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Spring View
Photo: Thomas Sutch
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Looking towards Wigan, October 1976

Comment by: tommy on 17th June 2007 at 18:27

when i was a van lad for rathbones in the early 70,s,we delivered to gaskells shop,it was run by arthur and lily and members of their family,always got a free pie and drink every morning.

Comment by: //*demi*\\ on 25th June 2007 at 11:57

i dnt think i was born wen spring view looked like tht but i do live there now

Comment by: I. Birch on 25th June 2007 at 15:39

I lived in Spring View when it was like this. You didn't need to go to town to shop,there were so many shops,grocers, butchers, post office, chippies, pie shops etc. Oh happy days!

Comment by: monumental on 8th April 2008 at 17:08

brings back many happy memories

Comment by: Sue Stewart on 15th August 2008 at 00:22

Does anyone remember Dick and Annie Wolstencroft who had the bakers and confectioners before the Gaskells? They were there from the 20s until the 60s and had four children; Louie, Marjorie, Stanley and Enid.

Comment by: gail on 15th October 2008 at 22:57

i remember the shop on the corner at the back of the bus it was the post office and the floor collasped a few poeple were injured its on the corner of repton avenue

Comment by: jedan on 10th March 2009 at 13:11

we used to live in spring view.we my dad had a barbers shop on warrington road.w. daniel.spring view also had a famous rugby player.they owned a butchers shop.(roy evans)he played for wrlfc.

Comment by: David on 4th April 2009 at 22:54

I lived in Taylors Lane up to 1963 and remember Wolstencrofts shop, and Roy Evans at the butchers, and the post office next door

Comment by: Karen Sumner on 22nd April 2009 at 14:04

Does anyone remember this area when Ainscow St was still here?

Comment by: Chris on 18th October 2009 at 17:58

My memory has drawn a blank - been down south for too long. Where is Spring View?

Comment by: margaret miller nee kearsley on 1st November 2009 at 17:16

i lived next door to the post office its right there was plenty of shops and a few pubs it was a nice communty peaple helped each other in times of need i moved downed the road to platt bridge when i married

Comment by: Albert Edward Short on 25th February 2011 at 15:29

Reference the lady who's maiden name was Kearsley. Did her relations have atoffee shop at the top of Henry Street? Iused to spend my toffee coupons there during the war, and may win a prize on the lucky dip. When Iwent to Spring View School, we would go into wolstencrofts for a penny balm cake.A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. The photograph also shows The Railway Tavern. farther up the road on the opposite side from the pub was Jinny Nevins newspaper shop.

Comment by: Albert Edward Short on 26th February 2011 at 11:19

Further to my previous comments,I should like to give my memories about the businesses and shops in this area in the 1940s.Starting at Spring View Police Station, towards Wigan. At the corner of St Clements Street was a grocer's shop, Halls, then Gwilliams. Corner of Taylors Lane, Harold Jackson's dairy, later coaches and taxis,opposite corner bus stop to Wigan and chip shop{Mrs Carter shop}. Next Hope Street, just into Hope Street, a family fruit and vegetable business, named Broccoli. Other side of Hope Street, Co=op shop, next a butcher's, then a passage way, after the passage way Railway Tavern, then Tatum's chip shop, then a barbers, next Ratcliffe's fruit shop,after, three or four other shops , one a cake shop , one Mrs Rothwells drapers, a butchers on the coner of Cecil Street. Further along the road was Albert Jevin's barbers shop, still further on, a bicycle shop corner of Spring Street, on the other corner a secondhand book shop, on we go, next Maggie Naylor's general store. Corner of Henry Street, Rushton,s store, opposite corner Kearsley's sweet shop, still further Jinny Fairhurst's sweet shop,onto Shed Street, on the corner an off licence shop, the next street led to Spring Branch loco sheds,in this street were lodgings for overnight stay for railway men. On the other side of the road starting opposite Taylor's Lane, coming towards Wigan .Evan's butchers,then Tatum's post office and paper shop acoss Repton Avenue, to the Walmesly Arms, further on a clogger, both the lady and the husband were deaf and dumb, the daughter was a great asset. Next Sammy Bickerstaffes. He repaired bicycles and sold electrical goods. youalso took your accumulator to be charged up {Most radios then were battery operated. most houses only had gas}. The battery was the size of a biscuit tin. The corner of the next street was Wolstencrofts.A bakery, then the street leading to Field street and Spring View Boys' School. A distance then of about 200 yads was Jinny Nevin's newspaper shop, opposite Jevin's barbers. the next shop was Alf Taylor's drapery store, on the corner of the street leading to Marlborough Ave. The next shop along was a grocery store and then a chip shop, nearly up to where St Mary's Church was. These side street led down to Ainscow Street,a very long street of terraced houses. I remember quite a number living in that locality were related. Brothers , sisters, nephews, and neices.

