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St Nathaniel's, Platt Bridge


Junior 3 St Nathaniel's School
Junior 3 St Nathaniel's School
Photo: Ann Winstanley
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This was taken around 1958/9 The teacher was, I think Mr Young. It was taken in the junior school hall

Comment by: Marilyn (nee Morris) on 14th September 2009 at 20:29

I think I recognise some of the people in this photo - am I correct?
Front row from right - 1. Eileen Howard 5. Ann Stevenson 6. Eunice Bibby 7. Sandra Dewhurst.
Middle row from left - 1. Valerie Batten
Back row from left - 5. Roy Kingsley 6. Derek ?

Comment by: Leslie Judson on 5th May 2010 at 11:36

Back row second from left Harry Stevens from Ingram St off Moss Lane.

Comment by: linda massa on 3rd September 2010 at 16:17

Middle row, 1st on left, is that Fiona McKinnon? Her father was the local GP,

Comment by: Wigwann on 5th September 2010 at 22:39

The girl you mean is Suzanne Liptrot of Moss Lane. Fiona Mackinnon is on other school grouping.

Comment by: Wigwann on 5th September 2010 at 22:44

Sorry, I was looking at the wrong line,the girl you meant was Valerie Batten. Fiona is on the group out side the school taken in the early 1950's with Mrs Moore ans Mis Marsh on, she is in the front row.

Comment by: Brendell on 4th November 2010 at 20:30

Front row continuing left from Eunice Bibby, then Sandra Dewhurst is me Brenda Richards. Behind Eunice is Ann Reid and to the right of Valerie Batten is Kathleen Ainscough.
Happy Days.

Comment by: ehickson on 18th December 2011 at 22:17

fourth from left centre row Ellen Gorner

Comment by: Gordon Topping on 4th May 2012 at 23:52

Far right back row is me: Gordon Topping. I don't regognise the teacher or his name.

Comment by: Gordon Topping on 13th May 2012 at 18:27

Some of the people in ou class were:
Agnes Deaken, Margret Hatton, Derek Walker, Brian Robinson, Tony Bold, William Kirkham, Lawrence Jolly, Suzanne Liptrot, Sandra Dewhurst, David Jones, Marylin Morris, Eunice Bibby, Kathleen Ainscough, Ellen Gorner.
There are probly a few more that I can't think of just now.
Who do you remember?

Comment by: jameswalker on 16th December 2012 at 09:59

gordon iam dereks brother james we lived in sydney street are derek was in the bb.my mam was vi and dad was tommy he worket at lut.are derek died in 2004.there is me and my wife and kids and dereks kids left thanks gordon

Comment by: alan hill on 2nd February 2015 at 21:19

Gordon,the teacher was Mr Lowe I think.He was a very kind teacher.Not sure where I am.Remember all the names and surprisingly all the faces.I recently met up with David Jackson after 45 yrs.He is sending me a CD of the reunion he went to very recently in Abram.Sad to hear that Harry Stevens had died.Now live in south Wales after a few moves around the country

Comment by: Brian Robinson on 13th March 2015 at 14:28

My interpretation of the photo.Back row MrLowe.R-LGordon Topping,Joe Bevan,me,possiblyAlanSmith,?,DerekWalker,Roy Kinsley,Tony Bold,David Ingram,Harry Stevens,?.Middle R-L Lawrence Jolley,Bill Kirkham,?,?,Ann Reid,Ellen Gorner,?,Kathleen Ainscough,Val Batten.Front R-LEileen Howard,possiblyDorothy Hunt,?,possibly Sandra Herd,Ann Stephenson,Eunice Bibby,Sandra Dewhurst,Brenda Richards,possibly Marylin Morris ?.Most of the ones on this photo went onto Moss Lane until finishing school in 63/4.I hope I'm right with identifying the one's i've named.Please correct me if I'm wrong.Anyone out there who went onto ML on this photo,apart from the ones aleady in contact with me,please contact me.We had a ML reunion Dec last yr.We are having a re-run,probably Oct this yr.About 30 lads 3 girls were there.Bucks Head,Abram is the venue. We would like more to come next one.They were great times both St Nat's & ML.Await replies with anticipation.

