment by: Elizabeth on 3rd May 2023 at 17:05

Couldn't agree more Veronica,well said.

Comment by: Ticsmon on 3rd May 2023 at 19:02

'You get out of life what you put in it. Simple as that.
It doesn't matter who you are, we all have the same chance to make a successful life.'

"Oh I just can't wait to be King!"

Comment by: Veronica on 3rd May 2023 at 20:53

Being a king is not all it’s cracked up to be especially if the the King is a weak character as the Duke of Windsor was Ticsmon. Besides it’s a hereditary position. That’s why he abdicated he couldn’t deal with it.

Comment by: Ticsmon on 3rd May 2023 at 22:57

Didn't leave him destitute. Being homeless, having mental health issues, having disabilities, etc., is not all it’s cracked up to be either.

Comment by: Elizabeth on 4th May 2023 at 06:43

I think he must have had mental health issues as it is suggested he supported what was going on in Nazi Germany.

Comment by: Poet on 4th May 2023 at 07:06

' Canst thou, O partial sleep, give thy repose
To the wet sea-boy in an hour so rude,
And in the calmest and most stillest night,
With all appliances and means to boot,
Deny it to a king? Then happy low, lie down!
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown '

Henry IV part 2

Comment by: Veronica on 4th May 2023 at 08:10

No but he ‘suffered’ in various other ways. How do you know he didn’t have mental issues….? It’s all relative after all.

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