Comment by: Albert Edward Short on 26th February 2011 at 19:02

A correction to above. Ellison's had the chip shop at the bottom of Taylor's Lane. Carter's had the chip shop nearest the church.

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 8th June 2011 at 16:53

Wonderful, Albert.....what a fantastic memory you have. My brother Colin married Pat Cooksey in 1961. Pat lived up till then with her parents and brother Philip at 497, Warrington Road.She had an uncle. Sid, who lived at the bottom of Taylors Lane, and a relative called Clara who I believe used to play the piano in The Walmesley Arms. I had an Auntie and Uncle, Jimmy and Harriet Griffiths, who lived at the top of Taylors Lane.

Comment by: josie on 19th August 2011 at 23:13

well thomas , like irene i think you have a wonderful memory ,i live in spring view for 35 yrs now,my husbands mam & dad lived there geoff & lena pennington ,they lived on warrington rd accross from alf taylors and i might be w rong but i think next door to a shop called maggie naylors as i remember my mother in law telling me , that would be in the 40s can you shed any light on it thomas? me & my hubby were born up hr ince , me top of belle green lane, hubby alan coniston ave hr ince,1950 me 1951 alan ,when we got married we lived in platt bridge for 5 yrs then we moved to spring view , we are still here and i remember there were loads of shops then 1971 when we lived in platt bridge, we moved to spring view in 1977,and are still here. thanks for the photo thomas x

Comment by: josie on 19th August 2011 at 23:20

sorry albert & thomas i seem to have got a bit mixed up with comments ,thanks thomas for lovely pic & thanks albert for all your comments and info on spring view x

Comment by: gillian boursiakis nee hughes on 19th October 2011 at 14:54

in between chip shop and hope street was the bookies and in the fishmongers row there was a chemist shop
I lived in
Taylor's lane from 1960 till leaving for Greece in 1975

Comment by: owd viewer on 5th February 2012 at 00:34

I lived next door to jinny fairhurst in the 1950-60, i have lots of memories of spring view.

Comment by: jim12 on 9th July 2012 at 19:23

does anyone remember cowboy joes toyshop on the same side as dowds bakery jim

Comment by: owd viewer on 11th July 2012 at 23:19

I remember Joes Toffee Shop on the corner of 348 Warrington Road and Spring Street.When you went into the shop the way it was set out it felt ahead of its time.Think Joe died tragically?

Comment by: owd viewer on 25th July 2012 at 00:15

is there anybody out there who remembers Lewis's antiques shop between clarendon st and walmesley st on warrington road spring view door number 299-303 year 1960-70.

Comment by: owd fossil on 27th August 2012 at 23:54

Sorry lewes's antiques shop was between walmesley st and margaret st.

Comment by: Albert. on 3rd November 2012 at 20:13

Knew Charlie Lewis quite well. Had premises across from Henry Street. He had a son who was, three, or four years older than I was.

Comment by: owd fossil on 14th November 2012 at 23:30

Thanks albert glad someone remembers charlie lewis,albert do you remember the corn mill down henry st,

Comment by: Albert. on 18th November 2012 at 11:26

Hello Owd Fossil. I lived opposite the corn mill, no 6, Henry Stree. Lived there, 1937 until 1949. Next door lived the Harris family, I used to call her Grandma Harris,prior to that I lived opposite Spring View Police Station. Balls had the corn mill when I lived in Henry street. The son was named, Hilton Ball. When I was about four years of age,Having got out of the house un noticed, I ran across the Warrington Road, opposite Henry Street, and got knocked down by a Isherwood & Catterall potato lorry. Fortunately for me, I passed under the middle of it, or I wouldn't be making these comments. Just had a graze on my knee.

