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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Sunday, 16th April, 2023)

Canalside Pint

Canalside Pint
Appley Bridge.

Photo: Mick Byrne  (Panasonic DMC-TZ100)
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Comment by: Garry on 16th April 2023 at 02:11

It would have been a much better photo with a Stolzle crystal filled with the finest cream sherry.
Cheers Mick.

Comment by: Alan on 16th April 2023 at 02:39

Personally, I prefer Guinness, but the background is very nice.

Thank you, Mick.

Comment by: Linma on 16th April 2023 at 06:38

Cheers Mick.

Comment by: Alan on 16th April 2023 at 08:29

Is it free the Asylum seekers and immigrants Mick.

Comment by: Sue on 16th April 2023 at 08:54

It's a real shame pubs are going under, I think 10 a week around the country. But the price of beer no wonder.

Comment by: Arthur on 16th April 2023 at 09:02

The average price of beer since 2008 as gone up 70%. In London a pint of beer is around £8, to help
Local businesses with the cost of living crisis.

Comment by: Malc on 16th April 2023 at 10:21

Cheap supermarket beer is the problem for pubs.

Comment by: Joan on 16th April 2023 at 10:40

I can see you've been down the bridge again Mick

Comment by: Jembo on 16th April 2023 at 12:07

Nice view from there. I'd prefer something that has a bit more taste like a nice strong dark Belgian beer or a double New England IPA. I don't mind paying more for quality.

Comment by: Cyril on 16th April 2023 at 12:45

You should have joined him Joan, or wouldn't he pay for the Champagne Cocktails?

I could imagine the occupants of those flats not being able to open their windows, otherwise there'd be swarms of midges from the canal flying in - ready to bite too, especially so in the summer evenings.

Comment by: Sir Bob on 16th April 2023 at 14:37

On GBNews yoo have 'Talking Pints' with Nigel Farage, and on here we have 'Suppin Pints' with Mick Byrne, and that looks like a nice pint of bitter.

Comment by: PeterP on 16th April 2023 at 20:36

Take the pint back you have been given a short measure

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