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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Monday, 1st August, 2022)

My new Beacon View

My new Beacon View
Sadly, a neighbour had two mature sycamores taken down last month. The only upside is that I now have a view of the tip of Ashurst's Beacon.

Photo: David Long  (Sony DSC-RX10M3)
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Comment by: Cyril on 1st August 2022 at 01:22

You'll now be a lot brighter in your rooms and garden David as well as seeing the view. Our neighbour have two massive silver birch trees that overshadow us. There is a patch of council owned land at the side and folks complained of the tall trees growing there, the council came along and slapped Tree Preservation Orders on them and also on the two silver birch trees even though they're on private land, so they can't be touched.

Comment by: Helen of Troy on 1st August 2022 at 07:26

What a great new view you have David.
Shame about the sycamores but they do have a name for being the weeds of the forest & no doubt they have left some seeds behind.

Comment by: Wigan Mick on 1st August 2022 at 07:52

Its shame they've planted to many trees on our side of the beacon, if you go round to the Skem side you can still see it.

Comment by: PeterP on 1st August 2022 at 08:44

not the best shot of the beacon everything looks out of focus

Comment by: irene roberts on 1st August 2022 at 08:50

I can't imagine why people feel the need to go queueing, shouting, pushing and shoving at airports to get away from these hills and fields. England's green and pleasant land. I have never had, nor ever will have, the slightest wish to go anywhere else.

Comment by: Veronica on 1st August 2022 at 09:47

I have that problem Cyril. A chap who has claimed spare land with self seeded trees all over it. It’s like a forest I have christened him Jungle Jim. Now his house is for sale! What do I do next after chopping away at the ones nearest to my fence? Any ideas. I love trees but they should not be so close to my fence!

Comment by: fred on 1st August 2022 at 16:10

Veronica, Jungle jim will have to have registered the land with the LR, if it's not registered, no one owns the land, a very nice view David.

Comment by: Marky on 1st August 2022 at 17:32

There’s a 12 year rule . Can he claim and prove he has had 12 years of uninterrupted use of this land or have both of you used it ? If he can he can make a claim for it , if you dispute that maybe cut it in half between you if he has common sense . Not worth spending money on it

Comment by: fred on 1st August 2022 at 18:23

There are things to do, first inform the LR that you are claiming Adverse possesion, then you must fence he land off, and stop anyone going on the land, and then you have to work and maintain the land, eg grow something on it, and after 12 years you can claim it, and if all is well it's registered in your name as a Possessory title, then another 12 years later you get the full title, but in all this time if someone comes with proof of ownership any time in the 12 years, you lose it.

Comment by: Veronica on 1st August 2022 at 19:09

I think it’s Council land …
He won’t have registered it. He just strides round and pretends it’s his. I have lived in my house 15 years now and trees have sprung up all over the place in that time - I did tell him to come and chop some branches hanging over my garden about two years ago as they damaged my garden shed. He did that but now there’s a pear tree spreading branches over which he should not have planted so near to my bordering fence. Will have to see what happens when he sells up! In fact I’m surprised it’s not been sold for building on.

Comment by: Marky on 1st August 2022 at 21:46

I would clarify with the Council what the 'their' position is as regards this land . If it is big enough to be built on then I would want to protect my myself from these cowboy developers coming in . I had a tiny section of garden that the previous owners had maintained for many years. When I moved in a gang on snotty nosed commitee members tried to take it from me saying it was theirs,even though they had not maintained it . Thankfully the previous owners and a lady from the same square stood up for us with the 12 year rule. The Land Registry was changed and the section remains mine . I don't like bullies! I have recently had another experience with Council owned land , but is too long winded . Find out for sure V, from the Council, get as much knowledge as you can so you can defend yourself . You don't want some cowboy moving in and disrupting your life . Good Luck !

Comment by: Veronica on 1st August 2022 at 22:53

I am almost sure it is land belonging to the Council as it was used for allotments I believe before I came here. Jungle Jim took over as people died or moved on. Over the years trees have self seeded but he lets them grow. It doesn’t take long for them to become established… I don’t care about him claiming the land if he controls the trees from getting out of hand. All will be revealed if and when his house is sold, as somebody noted the land would have to be registered to him, I somehow don’t think it is. Thanks anyway to both for your input.

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