Comment by: Albert. on 19th November 2012 at 11:48

Josie. Sorry to be so long in answering your query. Pennington's did live next to Maggie Naylors. I went to Spring View School the same time as Jackie Pennington.

Comment by: Albert. on 19th November 2012 at 16:03

Josie. Just a comment relative to your comment about living at the top of Belle Green Lane. I had cousins' who also live there.All girls,named, Porter, and Jackson.

Comment by: owd fossil on 19th November 2012 at 23:24

Hello albert glad to hear you have memories from the 1930-40. Just totest your past , Albert do you remember the williams family thy lived down walsley st one of the children lived next door to jinny fairhurst toffee shop on warrington rd she married a stjohns ambulance man.

Comment by: Albert. on 21st November 2012 at 16:56

Hello Owd Fossil. The only Williams I knew lived in Ainscow Street. Mated with Ronnie,& Jimmy, their dad had a peg leg, a grand chap. They had two sisters Alice, who died quite a long time ago, and I just can't bring to mind the other sister's name

Comment by: Albert. on 21st November 2012 at 19:45

Hello again Owd Fossil. Just a small addition to my last comments relating to the Williams' family, the father,Jimmy who always wore a peg leg, worked in the down stairs toilets, in the Market Place,at Wigan,during the middle forties, to the very early fifties. As I mentioned, he was a grand chap,salt of the earth. The other daughter's name was Irene.

Comment by: owd fossil on 22nd November 2012 at 23:00

Albert was jimmy williams the same man that lived at the corner of warrington rd and shed st,He used to cut hair in his spair time in the late 1950, The williams from walwsley st was john and elizabeth john was from wales .

Comment by: Albert. on 23rd November 2012 at 11:12

Hello Owd Fossil. " No, the Williams moved in the middle fifties, to Lower Ince. Lived about Four, or five houses, Wigan side of the Black Diamond".

Comment by: owd fossil on 25th November 2012 at 23:17

Albert do you remember Old ned i think his name was Harris,He lived down Henry st the last house on your right, He had a pen which was set back to the outdoor toilets,He had chickens and other animals,We lived and played in the backs behind the pens on one side the railway on the other the houses we lived in on warrington road.

Comment by: Albert. on 27th November 2012 at 14:44

Hello Owd Fossil. Lived next door to Harris's. There was Mr & Mrs Harris, Juddy Harris, and Mrs harris's grandson, Joe, Joe had lost an eye through some firework mishap, when he was younger. During the war Becket Harris, I believe he was in the Royal Artillary,and served in the far east. Teddy Harris was in the commandoes.They both came home safely. Bertha was Mrs Harris's daughter, Juddy could not serve in the war, he had, had a leg amputated. Mr Jones lived at the bottom of the street. After the war ended, he became the lamp-lighter, of the gas lamps. His grandson, Collin, and I would accompany him on his rounds. Strange after years of blackout.

Comment by: Jimmy Edwards on 31st October 2013 at 01:35

Karen,I lived at 297 Warrington Rd 6 doors away from St Mary's Ainscow St ran back to back with us .Most of my family lived on Ainscow St .Grandparents ( Miah & Mary Edwards) .Grandad Charlie Barnett. Uncle Jack( John) Auntie Mary cousins Pat, Barrie, John,Radclife. Joe,Alice,Joe, John, Terry ,& Irene Walsh.2nd cousins Alf,Bil,Hilda,Sid,&Bernard Berry. Loads of mates to play with,Des,Raymond Colin !Granville,Edmund Alker.Jeff Lowe,Billy& (Alan Clarke) our Susan's Husband. Brian& Keith Mills loads more mates .great days Went to Spring View School 1959/1963. Same as everybody in Spring View had nought but had a great childhood Live near Bury now only go through View going to our Billy's in Platt Waz our Pats in Byrn or Cemetery.All the old houses &Shops have gone .Who on Wigan Council decided to pull the houses/shops down & build them (eye sore houses)were Ainscow St used to be wants his /her HEAD FEELING.Reading the comments and writing this bring back a lot of good memories .God Bless all old Spring Viewers.

