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DDay Landings


Photo: Veronica B
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I posted this photo because the man in front is the spitting image of a neighbour from Scholes. Whilst in Belgium he met lady and married her. Their son was in my class at school. The soldiers
seem to me to have a look of Lancashire men. I could possibly be wrong but there’s no denying he is the uncanny image of this neighbour from Scholes. I couldn’t resist posting this photo on the DDay. Anniversary.

Comment by: Pw on 9th June 2024 at 08:48

The badge on their arm looks like the commandos but I am no expert.Is there no more information with the photo.They look like regulars and well equipped,but who knows.

Comment by: Pw on 9th June 2024 at 10:09

The badge on their arm looks like the commandos but I am no expert.Is there no more information with the photo.They look like regulars and well equipped,but who knows.

Comment by: Veronica on 9th June 2024 at 10:48

I thought they might be Commandos Pw. They look tough. Billy ( the neighbour) always struck me as ‘devil-may-care’. He always wore a beret that’s how I remember him. I do bump into his daughter occasionally, I have saved this photo and I will ask her about his service. I have seen other photos of him as well. Did the Marines have similar uniforms as my Uncle was one of those?

Comment by: . Ozy . on 9th June 2024 at 12:06

I would agree regarding the commando badge Pw , or the combined operations insignia .
I had one sewn onto my WW2 battle dress top when I was a youngster .
It was given to me by a chap who had served in Cyprus in the mid 50s and was attached to the commandos .
I had no right to be wearing it of course .

Comment by: Colin Traynor on 9th June 2024 at 13:12

Incredible picture Veronica. I wonder who they were and if they came home intact or were lost. Perhaps we will never know,

Comment by: Veronica on 9th June 2024 at 13:35

It was only a fortnight ago I was in the Scottish Highlands we visited the statue of ‘The Three Commando’s’ It’s a fantastic tribute to them in a very high place where the Commando’s trained. A very rugged and open space. You can Google them to see it in all their glory! A very lonely place and the views are spectacular.

Comment by: Linma on 9th June 2024 at 13:51

My dad, bless him, wore his beret all his working life, apart from going to Church. He was a motor engineer in REME and served in Alexandria.

Comment by: RON HUNT on 9th June 2024 at 14:02

Photograph information:-
"Commandos of 1st Special Service Brigade about to disembark from an LCI on Queen Red beach, Sword area, 6th June 1944."

Comment by: Pw on 9th June 2024 at 14:08

Typed on d day photos of commandos and this photo is on and has been colourised and gives a bit of information.Says it’s on Facebook.

Comment by: Veronica on 9th June 2024 at 14:18

The Sergeant looks a wily character! I’m glad it’s the Commandos though. We never realised when we were young who we walked amongst… (I certainly didn’t!) Everything was taken for granted.

Comment by: Colin Traynor on 9th June 2024 at 15:22

Thanks Ron, makes you just burst with pride.

Comment by: RON HUNT on 9th June 2024 at 16:15


Comment by: Veronica on 9th June 2024 at 16:45

I think they would ‘turn in their graves’ as the saying goes! They gave up the best years of their lives - that’s if they survived.

Comment by: Rev David Long on 9th June 2024 at 18:58

That's funny - I've watched quite a bit of footage of Normandy Veterans talking about their experiences, and expressing their thoughts on heroism and the folly of war - but I've not heard one of them say their mates died in vain, or that they wished they hadn't bothered.

Comment by: Bruce Almighty on 9th June 2024 at 19:28

Pw says “they look like regulars”? Well, it’s highly unlikely they’d send the home guard in first.

Comment by: . Ozy . on 9th June 2024 at 19:34

I’ve been saying for years now that I cannot for the life of me fathom how on earth our latter day leaders have the brass neck to turn up and lay wreaths at the cenotaph on armistice day in light of where they’ve led this country .
And recent events concerning Sunak have done little to change my opinion … but come November , they’ll all be there again … and the hypocrisy will continue , ad infinitum .

So thank you Veronica for providing a platform from which I can vent a little of my pent - up cynicism .

Comment by: RON HUNT on 9th June 2024 at 20:27

I wonder how they would have reacted to see groups of 'JOHHNY FOREIGNERS' parading in London. Disrespecting the country, and burning the Union Flag. Whilst watched by our Police, who do NOTHING... Yet when a British person burns a foreign flag they are arrested on the spot.
That's what this country has become.....

