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Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Wednesday, 23rd March, 2022)


Continuing the spasmodic coverage featuring the mile-posts cast at the Haigh Foundary - this one is on the A49 at Charnock Richard. Nowadays it stands at Four Lane Ends - opposite Church Lane, within sight of Christ Church. However, it was originally positioned about a quarter mile further south - opposite March House, halfway between here and Mill Lane (the road crossing the M6 at the Services). There was an AA or RAC box next to it in a lay-bye. It disappeared - but turned up about ten years ago for sale in a reclamation yard. It was recued and re-erected - but presumably in a spot where anyone seeking to take it would be noticed.

Photo: David Long  (Sony DSC-RX10M3)
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Comment by: Mick on 23rd March 2022 at 06:52

Rev I cant see any emergency breakdown boxes around there, just a salt box thats all.

Comment by: Helen of Troy on 23rd March 2022 at 07:16

I always thought Charnock Richard was a lovely place name & we used to visit my father's 3 maiden aunts who lived in Yew Tree Villas there.
Interesting photo & story

Comment by: Veronica on 23rd March 2022 at 07:35

I can't understand why these milestones are stolen - unless they are used for decoration in a garden. I was in the area of Four Lane Ends yesterday. I must look out for it next time.

Comment by: irene roberts on 23rd March 2022 at 08:00

I love these old signs; they have such character and I like the fact that is was made at Haigh Foundry. It has certainly stood the test of time.

Comment by: Gary on 23rd March 2022 at 08:17

I can remember going to a birthday party at the Bowling Green, a pub/restaurant in Charnock Richard - set back off the road going toward Preston. Does it still exist?

Comment by: DTease on 23rd March 2022 at 08:57

I bet it wasn’t easy painting this sign.

Comment by: Rev David Long on 23rd March 2022 at 09:40

The story I had about the milepost's history is different from that on the local website - which reports that it was spotted in an auction sale, Chorley Police were notified, and it was withdrawn from the sale and returned to Charnock Richard. I'm about to put an old map on the Album which shows where it used to stand.

Comment by: Edna on 23rd March 2022 at 09:51

These signs seem unimportant to us, until we grow up.Then when you are going for a walk they seem to catch your eye, everything seems more important when you grow up, and now I quite like them..PS Irene I've just spent a lovely morning reading Coal Fires and kind faces.Brilliant!! Just like we were when we were 7.Thank you.xx

Comment by: Roy on 23rd March 2022 at 10:06

Which ever story is true David, they both have good endings.
Are you moving house David or is that a neighbours house for sale ?
Gary, yes the Bowling Green public house is still there.
Veronica, it's called Heritage Theft, i don't think anyone would be foolish enough to display one in their garden.

Comment by: WN1 Standisher on 23rd March 2022 at 10:32

A good photo David. You wouldn't be able to take the same one at Boars Head anymore as that one got nicked during the first lock down, presumably weighed in for scrap. Coincidentally, the Landlord at the Boars Head pub had his space heaters stolen from the beer garden around the same time.

Comment by: Veronica on 23rd March 2022 at 10:58

That is ludicrous Roy - it's only useful where it's placed showing distances to places. What do 'they' do with it? Place in garages to show others what they have found??? This is elaborate though, the ones in W/H are mostly a Tablet of stone or a naturally rounded stone with miles on them. I'm not saying where they are just in case!

Comment by: Rev David Long on 23rd March 2022 at 10:59

It’s down the road from us, Roy. We’re still settling in….

Comment by: T on 23rd March 2022 at 11:39

Gary - yes the Bowling Green is still there, does a great carvery

Comment by: Roy on 23rd March 2022 at 11:55

Thanks David, i thought it was a bit of a a quick turn around.

Comment by: irene roberts on 23rd March 2022 at 12:05

Thanks Edna. I hope you will enjoy the stories. They want their hands chopping off who will pinch these lovely old signs. We're far too soft with criminals.

Comment by: Poet on 23rd March 2022 at 15:39

I wonder who is responsible for painting them ? The one on Preston Road badly needs sprucing up . I wouldn't mind having a crack at it myself but I suppose I'd be breaking the law if I did .
Perhaps surreptitiously one night when the moon is full .

Comment by: Gary on 23rd March 2022 at 16:12

Many thanks, Roy and T - It was the venue for a 21st birthday party for a friend in Aspull. He had hearing and speech difficulties. A first class lad. The year was 1968.

Comment by: TerryW on 24th March 2022 at 13:28

Another excellent picture, David.

Comment by: TerryW on 24th March 2022 at 13:28

Another excellent picture, David.

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