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The Wiend in the 60s
The Wiend in the 60s
Photo: Michael Wareing (photographer: Geoffrey Wareing)
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The Wiend in the 60s

Comment by: Ian on 28th March 2024 at 19:52

I have just a few words to say: what a fantastic photograph and thanks Michael for giving us the opportunity to see another one of your dad's photographs.

Comment by: Cyril on 28th March 2024 at 20:50

It was so good to disappear up an alley such as the Wiend, and just look in the shops for a while, it was so quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds in Market Place.

Comment by: Ian on 28th March 2024 at 21:09

Cyril, it was! I can fully relate to your words.
As a kid, I used to go to the fishing tackle shop in the Wiend; I think that it was Tommy Blackledge's.

Comment by: Linma on 29th March 2024 at 06:25

Walking down there was a lovely shop on the right that sold leather and suede coats.

Comment by: A.W. on 29th March 2024 at 09:49

I remember the barber's shop and the staitonery shop next door to it. Still have a paper punch I bought there when I went to secondary school in 1970.

Comment by: Veronica on 29th March 2024 at 11:31

I think the Printers Ezra Sidebottom’s was the shopfront with the two steps.

Comment by: Dave johnson on 29th March 2024 at 14:48

I remember a bookies on the right hand side, would have been early seventies? Used to be frequented by Clapper!

Comment by: Pw on 29th March 2024 at 14:55

It was Tommy Blackledges fishing tackle shop.Bought my first decent spinning reel from here,an Intrepid Elite,cost £3/17/6.

Comment by: Elizabeth on 29th March 2024 at 15:30

I remember the name Ezra Sidebottom,it always reminded me of a possible Dickens character !

Comment by: . Ozy . on 29th March 2024 at 21:17

Apologies for barnstorming onto this thread , but if anyone is remotely interested in seeing a photograph of the very last passenger train to leave Manchester Central Station for Wigan on Nov first 1964 , then go to Manchester Libraries and type in Wigan .

I’ve attempted to upload several photos from this site but they haven’t appeared .
Copyright being the primary issue I would imagine .

Comment by: John Noakes on 29th March 2024 at 22:12

Does anybody know why Cooper's Row is called Cooper's Row when it isn't a Row?

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 30th March 2024 at 07:54

John, I have no idea but would hazard a guess that maybe there once WAS a row of houses up there, say in the 1800s? I have a feeling I've read of someone who actually lived up there but I can't recall the book I saw it in. And I think there was a pub and, I believe, a music hall, but please correct me if I am wrong. Cooper could come from barrel-making, (was there perhaps such an establishment as a barrel-makers up there at one time?), or even just named after a councillor. I believe that when you get terraced streets named after people, eg, Margaret Street, Henry Street, Cecil Street which are in Spring View, they were often after the children of the councillor who arranged the building of the houses. These are just guesses but it would be good if someone could supply the answer to your interesting question.

Comment by: Graham Parkinson on 30th March 2024 at 09:22

I posted a comment the other day saying how much I loved this photo and asking if the photographer had any other photos of the top of the Wiend where it joins Millgate. For some reason it appeared twice and now it has disappeared completely. Hopefully this one will stay!

Comment by: admin on 30th March 2024 at 09:34

Graham check out the MILLGATE topic. There is one on there

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