Comment by: Rev David Long on 9th June 2024 at 21:02

Plenty of "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" being expressed by you there, Ron. Isn't showing disapproval for a country's position over an issue through taking to the streets a form of freedom of speech? - I don't see how you can be selective about who exercises it... and being free to burn flags is surely a sign of the freedom to express your feelings. I would have thought you'd want to defend that.

Comment by: RON HUNT on 9th June 2024 at 23:26

David I can't believe what you have written....So you think its OK for someone to come over here, live off the generosity of the UK tax payers then go out and burn the National Flag with impunity??? And when a U.K. citizen disrespects their flag, they are arrested...You think that's FREEDOM OF SPEECH?? "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"only appears to work one way now in this country. FREEDOM OF SPEECH or not NO ONE is coming into MY country and burning MY National Flag in MY capital city. If these people hate this country so much why don't they bugger off back to where they came from.. They hate their own countries so much They come over here then try to make OUR country like the one they have left..

Comment by: Veronica on 10th June 2024 at 00:12

For what it’s worth in these times after 80 years have passed.
How important the Flag as a focal point is to a country…
“In the past on the battlefield, a flag was often called the “colours.” There were flags, or colours, of the nation, the general, the brigade, etc. This is where the term “colour guard” comes from. Their job was to protect the “colours/ flag” In other words, they were expected to protect the flag from being captured. When a flag was captured/ or burned, it was a huge defeat to the losing side, a huge victory for the winning side.”
Although the Nation’s flag is no longer carried into battle the flag is an important
representation of a country. Burning it shows the ultimate disrespect of it whatever issues are involved.
Instead of burning the Union flag why not use ‘freedom of speech’ to discuss around the table in a peaceful manner…or is that too much to ask of them ?

Comment by: Jean on 10th June 2024 at 04:02

Very well said Ron,'selective' freedom of speech is alive and kicking over here !

Comment by: Rev David Long on 10th June 2024 at 08:44

You're making a lot of assumptions there, Ron. How can you possibly know, just by looking, where people come from, or how they make their living? How does disagreeing fervently with a Government's policy on a single issue equate to "hating this country"?
Thankfully, despite the best efforts of politicians in recent years to try and wrap their parties with the flag, we do not have a national flag fetish in this country - the flag is flown to show we're here, not to be bowed down to and worshipped. We're rightly not impressed by countries which regard defacing their flag as an offence.
Incidentally, many of those protesting against our Government's stance over the Israeli actions in Gaza are British-born Jews.

Comment by: Rev David Long on 10th June 2024 at 10:29

Funny how we have different perspectives on things... when I see a flag being burned I take it as expressing the opinion that the country represented by the flag has disgraced itself to the extent that the flag is no longer a symbol of the honour it once represented, and may as well be burned.
Veronica - it takes two sides to get round a table for a discussion. When a Government refuses to come to the table to even consider an opposing viewpoint, there's not going to be a discussion. Thankfully, we're still, just about, free to take our concerns onto the streets.

Comment by: Ex Marine on 10th June 2024 at 10:50

Ron well said The voice of the majority..

Comment by: Veteran on 10th June 2024 at 10:54

As you correctly say Ron. The values, I, my Father and Grandfather fought for have now been eroded.

Comment by: Pw on 10th June 2024 at 11:03

Plenty people in this country hide under two flags and like to have a foot in both camps.There is little doubt in my mind which one they really want in this country and are gradually achieving it but the pace is speeding up.It is the same in many other countries throughout the world.

Comment by: Bruce Almighty on 10th June 2024 at 15:24

Pw says “they look like regulars”? Well, it’s highly unlikely they’d send the home guard in first.

Comment by: RON HUNT on 10th June 2024 at 15:54

Quote "Thankfully, we're still, just about, free to take our concerns onto the streets."
Only certain people are allowed to do this... If you are a White Anglo Saxon U.K. . born and bred citizen. You dont' Even at Speakers corner now you are limited to what you can say.. At one time this was place the Bastion of Free Speech.

Comment by: Rev David Long on 10th June 2024 at 18:23

Oh, really, Ron. You're sounding very Trumpish.

