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Photo-a-Day  (Thursday, 6th February, 2020)

Diseased Tree

Diseased Tree
Marylebone Park.

Photo: Mick Byrne  (Panasonic DMC-TZ100)
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Comment by: kath on 6th February 2020 at 08:37

sad to see a mature chopped down even if it is deseased

Comment by: Mick on 6th February 2020 at 08:45

Well done to the 3 fellows who work in the diseased tree department at Wigan council and getting this one cut back before it spreads.

Comment by: Blob on 6th February 2020 at 09:46

Were the 'tree fellers' Irish Mick ?

Comment by: Axcroft on 6th February 2020 at 11:10

That was one magnificent specimen. Sad to see it go. But it had to go - and well done to the Council's arboriculturist who do such sterling work in and around Wigan.

Comment by: Cyril on 6th February 2020 at 14:51

Hopefully when they grind down the remaining trunk they'll leave those side shoots to grow into another fine tree. The bark of this Horse Chestnut was infested by beetles and was originally deemed to be felled last July. It would have been some age too with the diameter of the trunk and also being within what was the gardens of Bank House could well be 18th century.

Comment by: Philip G. on 6th February 2020 at 15:57

They certainly 'went to town', Mick, - a very smart cut on the top of yonder stump, too. Thanks.

'Happy Accidents'
No more, for you, these trees my friend
- Your urgent calls, bad manners -
Perhaps, instead, our garden there, …
Outside the realms of planners.

Yet see, as I, their dusty might
- Once scuffed by noisy braggarts -
And treasure-trove of giving-swirl, …
I'll take some for my maggots.

Comment by: Mick on 6th February 2020 at 16:37

I bet it could tell a few tales, all those courting couples who used to walk up and down Wigan lane in the olden days
And in the 60s and 70s all the men who went behind it for a quick pee before going into the Gents toilets

Comment by: Philip G. on 6th February 2020 at 17:30

And oh our crafty canine, Mick.

Comment by: Veronica on 6th February 2020 at 18:04

"A paradise where roses bloom,
Though I dream in vain
In my heart it will remain,
My 'sawdust' melody
The memory of Love's refrain..."

Hoagy Carmichael

Comment by: XPat on 6th February 2020 at 18:08

Wish your poem could have been longer Philip . Quite excellent ! Where did that ‘contrast ‘ inspiration come from , dare I ask ?

Comment by: irene roberts on 6th February 2020 at 19:56

Well done our Wigan World poets!

Comment by: Philip G. on 6th February 2020 at 20:52

Thanks for your kindly words XPat.
My inspiration? I sometimes get it from things seen in pictures laid before me, which can stir situations seen in the past, i.e., lamp posts and dogs, sawdust for a lively bait. And I sometimes try to 'tell without telling'.
And yes - but considering the fact that I don't have the blazing talent of others - I could have extended Happy Accidents - I'm still in the process of sorting-out my older brother's recently unearthed boyhood stamp collection.
Take care.

Kings and Queens upon a plate
Of warming water - gums abate.
Then soon I'll lift those war appeasers,
By gentle hand and Gibbon's tweezers.

Comment by: Poet on 7th February 2020 at 11:25

Philip's witty words on interbellem Philately made me wonder if Hitler ever appeared on a stamp!
If so, would it be worth anything or be considered ethically collectable?
Would he be in profile or face on?
Perhaps to the side for 2nd class and front on with full salute for 1st class in order to urge the Brieftrager on. My, what a thing to fall through ones morning letterbox.

Comment by: PeterP on 7th February 2020 at 19:36

Had a walk round the three sisters boating lake and noticed trees had been felled near to lake. On making inquires was told the trees had been felled to clear a flight path from/too the lake for the geese/swans has a few had hit the trees over the last few years.

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