Comment by: Jim on 11th January 2014 at 23:29

owd Viewer,Sorry you have got house numbers wrong we had some owld furniture in our house but none was antique.

Comment by: owd viewer on 12th January 2014 at 00:13

Sorry Jim after checking again Lewis's antiques was 329_331 Warrington rd.

Comment by: Jimmy on 12th January 2014 at 21:25

Owd Viewer,When I was working for Billy Silcock ( 1964 /5 we put up a new ceiling in back bedroom for Mr&Mrs Lewis he asked us both to pick a painting to keep , I was about 16/17 didn't bother Billy picked one .these days sometimes wish I had.

Comment by: Jimmy Edwards on 15th January 2014 at 21:26

Owd Fossil,the man who lived @ the corner off Warrington Rd /Shed St & had a Peg Leg also cut hair was my Grandads Brother Fred Edwards naughty bugger .My Grandad Miah lived on Ainscow St.

Comment by: owd viewer on 22nd January 2014 at 23:38

Jimmy my cousin lived in Ainscow st next to sid berry,his name was Jimmy lowton did you know him.q

Comment by: Jimmy on 25th January 2014 at 00:30

Owd Viewer,remember your Jimmy living on Ainscow St ,not seen him for years

Comment by: owd viewer on 31st January 2014 at 19:56

Jimmy our James moved to pemberton sadly he passed away about 15years ago.

Comment by: Jimmy on 3rd February 2014 at 23:36

Owd Viewer,Sorry to hear about Jimmy passing away.

Comment by: margaret on 27th February 2014 at 14:26

My mum was born in spring view later moved to liverpool but she used to visit her cousin jack + Mary goulding when I was a child it was a lovely day out we went on ribble bus lovely memories.that was in the 1950's.

Comment by: Albert. on 27th March 2014 at 19:51

Hi Jimmy Edwards. Went to school with your relation, Fred Edwards. Fred, on leaving school went working at the Maypole Colliery, as an apprentice fitter. Fred's brother Eli, did not come back, after being a Japanese prisoner of war. His name is on the memorial tablet, on the wall of Ince Parish Church. Occasionally I speak to your relation Sid Berry, especially when I find out that one of our old school mates has passed away. I suppose you've seen all the old Photographs of Spring View School, on this web site. Is Fred still around?

Comment by: Jimmy Edwards. on 29th March 2014 at 22:29

Albert,Fred & Eli were my Grandads brothers ( Miah Edwards ) Ainscow St. Only new Eli by name,Uncle Fred used to cut our hair .Me our Billy & our Keith.Seen all photos St Mary's Spring View &Lower Ince.Got photos to put on Daughter said she will do them for me .I've not a clue how to do it .Next time you see Sid give him my regards left note on Hilda's site ( people ) .

Comment by: TOMMY m on 5th August 2014 at 19:34


Comment by: Joyce wilson nee gaskell on 16th March 2017 at 22:19

My mum and dad had Gaskell shop and I helped in the bakery. I remember tommy bringing the bread order every morning,always a smile.happy days.

Comment by: Rachael Bailey on 5th June 2017 at 20:51

My great grandma was Annie wolstencroft who had the shop wolstencroft would love to see some pics of it

Comment by: Mara(Maz)___W/H on 14th September 2018 at 13:17



Comment by: Mara(Maz)___W/H on 14th September 2018 at 13:21


Comment by: zocom on 29th July 2019 at 14:42

used to go to school with kev gaskell spent some time up at their shop and surrounding areas in the 70s fond memories

Comment by: Barbara Sanders nee heyes on 23rd July 2020 at 18:52

I lived in spring view until 1971 my friend is trying to trace family that lived in Cecil street and. Warrington road she is the great great granddaughter of Mrs blyton I remember Mrs blyton as I lived in Cecil street but not much about the family I know the Mcnamara twins was some relation my friends mother was Nora Woodley we have drawn a blank so far can anyone help

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