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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Sunday, 29th October, 2017)

Arm and a Leg

Arm and a Leg

Photo: Mick Byrne  (Panasonic TZ100)
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Comment by: Poet on 29th October 2017 at 01:13

One of my favourite spots. I often walk from Standish through Mill Dam (never Elnup) Wood on a summer day.
A few pints of foaming nut brown ale on the bridge and then home for tea.

Comment by: Veronica on 29th October 2017 at 09:56

Did he pay an'arm and a leg' for the boat I wonder!

Comment by: Maureen on 29th October 2017 at 13:01

I'm always looking out for a boat by the name of 'Netta' which was the name of an auntie of mine (her photo is on Album Netta Barnes),I once saw it moored on the canal that runs outside Botany Bay..and have been looking ever since..I wouldn't mind living on a boat.

Comment by: . Ozymandias . on 29th October 2017 at 15:42

Blimey Maureen, is there anywhere you wouldn't fancy living?, first it's ivy covered cottages, now it's boats..... Have you ever considered an Anderson shelter?. I hear tell they can be quite cosy.

Comment by: Maureen on 29th October 2017 at 16:41

Ozy,youve got to be diverse in this life..I must tell you my favourite place of abode would be by the sea..but if that wouldn't be possible,the cottage or a boat would do..I don't believe in being a stick in the mud...life would be very boring...don't you agree.

Comment by: Maurice on 29th October 2017 at 17:56

A nice part of the canal for a walk.

Comment by: Dave on 29th October 2017 at 20:53

Had a few pints in there when Joe White was the landlord.

Comment by: Ellen on 29th October 2017 at 21:12

I suppose I'm a bit like Maureen, I prefer old houses to new, and I'm always happier when I am close to water! When I was feeling a bit homesick during the first months we were in Canada, my husband would take a drive to the Scarborough Bluffs,overlooking Lake Ontario. Somehow it always lightened my mood!

Comment by: Maureen on 30th October 2017 at 07:22

Ellen.its amazing isn't it,you can feel at peace in the countryside,but still get drawn to the water..and I love watching the tide come in.

Comment by: Ellen on 31st October 2017 at 00:46

Maureen, I have the best of both ways now, I live in an older "retired" farm house, and have a large, also"retired"
mill pond in my back yard!...We were serenaded by Canada Geese when they were gathering prior to migration!

Comment by: Maureen on 31st October 2017 at 11:18

Ellen..how lovely..you are blessed to live in such beautiful surroundings.

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