Comment by: Brian Robinson on 23rd March 2015 at 08:50

Further to tha last posting,Front row from r-l,(2)is Dorothy Hunt,(3)Suzanne Liptrot,who I'm told sadly passed away recently.(4)is Sandra Herd.The 2 girls far end,as yet unamed.Middle r-l (3) Margaret Jones,(6)Doreen Pearson (7)Frank Holden.Back r from r (5)possibly Harry Rothwell.Can anyyone supply the 3 miising names please.Wigwann & Brendell get in touch please, either thro'here or em.I'm already in touch with Marilyn M re the next reunion.Regards Brian'Robby'.

Comment by: Brian Robinson on 23rd March 2015 at 13:09

Sorry, re last posting,should be middle row l to r.

Comment by: Wigwann on 23rd March 2015 at 20:49

Barry H.also has my email as my server won't connect via the WW site.

Comment by: David Jackson on 26th March 2015 at 14:46

Why have I been air-brushed out of this photo? I was in this class but was obviously absent from school when it was taken.

Comment by: Marilyn nee Morris on 26th March 2015 at 22:00

David, this was the year we were moved up, that's probably why you are not on the photo.

Comment by: Wigwann on 27th March 2015 at 09:28

Hi David, Marilyn has put it correctly. Your picture, which is on with the class above your correct age group was because you and the others were moved up for a year. The two group photographs of Mr Young's class and Mrs Ashton's were taken on the same day. The backgrounds are alike. I remember you being moved up for that year and you caught up with us for the last year meaning you had Mrs Ashton for two years.
I think it was unusual to have a photographer in school as we only have those class photos from junior school and some other posed ones taken in lessons. I recall a couple of carefully posed ones in a PE lesson and I think one or two of the other photos on this page were taken in the infant school at the same time as they are carefully arranged.
We had a fancy dress party at Christmas in the last year and I think you came as Alladin. Ring any bells?

Comment by: les hart on 25th June 2015 at 18:18

robbo sandra herd past away 6wks ago god bless her she was in my class hope we can get more girl this time

Comment by: Brian Robinson on 25th August 2015 at 11:33

Les, Thanks for the above posting re Sandra & also the one on the ML page re Margaret Hatton.May they both R.I.P.At the time of your posting, I was due to visit Sandra's older sister,Jean,who lives in P/Bridge.Your posting stopped me doing so & prevented me causing further upset to her family.Many thanks also for the info you have supplied in our efforts to trace some of the people re the ML reunion.'Robby'

Comment by: les hart on 1st September 2015 at 14:36

i just found out that gorden topping died last mouth he on the photo next to larance jolly god bless gorden realy nice bloke inew him at moggy lane school and is mam dad had shop in moss lane R.I.P

Comment by: Brian Robinson on 2nd September 2015 at 08:59

Back row extreme left, Alan Tudor.2 girls end left, still not named.Anyone who knows please complete .

Comment by: Marilyn (nee Morris) on 4th September 2015 at 21:01

Isn't the girl on far left middle row Valerie Batten?

Comment by: Wigwann on 7th September 2015 at 07:25

Hello all, the girl second row first left is Valerie Batten aand next to her is Kathleen Ainscough. In front of Valerie is, I think, a gild called Marjorie and if memory serves she and the girl next to her joined our class during that year.Looking forward to the reunion. Ann

Comment by: David Jackson on 9th September 2015 at 12:02

Wigwam asked if Alladin rang any bells. That was Quasimodo - but I am slowly getting there!

Comment by: Sandra nee Dewhurst on 24th September 2015 at 22:01

Love this picture, brings back so many memories, great times great people.

Comment by: Brendell on 16th October 2015 at 17:48

Sorry to have to say that I will not be able to make it to this next reunion. I live in Norfolk now which is a bit of a trek, however we were planning to come but I have previous arrangements already for that day. Please say hello to all for me. So sad to hear of all the people that have passed on.

Comment by: david jackson on 28th July 2022 at 12:12

Sorry to inform you all that Marilyn died yesterday - 27 July, 2022 - at 8:15 in Wigan Hospice. Sad loss to family and friends.

Comment by: Wigwann on 1st February 2023 at 05:25

So sad to read this, even after all these years she was remembered fondly.

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