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All Saints Girls Staff, 1952.
All Saints Girls Staff, 1952.
Photo: Brian Acton
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All Saints Girls Staff, 1952.

The Headmistress, Miss Eccles, is in the centre of the middle row.

Comment by: CAROL LIPTROT on 3rd July 2007 at 19:37

2nd right back row was Miss Davies later to become Headmistress 2nd from the left middle row was Miss Marsden

Comment by: sandra webster on 19th October 2007 at 02:04

The teacher to the right of miss davies is miss myers she had paralised hands and you knew about it when she wacked you one

Comment by: carol Close on 15th July 2008 at 20:13

But Miss Myres could certainly teach Maths!
Remember how she used to get you to write on the board and then grumble if you were not neat enough? It certainly helped me to write neatly on a board when I became a teacher! And I never lost my love of Maths!

Comment by: Frank a on 9th January 2009 at 16:53

I learned at Christmas that Miss Davis (Margaret) died in July 2008. She retired with her sister to Ormskirk. Sadly time catches up with us all.

Comment by: Babs Strickland (Ashall) on 27th October 2009 at 21:31

I remember Miss Davies. I went to the school (approx 1958-62 ish) and wanted to stay on to take GCEs but no-one was allowed to stay on in those days and anyway MIss Davies said I wasn't up to! After leaving I got a job and went to evening classes at Wigan Tech and gained 5 O levels. My dad took me back to the school and stormed into her office. He slapped the O levels down on her desk and said, " Now tell me my child is not up to it! My wife was brought up with you and you didn't pass your 11 plus. You didn't have it in you either but your parents had the money to pay for you to be come a teacher!". Bless him. I never did become a teacher but I have worked with children ever since!

Comment by: Babs Strickland (Ashall) on 27th October 2009 at 21:48

Miss Myers - I thought she was a great teacher - but then I was good at maths so I never felt her hard hitting hand for failing to get an answer right.
Miss Marsden - always seemed to wear a brown boot lace around her head. She was known as Willy Worm because all she ever talked about was the sex life of a worm!

I also remember another Miss Davis - who taught Art, Miss Dawber who taught music, Mrs Guest - the lovely French teacher, the dreaded Miss Bennet the Welsh domestic Science teacher with a dragon temper, she used to hit you on the back of the knuckles with a wooden spoon if you dried a saucepan with a tea towwl instead of a dishcloth! There was also a blonde haired fiesty PE teacher who used to loose her temper regularly. Can anyone remember any other teachers?

Comment by: mary walsh ne /hilton on 27th October 2010 at 19:46

i left summer 1959 i remember miss ecles.miss davies.miss george who was our Elicution teacher also willieworm who is 4th back ,my favorit teachers were miss george,miss davies and cookery teacher but cant remember her name,

Comment by: mary walsh ne HILTON on 15th November 2010 at 16:40

back row first left MISS GREENOUGH geography teacher
front row first left cant think of her name but needle work teacher

Comment by: b m robinson on 27th December 2010 at 19:58

willie worm taught biology hence we called her willie worm as she cut frogs up she also taught music wonderful music teacher she had a roll in her hair i believe she is the one to left of miss eccles on photo miss george taught weaving ,remember the slippers we wove, also beautiful manuscipt writing i loved her so her favourite hymn was" come holy ghost our souls inpire"miss eccles took me under her wing and i got a prize for trying "the secret garden I was a damaged little girl no friends only friend i made from wesley mesnes i lost in skating accident on a pond, fire engine came i recall,i remember the cookery teacher had lots of" beauty spots" on her armsany one remember that a trip to blackpool lights from school with a girl called dorothy hated religious instruction in portakabin glad she went off to be a m issionary very cruel woman remember miss eccles didnot have exams it was more how hard you tried remember isadora free dance prize day dressed in different colours of chiffon in a circle like flowers opening and clos ing remember songs" moonlight gleams""a fisherman with rod and line sat by the restless sea and my favourite "what is life to me without you"its on u tube, kathleen ferrier.deos any one remember me rememeber art teacher? very forward for her day deos anyone remember the convent on frog lane? remember us all crying when king died