Comment by: RON HUNT on 10th June 2024 at 20:07

If being TRUMPISH is being a NATIONALIST Yep I am. and proud of it. And I'll be voting for the REFORM party in a few weeks time. And by the comments I hear from people i.e. friends, acquaintances, people who I chat to in the pub etc. I'm in a massive majority of what British people think...

Comment by: Julie on 11th June 2024 at 08:22

Too right Ron,far too many 'do- gooders' in this country.Well,they think they are !

Comment by: Veronica on 11th June 2024 at 09:14

There’s nobody more nationalistic than the foreigner from far lands in my view. They hold strong to their culture even the ones who are born here. I have nothing against that or those people but the ones who come here illegally know they are on a good thing or they wouldn’t come here in the first place. It needs stopping for sure. It’s all been expressed before but still a major problem especially on the housing front and all other aspects. No problem squeezing them in though. This country has gone to the dogs. It needs major changes and that is why people are voting for the ReForm Party. Probably grasping at straws to get some control but who knows!
Nevertheless, the boats are still landing on the beaches.
Nothing anybody says regarding my view will make me change my mind either.

Comment by: . Ozy . on 11th June 2024 at 14:19

The vast majority of people that I have spoken with over the past several years hold the same view as the one that you’ve so eloquently expressed Veronica , as do I .

However , it’s become all too easy these days to be labeled “ racist “ for making the slightest adverse comment regarding illegal immigration …
“ They’re merely coming here in an attempt to improve their lot “ , is a comment frequently heard …
No mention however of diminishing the quality of life of those nationals who have contributed to the system for the best part of their lives .

I’ve always been under the impression that democracy meant that the will of the majority takes precedence , but it looks as though I’ve been labouring under a misapprehension for all this time .

If I’m racist , it isn’t because I was born racist . I have many acquaintances who arrived in this country from a variety of different countries . But racism doesn’t really come into the equation .
It isn’t about race , it’s about fairation . ( that’s one of my own words by the way ) . FAIRATION
It means playing fair .

Just as Thatcher’s government turned us all into capitalists , so successive inept governments over the past 30 years have turned us against mass unregulated immigration
without the infrastructure to cope .

So if I AM racist , it’s only because I’ve been MADE racist .

I’ve paid my subs all these years only to find myself being pushed to the back of the queue . That’s my gripe .

So call me “racist “ all you like , like Veronica , nothing will make me change MY mind either .

Comment by: RON HUNT on 11th June 2024 at 17:20

Well said Ozy..

Comment by: Veronica on 11th June 2024 at 17:56

A good very good word‘’ Fairation’’ Ozy with you on that.
By the way talking of Nationalists - Bolton Barclay’s Bank has been heavily damaged and doused with red paint as part of wave of Pro Palestinian protest against the Bank. Palestinian Action has claimed responsibility.

Comment by: RON HUNT on 11th June 2024 at 19:49

DEPORT THEM ALL After a 10 year jail sentence.. But no doubt there will some people who say they are entitled to do it on the grounds of PROTESTING..

Comment by: Elizabeth on 12th June 2024 at 07:11

Ron,Veronica and Ozy speaking perfect sense.

Comment by: Pw on 12th June 2024 at 07:29

I understand what you are saying Ron about deporting them Ron but if they are legal to live here how can it be done?There are plenty here from ALL walks of life who wish to take over this country and change our way of life and impose theirs.They are here amongst us now and it is only going to get worse as time goes on.There is no doubt we need immigrants to come and work here it has always gone on but it now out of control.To me it is mainly some Muslims and their supporters who cause the problems and are getting away with it even ruining it for genuine immigrants.No one has the bottle to sort it out and I agree their are too many do gooders in this country who are ruling the roost.I too must be a racist!

Comment by: Veronica on 12th June 2024 at 08:27

I was waiting to see if the story came on the main news - but no show. I have every sympathy for the Palestinians and all the innocent people being killed in Gaza. But bringing it to our shores because many live here is not going to help their cause.

Comment by: Veteran on 12th June 2024 at 12:44

This is what we are up against. Thanks to "MY GOD" I won't be around in another 50 years...

A peaceful Islam?
Harlan Johnson’s claim that Islamic terrorists betray the teachings of the Quran was very much misguided. Presumably, in his desire to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, he assumed a lot about what the Quran actually says.

The Quran has 123 verses that call for fighting and killing anyone who does not agree with the statement, “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.” Jews and Christians are specifically included among such “infidels.”

