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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Wednesday, 1st July, 2020)

How to deal with the lockdown?

How to deal with the lockdown?
Near the Rabbit Rocks, Ince.

Photo: Dennis Seddon  (Sony DSC-WX200)
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Comment by: Fred Mason on 1st July 2020 at 00:04

Ah, that's the life....

What a peaceful photo, Dennis.

Comment by: Mick on 1st July 2020 at 06:24

These fishermen must be made of money with what they spend on camping and fishing equipment

Comment by: Veronica on 1st July 2020 at 07:54

Exactly, stay in the tent and throw the rubbish outside..somebody else will pick it up!
( unless it was there before pitching!)

Comment by: PeterP on 1st July 2020 at 08:44

What a mess around the illegal site

Comment by: Jonno on 1st July 2020 at 09:44

They must have worked on the oil rigs Mick !!!
I hope they tidy up after themselves. But, as V says, it may not be theirs.
Good pic Dennis, different theme than the usual PAD's

Comment by: Philip Gormley. on 1st July 2020 at 09:52

Yes, Dennis, I kinda like the idea of 'time beside a bay of Incey, O!', but this particular bay - of far-flung litter - doesn't quite please, and seems to belie a promised 'end of day decor' - the floating bag at day long point of interest most-telling. And what would Izaak have said on seeing a mess such as this on the banks of his 'Lea - a promised spud ignored with grace.

Comment by: Garry on 1st July 2020 at 10:17

I hope they clean up after themselves who ever they are.
Just in the news on Breakfast this morning, and once again about people leaving their litter/bottles about at the seaside and country parks, it's an absolute disgrace. Barbeques left still burning and unattended causing grass fires and tree damage to our woodlands. It's a real cause of concern.

Comment by: Arthur on 1st July 2020 at 10:57

Invisible fisherman. We need to sort out this litter louting just like filthy dog poo left all over the place. (not all dog owners) they should be find £1,000. What gets me going, is people picking dog poo up in the small plastic bag, then walking away just to throw it it some bushes.

Comment by: Alan on 1st July 2020 at 11:02

Unseen litter louts. bet there's loads of ale bottles thrown in those trees.

Comment by: Dennis Seddon on 1st July 2020 at 12:27

Considering that this whole area was once the site of blast furnaces, steel works, coke ovens and miles and miles of railway siding, it is now a beautiful place. For many years it was left as derelict land where little or nothing grew, now it’s a well used asset to the people of the area around it.

Comment by: Dennis Seddon on 1st July 2020 at 12:40

I can’t help hoping Philip, that the fisherman is inside his tent snuggling up to a bottle of something alcoholic and enjoying the fresh air, sunshine and freedom from the daily woes that beset most of us.

Comment by: Philip Gormley. on 1st July 2020 at 15:05

I must admit Dennis, that a night under canvas has always appealed to me, and how I'd like another bash at it. Another two weeks alongside five or six other middle of the road type of lads in the New Forest would be ok, nor would I rule out those more-rustic affairs on the shores of Windermere and Ullswater - the fish there seem to bite quite readily at six in the morning and six in the evening. Good luck to the lad hidden here.

Comment by: Mick on 1st July 2020 at 15:17

Thats the trouble with these Wigan fishermen, the ones who fish from Top Lock to Martland Bridge is how much alcohol they consume while they are practicing their sport.
And you know that all the empty's will just be left on the canal bank, sometime smashed, or in the water

Comment by: Arthur on 1st July 2020 at 17:55

Fishermen more like drunks. Proper fishermen don't go on the canals or to the rabbit rocks in Ince and places like that!!!

Comment by: Ann on 1st July 2020 at 18:00

Ha ha Dennis, Enjoying the fresh air in INCE next to the Wigan Council tip ?

Comment by: John B on 1st July 2020 at 19:26

There goes the Mickster goes again, why just top lock to martland Mick ? Fishermen are as capable of leaving rubbish at the Navigation, Crook or Appley Bridge as anywhere else, good and bad people everywhere, you prove that.

Comment by: Dennis Seddon on 1st July 2020 at 20:19

Ann, the tip has long gone, it’s covered with trees and grass now.

Comment by: Angela on 1st July 2020 at 21:41

Looks like the remains of a camp fire to me.

Comment by: Arthur on 2nd July 2020 at 04:44

Council tip still there, went the other day.

Comment by: Dennis Seddon on 2nd July 2020 at 23:57

The landfill site or tip is no longer in use, it as been covered and grassed over. The recycling plant is still in use.

Comment by: Arthur on 4th July 2020 at 13:11

Still a tip.

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