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Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Saturday, 25th August, 2012)


The re-opening of Sovereign Road with one way traffic from Warrington Lane to Darlington Street, Wigan.

Photo: Colin Harlow  (Kodak CX7330)
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Comment by: rebian on 25th August 2012 at 01:45

Why did they close it ?

Comment by: peterp on 25th August 2012 at 05:56

This should ease the traffic flow slightly should have never been shut in 1st place

Comment by: Whelley Wayne on 25th August 2012 at 07:29

Tidy site – barriers upright, signs to direct pedestrians, cones to direct traffic – well done Wigan Council as contractor

Compare that with the private contractors similar attempt on Saddle junction – barriers on floor, confusing signs, mis-direction of pedestrians, trip hazards abound, no maintenance at weekend, take a look over Bank Holiday weekend you will see what I mean - a claimants paradise!

Comment by: Mick on 25th August 2012 at 10:20

There will an accident.

Comment by: Garry on 25th August 2012 at 12:16

Why Mick...I agree with peterp, it must be better.

Comment by: Leslie on 25th August 2012 at 14:46

Accidents happen everywhere. It's got to be better. But why one way?

Comment by: peterp on 25th August 2012 at 20:02

Leslie before anyone coming from ince wanting to turn left had to wait for traffic turning right at traffic lights now if possible can feed down the reopened road

Comment by: Jean F (Wales) on 25th August 2012 at 21:24

Nice colourful picture anyway.! glad I don`t drive.

Comment by: Colin Harlow on 25th August 2012 at 22:00

You don't know what your missing, Jean. Thanks for all your comments.

Comment by: Mick on 25th August 2012 at 22:20

There will be accidents because its a road junction and the people coming out of it will be speeding and not giving way the the traffic on the main road.

Comment by: Maggie K on 26th August 2012 at 10:08

I agree - should never have been closed - it is a give way and people should observe that as they should at all give ways. There are worse give ways than this. If they are not careful drivers an accident could happen at any give way. Time will tell anyway. When turning left when the traffic lights are on green and you are in the left hand lane, don't you have to give way now anyway?

Comment by: Dave on 27th August 2012 at 15:26

Pity you can't drive Jean,you could have driven up to Wigan and seen all the sights for yourself and i'm sure all the people on this site would be happy to show you round our wonderful town and it's surrounding countryside.

Comment by: Rev David Long on 29th August 2012 at 10:26

I'm not sure how much good this will do for the traffic flow towards Wigan. It will help traffic turning right from Warrington Lane onto Darlington Street East, and that going straight on, as traffic wishing to turn left gets stuck after Sovereign Street and holds up the outside lane at the lights. The situation has been exacerbated since they redesigned the access to the car park at the junction up the road and left from here. An extra set of lights has been installed for vehicles accessing the car park, and they cause traffic to bank up across this re-opened junction, so traffic will be unable to enter the stream here anyway. We shall see.

Comment by: Art on 31st August 2012 at 01:21

In 1959, that triangle of grass in front of the photographer, was a ladies hardressers. Where the pic was taken from was about where my living room was in the ground floor flat behind. Front doors on Darlington St (No72) & Sovereign Rd (No3)....We had just got married & that was our first home together, (still together 53 years later)
Didn't stay there long tho'..;o)

Comment by: Gary on 7th September 2012 at 21:00

Its working! The only snag now is that the lights at the junction with Darlington St only let three cars through at a time. (Towards Scholes) If a cars turning right toward Ince, you can be there all day!
Metro take note.

Comment by: Rev David Long on 8th September 2012 at 12:32

I passed through the junction twice yesterday - coming and going to St Mary's on Warrington Road. On our way in I saw a number of cars coming from Lower Ince who hadn't noticed the new route was open, and were then turning left at the lights, despite the sign saying that was now a forbidden manoeuvre. On our way out we went straight on towards Scholes - by the looks of it there will eventually be a lane for straight on, and another for the right turn. I think, Gary, that the lights have yet to be programmed fully.

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