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TLS under 13's or under 14's rugby team?
TLS under 13's or under 14's rugby team?
Photo: Ken Evans
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TLS under 13's or under 14's rugby team?

Please get in touch if you can help with names.

Comment by: graham(doug)webb on 17th May 2007 at 11:53

i think i can remember you ken. i played for rugby team, dont recognise myself in this photo but front row, second fromm left could be Jackie Hughes who played standoff when i was scrum half

Comment by: John Lythgoe on 15th March 2008 at 23:24

I started TLS in 1957 but there was no rugby team. There were 3 or 4 of us, including Jimmy Seddon,, who had been in RC primary schools were only rugby was played, I wanted to go to West Park GS, where my best mate, Chris Hesketh went, he later played for Wigan & Salford toured Australia twice with GB.My parents wouldn´t let me go because it was 2 bus rides. A couple of years later, Tony Bennett & myself went to play for Orrell Colts with guys 4years older than us

Comment by: Grammar Grub on 22nd January 2009 at 22:33

I seem to recall a one off RL match when the Louts were whupped by WGS.
I also recall a sevens tournament at Prospect Park when the Louts got kicked out. WGS won it. Bill Ashurst (formerly St Marys) was scrum half, Joe Hill (St Georgess) was hooker and Tony Worswick (St Johns) also played, all for WGS.

Comment by: John J Baxter on 4th July 2009 at 15:51

I have this photo somewhere in my archives.
I am 3rd from left on front row.
Can't put names to all but can some I think i.e.
Back row - x x Stone Pheasant Butler Mr Dickonson
Middle row - Webb? x x Winward x Evans Hodge
front row - Dandy x Baxter x x

Others that played were Albert Wilson (who got his teeth knocked through his tongue in one game) , Tony Brown I think but can't see Cliff Hill who later played fow Wigan of course but maybe he never plated for the U 13s because we were so good he couldn't make the team.
Again if I remember correctly I don't think we ever won a single match I can certanly remember losing most anyway.

Comment by: Eric Davies on 17th January 2010 at 16:13

ref. john Lythgoe's comment. I don't know about 1957 but there was a very good team in 1956. Some of the team i remember are Graham Smethurst,Eric Dowbekin,Eric Davies,Trevor Simms and Ron Smith.
Does anyone remember others ? does anyone have a team photo Sadly a massive heart attack and stroke have destroyed many of my memories.

Comment by: Grammar Grub on 27th August 2010 at 15:06

Did these oiks play Union or League there's either an RL team and one lad couldn't afford a jersey or a soccer team including goalie and reserve. The ball doesnt't exactly look oval.

Comment by: Grammar Grub on 27th August 2010 at 15:14

There are never usually many really good athletes or players in any given school year. There was one in my year who went on to play senior RL and one in the year before. Cant think of anyone who was really any great shakes in my junior or infant school inc. footy, RL, RU or athletics. In fact I cant think of anybody in Wigan in my year. Not sure about Bill Ashurst - dont know his age but he played for Rose Bridge in the same Sunday RL competition I played in.

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