Comment by: b m robinson on 1st January 2011 at 23:21

hi me again ihave now remembered miss taberner who taughtsewing for a while ididnt really take much as a was fascinated by the beauty of her aging skin of her hands as she sewed with the movement as she sewed the back of her hand would wrinkle the than the skin would tighten to a smooth sheen as she pulled the thread this was not silly sentiment it was a childs deep connecting love and affection a deep loving empathy we forget and undermime today especially with regard to our own beloved aging skin and body which has served us consistently silently faithfully all our lives dont allow anyone to abuse you bodily and soully just love yourself as much as your beloved teachers in spite of the limitations of the day ie,my head miss eccles did cane me once as I handed in my housecaptains badge as I dispised authoritarian grassing up but no one could doubt her deep warmth and commitment she will be part of me forever she was a quaker wasnt she? if Iremember rightly I would like to hear from jean winstanly she had the kindest mother on earth and Iowe jean a deep ly felt apology my life is now peaceful as possible considering Ilive by the sea but one never forgets ones roots was it pools pies shop by the station hot barm cakes and loose tea in pewter tea pots ah !the bliss, art deco cafes,the band in mesnes park on sundays no IM noy idealising it all, this school was an oasis for a child alienated and alone, wigan needs to be so proud of her history no school public or private could have excelled It look again at the head what a privilage in a poor mining town with values and ideals thin on the ground today thankyoufor the civic pride that prevailed in spiye of individual failings and limitations what a fine counterbalance WIGAN WORLD KEEP IT UP dontever allow cynicism prevail all saints gave us the substance too prevail against the most trying odds "little giddings" by d h lawrence sums it up read if in need of sustainance of spirit even if somewhat wordy and elitist in parts it is a healing balm when weary

Comment by: Glenis Fletcher (Smith) on 29th June 2011 at 16:02

1962-1966. I remember Miss MB Davies - Art Teacher, Miss Sonia Boot - English/French, Mrs Stokovski who taught History, Miss P Heggerty - Geography (she went to school with Georgie Fame from 60's music). Does anyone remember Mr Neville Clarke, I think he took over from Miss Heggerty, but everyone fell head over heels as he was the only male in an all girls school! His father owned the pub next to the Parish Church, it later became the Bees Knees I think. Mr Clarke left fairly soon, he went to teach in Cyprus. I remember Miss Marsden's first words in the first lesson - "these keys are non living; they cannot move by themselves" I loved maths and Miss Myers was a good teacher. The one person i wasn't keen on was Miss Bennett, Domestic Science, when we washed our pans she would run her hand around the inside to feel if they were clean, if not she would virtually throw it at you. I learned quickly to feel the inside of the pan myself before I presented it to her - I still do this with my own pans today!!!! It was a brilliant school with many very good teachers and I have lovely memories even though its 45 years since I left.

Comment by: Linda Bell (nee Fouracre) on 15th November 2011 at 00:11

Remember well Miss Myers - brilliant maths teacher! and although strict -she had a good sense of humour too. Remember a girl (think it was Linda Armstrong) getting her finger stuck in the hole under the desk in her classroom. When Miss Myers asked why she had put it there - Linda had replied "to see it wiggle at the other side" Would love to here more from the 12 pupils who were the FIRST EVER 5TH YEAR - to stay on for C.S.E.s

Comment by: Kay Ashley on 29th April 2012 at 13:01

My mum is Jean Winstanley (see b m robinson's coments) did you live in roadside cafe?

Comment by: barbara bryan barnes on 31st January 2013 at 00:21

Remembering all teachers good memories anyone remember me head girl 1954enjoying reunion every year at owls with betty highton and girls

Comment by: b m robinson on 20th February 2013 at 01:24

i would dearly like to hear from jean winstanleys daughter your mum and grandmother were the gentlest of people i remember so many people the hodgkiss's, gregories,etc i livee by the coast now in the south west now .billy has passed away.

Comment by: Barbara Slater (nee Maggs) on 29th October 2013 at 18:23

.I attended All Saints after leaving St James Poolstock. Left in 1956/7 Remember Jean Winstanly, Margaret Griffiths, Audrey Hunter (my 1st Bridesmaid) where is she now? Marjorie Hughes who lived in Grange Ave. Worsley Mesnes as a friend & neighbour, Susan Hulse (a relative) Betty Bibby (Wonderful Swimmer) I never did learn. What happened to Miss Crook & Miss Baron (Cookery Teachers)? I have also been a good cook & baker thanks to them, skills you never forget. Recnogize Miss Greenough (Music & Geograpy) Miss Myer, Miss Eccles, Miss George, Miss Taberner. Left Wigan is 1960 & have lived in Stockport area ever since. I was in St Michaels house, remember when we had the rest of the day off if we went to the Parish Church on our Saints Days in our berets and when we "lost marks" if we misbehaved. Would love to attend a reunion from that era. My cousin Ken has my address Jean. What happened to June Ainscough, Maureen Ramsden, Jean Dermot, Kathleen Hitchen (Post-office Worsley Mesnes)Cecily Rimmer. Jacqueline Smith. Most of us will be 72+ now.

Comment by: sheila fouracre /Cunliffe on 11th November 2013 at 14:51

Can anyone tell me if the cookery teacher was Miss Bennet? Is she in this picture and if so, is it the teacher on the second row, 3rd from the right? not certain.

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