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Ravenhead 1985 .
Ravenhead 1985 .
Photo: . Ozy .
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Binky sits in the barber’s chair while Ian Worthington looks on from a safe distance .

Comment by: Dave Lewis on 11th June 2024 at 10:34

Hi Ozy, would that be Ian Worthington lorry driver from Springfield.

Comment by: . Ozy . on 11th June 2024 at 13:18

Most likely Dave . I haven’t seen Ian in over 30 years and I’m not sure where he lives but last I heard , he’d binned the spanners and gone driving … for who , I have no idea .

He used to come to work on a Honda Silver Wing back in the 80s if that’s any help , and I should imagine he’d be retired by now anyway .

Poor old Binky died years ago .

Comment by: Dave Lewis on 11th June 2024 at 17:35

Thanks for info Ozy, sadly Ian passed in 2018 I remember him driving for a Norman Bolton and also a firm called Brady, I Las saw him in late 2017 in RAEI but heard later on that he had passed away.

Comment by: . Ozy . on 12th June 2024 at 11:55

It must a different Ian then Dave , as the chap in my photo posted a comment on this thread on Jan 8th 2024 .
See above ^^^

Comment by: Dave Lewis on 12th June 2024 at 15:17

Thanks Ozy, must be another Ian then the Ian I'm thinking off lived in moss st off Woodhouse lane and always drank in guardians where he would park his truck.

Comment by: . Ozy . on 13th June 2024 at 06:42

Thinking about it Dave , I think I know the bloke you’re on about .
In fact I recall picking him up at his house one time to take him to work.

We used to work for the same agency pulling out of Sherburn in Elmet for Kwik Save .

I’ve had a pint with him in the Guardians come to think , then a couple of years later in the Ball and Boot , but I’m sure he told me he was living in one of those flats over the road at that time .

Last time I saw him was when he drifted into the Bellingham one afternoon in about 2017 on his way back from the infirmary . He was looking a bit frail then .
We had a couple of pints together then I left him to it .

I can’t believe I’d forgotten about him …
Poor bugger .

Comment by: Dave Lewis on 13th June 2024 at 10:47

Yes Ozy that sounds like Ian, I believe he moved to Scholes after separating from his wife but still visited guardians at weekend he would meet his sons and daughter in there for karaoke night, thanks for all info.

Comment by: diesel fumes on 13th June 2024 at 12:37

Many fitters go driving when they get older, very much easier than fitting. But in my experience the is nothing worse than a wagon driver saying to another fitter " I use to do that job". With these modern hgvs today, I doubt if they'd be any use trying desperately to mend modern technology today....just like modern drivers, I doubt if they could handle a wagon from the 1960s, I doubt that very much.
Trucks today are easier than cars to drive. I should know, I've been there done that.

Comment by: Dave Lewis on 13th June 2024 at 15:34

Very true diesel fumes, you don't often see rope & sheeting these days I bet half of drivers today have never heard of a crash box vehicle either.

Comment by: diesel fumes on 15th June 2024 at 10:20

Ravenhead now skinhead.
Dave Lewis spot on. Double your clutch, no power steering, noisy engine so no radios, 40 mph flat out and hope you'd get to the top of the gradient without using first gear. Today HGVs are like driving big cars and sometimes more easier.

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