The Quran’s Sura 5:33 says about infidels, “They shall be slain or crucified, or have their hands and feet cut off.” Sura 9:5 says, “Slay the infidels wherever you find them ... and lie in wait for them ... and establish every stratagem (of war against them).” Sura 47:4-9 promises paradise to whoever cuts off the head of an infidel.

There are, of course, other verses that call Muslims to lead a peaceable life, but the underlying theme in the Quran is that there never can be true peace until everything is submitted to Allah. Thus violence to that end is justified.
If only Christians were as true to their Bible as Islamic terrorists are true to their Quran.

Comment by: Veronica on 13th June 2024 at 09:50

“People are disposed to mistake predicting trouble and even desiring troubles…”If only” …. They love to think If only people wouldn’t talk about it..it probably wouldn’t happen.”

Enoch Powell 1968.

Comment by: Jeanette on 13th June 2024 at 13:40

Spot on,he was far-sighted.

Comment by: Meg on 13th June 2024 at 15:58

I agree Jeanette. He saw what was happening and what can happen and, because he spoke out, he was ostrasized by the establishment.

Comment by: .Ozy . on 13th June 2024 at 19:43

Quite right Meg . Powell was an exceptionally intelligent fellow who unfortunately will be remembered , despite his many positive attributes , as a racist, due to his mis - timed , miscalculated , misinterpreted and oft misquoted “ Rivers of Blood “ speech .

He fell on his own sword .

Ted Heath , in a myopic fit of pique had him shunted off to fester in the darkest depths of Northern Ireland for having the audacity to speak his mind ,… and what ultimately turned out to be the truth .

This man , along with several others including Wedgewood Benn Nicholas Winterton … that profoundly deaf bloke who represented Blackburn but whose name eludes me … Dennis Skinner , and the current speaker of the house are among the minority of what I would describe as proper politicians … these may possibly be the last genuinely honest politicians ( if that isn’t a contradiction in terms ) that this country is , or were , ever likely to see , most unlike the present homogeneous purée of tossers that occasionally grace the floor of the house when the golf course is rained off , and willingly accept the king’s shilling under the pretence that they are true representatives of the electorate .

If any of the above mentioned were to put their names forward for election on July 4th , irrespective of their position on the political spectrum , you’d find me camped outside the polling station at midnight on the third .

As things stand however … apathy reigns .

Only this afternoon , someone shoved a polling card down the chimney of my Anderson shelter …
Fortunately , the fire was lit . That’s how apathetic I am , and quite possibly one or two others may be also .

If my father could read my words his reaction would be one of disappointment . But this is no longer the world that you lived in Dad , and in a way I sort of envy you .

So good luck to any of you lot who choose to go out and vote … I hope you get what you want .
I doubt that you will , but then , I’m world famous for my cynicism .

Comment by: Methinks on 13th June 2024 at 19:55

After reading all these comments I can see why the UK electorate shot itself in the foot in believing the lies the Leave The EU leaders spouted at us.
Now most people are believing the right wing press and right political voices over immigration.
Perhaps the immigrants should stay in their war torn countries, whilst the west doesn't try to help solve their problems. Let's just make sure we have more billionaires in the UK.

Comment by: Methinks on 13th June 2024 at 20:02

After my two-penneth, the photo is brilliant Veronica B, UK Armed Forces deserve the Nation's respect, for me disrespect for certain things is fair enough, it's a 'free country' but the Armed Services never disrespect.
Would not think they are about to disembark onto the beaches of Normandy wearing berets would think a bit more protection would be needed.

Comment by: Veronica on 14th June 2024 at 08:02

In the case of Ukraine for example - men fight for their country and send their women and children to safety. Illegal immigrants mostly young men leave their families behind. This country does help war torn countries always have done and always will do methinks. That’s my take on it anyway. What’s wrong with turning to their ‘next door neighbours’ countries instead of turning to the wet and windy British Isles?. It’s the system in place that’s not working.
We should take the people we need in a controlled way. This country has metaphorically lost its grip. The leaders we have are totally incompetent to solve the matter.

Comment by: Elizabeth on 14th June 2024 at 16:30

Veronica with the voice of reason.x

Comment by: . Ozy . on 14th June 2024 at 18:03

Can’t fault a word of that Veronica

Comment by: Veronica on 14th June 2024 at 18:41

Thank you Elizabeth…
If only it was so simple.

