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Greenough Street, Wigan


Bomb Damage 5th September 1940
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I think this is the Methodist church which was at the top of Greenough St.

Comment by: Alan H on 10th July 2016 at 18:21

Definitely the Methodist Church at the top of Greenough Street.

Comment by: Albert. on 10th July 2016 at 19:00

Ron. I remember the incident relating to the Methodist church. My aunt, Mrs Ethel Short,was a worshiper there. I cannot recollect any other bomb damage occurring in the Wigan area, although I seem to remember someone on W.W.A. mentioning something relating to Harper Street, Wigan.

Comment by: Tuddy on 10th July 2016 at 21:44

Albert, the bomb damage in Harper Street was caused during the Zeplin raid in world war one.

Comment by: Albert. on 11th July 2016 at 08:42

That's one I don't recollect Tuddy.

Comment by: Carl on 11th July 2016 at 09:45

Yes it was the Methodist chapel at the top of Greenough Street. My nan lived in Jacksons Square and it blew her windows out.

Comment by: Brian B on 11th July 2016 at 10:36

My wife's uncle lived in School St and swears he could have batted the German aircraft with his cap it came so low!!!!

Comment by: Maureen on 11th July 2016 at 10:55

My Mam lived at Harper St as a little one when that bomb was dropped..and she was found under a table so I believe.

Comment by: Donald Underwood on 11th July 2016 at 18:02

I was under the stairs at my grandmother's house in CAunce Street when the bomb dropped,There had been a Choir practice earlier that evening at which my cousin's wife was present'Carl,as I remember it,the only people living in Jacksons Square were the Culshaws & the Gerrards.Which are you?

Comment by: Andy C on 13th July 2016 at 17:58

As my grandad used to say during the blitz, if your names on the bomb there's nothing you can do about it.
It was alright him saying that but Mr and Mrs Doodlebug in the next street didn't half get some stick!

Comment by: Ant H on 3rd April 2019 at 12:49

This is indeed the Methodist Church on Greenough Street, it was hit by a stray bomb during the 2nd World War. Bill Underwood was the Methodist minister and his wife was Gladys, even though we weren't related, they were known to us as auntie and uncle.The Church was later demolished and the new Church was built at longshoot next to the Doctors

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