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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Monday, 6th January, 2020)


The last pic from the Fire Within (for now), titled as such because it doesn't look too safe to me!

Photo: Brian  (iPhone)
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Comment by: Derek Platt on 6th January 2020 at 01:14

I don't know who these displays are supposed to appeal to, obviously not me. Do people get paid for this stuff.

Comment by: Helen of Troy on 6th January 2020 at 08:17

I know modern art is not my forte. I am a bit lost on this one ??

Is it a light sabre ? What is it supposed to denote ?

Any enlightenment would be welcomed !

Comment by: Veronica on 6th January 2020 at 09:12

Wonder if it's all about testing for mines?.....judging by the 'war content pictures' on the wall!
I can't stand abstract 'art'.

Comment by: Anne on 6th January 2020 at 09:54

Following yesterday's picture which was true art I am at a loss as to what/who/why anyone could find interest in this exhibit. The previous posters have said it all.

Comment by: Veronica on 6th January 2020 at 10:39

I should have said Mine Detection..

Comment by: Maureen on 6th January 2020 at 11:23

That will never be art to me..just look at yesterday's photo..now that's art in all its glory.

Comment by: janet on 6th January 2020 at 12:56

teaching children bad things

Comment by: Poet on 6th January 2020 at 13:14

Perhaps depicting our utter dependence on technology to the point of being enslaved by it and how this affects the third world.
Just a thought. Much prefer Singer Sargent me sen.

Comment by: peebee on 6th January 2020 at 15:20

It's whatever you mind says it is.

Comment by: Broady on 6th January 2020 at 15:34

When does Mick return from the Far East?

Comment by: Lynne on 6th January 2020 at 16:06

"Pathetic" springs to mind...

Comment by: irene roberts on 6th January 2020 at 20:00

I know we get moans about canal-side scenes and Haigh Country Park scenes being shown a lot but I would rather see our Wigan Countryside than this.

Comment by: Mick on 15th January 2020 at 22:16

Irene have you not got in touch with your very good photographer friend and told him to have another go during this slack period

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