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Photos of Wigan

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Gidlow School


Gidlow Sec Mod
Gidlow Sec Mod
Photo: Geoff Williams
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Past Jack Sharrocks geography room looking towards the library

Comment by: geoff slonker on 23rd April 2010 at 19:01

great to see these photos they bring back memories of Jack Sharrock, Ted Ward,with his motorbikes with syrup tin for a petrol tank also Jim Curry music teacher.

Comment by: Joan Kenny on 13th July 2010 at 14:34

These photographs brought back such memories. Thank you so much. Gidlow Secondary Modern School was an excellent school, the teaching staff were the best. What a pity it no longer exists.

Comment by: Michael Davies on 3rd August 2011 at 08:56

looks like they enclosed the walk ways after I left in 1956,yes jack sharrock was a good teacher,told it like it was ,no bullshit Iwent on to be a textile teacher at a TAFE college in Melbourne Australia,jack us to take us cycling along the canal banks to Southport in the Hols,is Dvid his son teaching anywere around Wigan.or has he retired like me.

Comment by: Jeanette on 4th November 2011 at 10:23

I have,like so many people, fond memories of this school, but does any one remember all the Bomb scares, and having to dash out into the playground in our gym wear, and being told by Miss Dixon, when you go back into school,be vigilant and dont touch any strange packages, inform a teacher...my best friends went to this school, all of whom I have lost touch with, So David Critchley if you read this remember gold pringer!!

Comment by: JEAN BLEWITT on 26th August 2012 at 16:47

Lovely to see these photos. I (Jean Holleron) was ther 1960 to 1964 when Mrs Lowe was headmistress. I was in Miss Dixons class and have such fond memories of the school and all my friends there.

Comment by: Peter Fitzgerald on 6th March 2013 at 15:59

I attended Gidlow Secondary Modern school from 1951 to 1956. I was in 1b 2a 3a 4a.Teachers I recall are Mr.Sharrock.Mr Tickle Mr. Ward Mr.Curry.Mr.Higham.The Headmaster was Mr.Price.I would be interested in knowing if anyone remembers me or anyone in my class.

Comment by: David Cooke on 21st October 2015 at 18:34

I attended Gidlow 1944/48. Teachers were, Shaddock, Holland, Thomas, Miss Phythian, Wilson, Miss Saxon, Price, Falcon etc, I was in Nelson House, Eric Mather, Ken Lawless, Jim Hilton, were in my class with others II could name. Great and much underrated school. Glad I attended ending up in a top position in National industries.

Comment by: Mr Brian Rigby on 29th November 2016 at 18:25

Must have gotten soft in later years these corridors used to be open to the elements

Comment by: David Cooke on 1st March 2018 at 14:06

Refer to previous comment:-
Shaddock, should read Sharrock

Comment by: David Cooke on 1st March 2018 at 14:13

Refer to previous comment:-
Shaddock, should read Sharrock

Comment by: jim kershaw on 4th February 2022 at 15:41

does anyone remember tubby Thomas,rowdy Yates,uggy Lester,

Comment by: Alice Gregson nee Davies on 12th January 2024 at 11:09

At Gidlow 1959 -1963. Would like to get in touch with people in my class. I have fond memories of Christine Bolton.

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