Comment by: Veronica on 14th June 2024 at 19:11

And Ozy our resident critic..

Comment by: Veronica on 16th June 2024 at 11:01

Does France actually take any of the immigrants and process them for staying and finding jobs for them?- From what I see they live on charity in the tents that are provided near the coast. It’s as if they are encouraged by the French to set their sights for England (the land of so called ‘milk and honey”). At the same time a large amount of money is given to the French to stop them coming over in the boats. I watched a documentary which showed large numbers of the immigrants in full view catching buses to get nearer to where the inflatable boats are kept. France is a beautiful country with huge open land and with such clement weather. I think I would want to stay there. Makes me wonder if they are pressured to come over here. Not only that they must have money to pay for the boats. Apologies for dragging this subject on but I have decided to take a leaf out of Enoch’s book. He did mention in his speech about ‘ troublemakers’ having their say. So I must be one! Maybe it’s because we are noticeably walking amongst the immigrants in Westhoughton these days. Money in the coffers which should be being spent on the cemetery for instance in an atrocious condition. I have never seen them looking so bad as well as weeds everywhere popping up through pavement flags, verges not being mowed as often. Not to mention pot holes everywhere. Money is tight these days and W/H is the last on the list under Bolton Council. Money that is being re-directed. If only the old Urban District Councils still existed. Life was easier then and more controllable.

Comment by: . Ozy . on 16th June 2024 at 19:18

The problem Veronica is that for quite a number of Decades , the government of this country has been controlled by alien invaders from planet Tinytodger .
Having adapted human form they have infiltrated every high office in the land and now have total control .

Forget sending illegals to Rwanda , we need to find a way of sending these buggers back to their own planet .

It’s true what I’m saying … and if you don’t believe me , just ask David Icke .

Comment by: methinks on 17th June 2024 at 12:25

Just a quick response to Veronica I did not say the UK I said the west to sort more of the problems. Also mainly illegal crossings are mainly male possibly could be they can only raise enough funds for one member to pay the racketeers to cross. I totally agree we need to control immigration.
After seeing comments admitting being racist, promoting Trump and Farage I think its time I unsubscibe from this site.
Brilliant photos though.

Comment by: Veronica on 17th June 2024 at 17:29

I don’t think the comments are racist Methinks. You get to a stage where you have to express the outrage you feel inside. The ‘unfairness’ of it all to workers/ and taxpayers having their contributions over the years doled out willy-nilly to people who come to this country by illegal means. It’s becoming a form of indoctrination as to what you can say or not say. Wars were fought and won for freedom of speech etc, etc…
People vote for who they want whether it’s your choice or a poor choice.
I could say a lot more and know the majority would agree….probably say it a lot better than I can.

Comment by: . Ozy . on 17th June 2024 at 22:20

I don’t see that it matters too much who you vote for these days as I can’t imagine the situation improving much in this country in our lifetime Veronica , … or in the world in general for that matter .

No doubt the ancient Egyptians were saying something along the same lines back in the day , but here we still are .

But take a look at the photo you posted and tell me what percentage of the population of this country nowadays would be prepared to take on what those lads did .

Voting may well have played an important part in the development of Britain , but the system has become so corrupt that revolution may well be the only means to stem the decay .

But there I go again … I’m unable to say with any degree of accuracy precisely when I became acutely cynical about everything . I guess it just crept up on me over the years .

But I’m currently paying British Gas 210 quid per annum for the privilege of having one of their bleed’n meters and I don’t even use the bloody stuff .

And not only that , I’m obliged to read the soddin’ thing every month and provide the reading to the grabbing gits . 01206 … that’s the reading , for anyone who’s interested , and has been since 2010 .

Ofgem my backside .

I’m thinking of having the meter reading tattooed on my a**e and emailing them a photo every month .

I say this just in case anyone was wondering why I’m so cynical …..

…. Apologies for the outburst … I was just getting a bit carried away there .

Comment by: Veronica on 18th June 2024 at 11:23

I agree Ozy. The tax rate is absolutely preposterous. My granddaughter in her first job has paid £700 last month in tax. A job that entails leaving home at 03 00am to get to the Airport. Not very encouraging for a not yet 20 yrs old and all the others like her. Then they wonder why they can’t get on the housing ladder.

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