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Photo-a-Day  (Wednesday, 6th November, 2013)

Scholes Village

Scholes Village

Photo: Thomas Walsh  (Canon PowerShot A1200)
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Comment by: Derek Platt on 6th November 2013 at 00:44

Nice shot, however it must have been taken some time ago or all the flowers are plastic.

Comment by: Ellen on 6th November 2013 at 00:47

Nice picture, I repeat Alan's comment made on Oct 31st. (But I really don't have to repeat it!)

Comment by: Michael on 6th November 2013 at 03:46

How disappointing to see an historical area like Scholes demeaned by estate agents' jargon.

Scholes is not, and never has been, a village.

Comment by: kath on 6th November 2013 at 07:22

that's lovely, and a good effort to brighten up Scholes.

Comment by: local lad on 6th November 2013 at 07:52

Move ten steps either way for drugs , burnt out cars, syringes etc etc. Its still Scholes...1

Comment by: Scholes Malc on 6th November 2013 at 08:20

Scholes never been a village! how dare you! Have you never seen the transcript from the Battle of Wigan Lane 1651?

'On the 25th, Lilburne heard Derby was marching towards Wigan, retiring, he supposed. He followed. However it was Derby's intention to fall on Cromwell's regiment before the horse could join it. When Lilburne reached Wigan, he found the enemy in considerable force, both horse and foot, marching out of the town towards Manchester. Being very short of foot, and the country much enclosed and unfavorable for cavalry, Lilburne determined to avoid a fight. He intended to flank the Royalists in Scholes Village and join the foot regiment before the Royalists could attack.
Derby, aware of Lilburne's inferiority in strength, wheeled about and marched back through the town to defeat the Parliamentary forces piecemeal before they could combine in the Whelley Legion Club. In spite of the unfavorable nature of the ground, the Metro having nor gritted due to cut backs, Lilburne decided to accept the proffered battle. Lilburne placed his horse in Mama Mias on Scholes Precinct, and lined the walls around the Balcarres with infantry. As the Royalists approached they were met with a volley of musketry as they were narked as it was Sunday and the Balc had shut at 3pm! A fierce fight ensued in the same Scholes Flats through which Cromwell had chased the Scots in 1648. Derby divided his force into two equal divisions the elite, who played rugby, and the jessies, who favoured the round ball. Derby took command of and gave the rear guard command to Sir Cliff Fleming Three times Derby led charges against Cliff’s cavalry and failed to break them. By the third charge, the ranks of the Royalists were severely depleted, as most had left to watch St. Pats at home, and they were overwhelmed by the superior numbers of Parliamentarians, and after an hour's fighting the remaining Royalists fled the field and nipped in Sams Bar for a quick gill and a game of 5’s & 3’s!'

Comment by: T. Berry on 6th November 2013 at 09:39

Well done, Malc. The funniest thing I've read on here for a long time!

Comment by: WN1 Standisher on 6th November 2013 at 10:06

Scholes Malc......

Quality :)

Comment by: Jod on 6th November 2013 at 10:35

Nice one Malc, that's a Styx Hilton version if ever I heard one!
Good photo too, Thomas, by the way!!

Comment by: tony on 6th November 2013 at 10:49

what the H*LL'S that all about scholes malc

Comment by: marieM on 6th November 2013 at 18:45

scholes malc Brilliant and good to here from Tommy in Oz

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