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Photos of Wigan

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St John's C of E Pemberton


Mrs.Lowes class 1952/3
Mrs.Lowes class 1952/3
Photo: Ray Armstrong
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Item #: 6970
names that spring to mind are -- Stephen
Hurst,Barry Whitter,Billy Laithwaite,Cynthia Cross,Joan Hitchen,David
Hopper,Billy Bulpitt,Ronnie Mason,John Parkinson.
Apologies to all those not remembered.
I am in the middle of the back row -- blonde hair and dickie bow.

Comment by: Fred Mason on 6th August 2008 at 18:21

Great photo Ray. Sorry I don't remember you but my little brother Ronnie could be the second from the right, front row and David Hopper, my fishing buddy, is second from left, front row.

Comment by: Ray Armstrong on 8th August 2008 at 14:20

Hi Fred, - I think we will have come across each other at some time. We used to live only around the corner from you ( Fleet St. )and I called round a few times for Ronnie.

Comment by: davidhopper on 10th August 2008 at 14:00

Hi Ray,it,s been a long time since we saw each other,glad you put this photo in,it brings back lots of memory's.And Hi to you Freddie my old mate.

Comment by: Mick on 13th August 2008 at 23:17

A young John Craimer, extreme left, second row down?

Comment by: Jimmy on 14th August 2008 at 11:11

Mick, John Cramer is not on this photo. He is older than these kids and is on the other two photos stood in the middle at the back.

Comment by: Mick on 14th August 2008 at 17:10

Thanks Jimmy. That's what comes of me forgetting to put my specs on !

Comment by: Fred Mason on 21st March 2009 at 20:39

Ah, those were the days. Going fishing as teenagers to the Lancaster Canal and the River Weaver in Cheshire with shotguns..!! David knows what I mean. His father took us in the van. Wonderful times....

Comment by: Jim Holding on 30th July 2009 at 17:15

Hi Fred. Didnt know you were an angler.

Comment by: Derek Callaghan (cally) on 21st February 2010 at 17:17

I started St. Johns 12 months after this photo but remember the Mason brothers. Are you the Raymond Armstrong who had relations in Alder Avenue, I spent my early years at No.27 we lived with my Grandma. Was very happy at St Johns,even with Miss Phythian and Mr Starkey

Comment by: Harold Bullough on 21st February 2011 at 20:06

Hello, I certainly remember Mrs. Lowe and David Hopper, and suspect I am one of the dark haired boys in the front row.

Comment by: LYNN SUDWORTH (NEE NELSON) on 5th February 2012 at 17:56

I'm the five from the left on the 2nd row. Next to me is Irene Allan. Lynn Barber is on the top row.

Comment by: Lyndsey on 5th February 2012 at 17:56

Lynn Nelson, second row from the front, blonde hair

Comment by: LYNN SUDWORTH - NEE NELSON on 5th February 2012 at 18:02

Ive still got this photo - My grand-daughter has just started in the nursery class - old Mrs Redfern's class-room, it brings back memories - glad to see the 'old outside toilets' are long gone. Its good to see some of you occassionally i.e. Ronnie Mason and David Hopper.

Comment by: Irene Atherton on 22nd February 2012 at 15:56

Sorry Lynn Irene Allen is not sat next to you it's me Irene Roscoe as was now Atherton

Comment by: Ray Armstrong on 9th April 2013 at 19:37

re:- comment from Derek Callaghan ( Cally),sorry I haven't replied to your enquiry sooner but I've only just picked up the thread.
Anyway you are right about having relatives in Alder Ave. they were my maternal grandmother,grandfather and uncle and they lived at no.17
Extremely fond and cherished memories of visiting them in my formative years.
Also remember Ann Barton who lived a couple of doors down- could be no.21 or so

Comment by: ray on 27th April 2013 at 19:42

I think the lad on the end second row down on the left is Richard Parkinson.

Comment by: LYNN SUDW0RTH NEE NELSON on 16th April 2015 at 09:43

MORE NAMES Anita Mopford, Mary Fish, Lynn Nelson, Alan Penk,Allan Pollitt Susan Miller, Irene Roscoe Maureen Heyes, Russell , Lynn Barber,

Comment by: LYNN SUDWORTH nee Nelson on 16th April 2015 at 09:46

Yes it is Richard Parkinson lst child on 3rd row.

Comment by: Fred Mason on 26th February 2017 at 23:37

Sorry to say that my kid brother, Ronny has passed away aged 69 years.(14th February 2017 in Kitt Green)

RIP, Kid. You will be fondly remembered. Bless.

Comment by: Susan Powell morris on 10th December 2017 at 09:11

Sorry to hear of Ronnie's passing

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