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Photos of Wigan

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Abraham Guest
Abram Bryn Gates
Abram C of E School
Abram Collieries School
All Hallows School, Roby Mill, Upholland
All Saints Primary School, Appley Bridge
All Saints School
Appley Bridge Mission School
Argyle Street Council School
Ashton Grammar School
Ashton-in-Makerfield Secondary School
Aspull C of E
Aspull Methodist
Aspull New Springs County Infant School
Aspull Our Ladys
Aspull Secondary School
Beech Hill Demolition and ReBuild
Beech Hill Infant School
Beech Hill primary
Belle Green, Ince
Bickershaw C of E
Billinge C of E
Bluecoat School, Wigan
Britannia Bridge, Ince
British/Evans school Ashton in Makerfield
Broad O'th Lane Sen Sec Shevington
Butts C of E School
Cardinal Newman R.C. Secondary School, Hindley
Castle Hill CoE School
Clayton St.School
Crooke Village School
Deanery High School
Digmoor C.E. School, Upholland
Downall Green Cof E
Downall Green R.C. Junior Mixed
Edmund Arrowsmith School, Ashton
Evans County Primary School
Garswood St Andrews Primary School
Gerard R.C. Infants School, Garswood
Gidlow School
Golborne Boys Secondary Modern
Golborne County Secondry School (1945-46)
Golborne High School
Golborne Infants School
Golborne Juniors
Golborne Parochial School
Golborne school somewere I think.
Hall of Ince Schools
Hawkley Hall High School
Highfield Junior School
Highfield Secondary School
Hindley & Abram Grammar School, Hindley
Hindley All Saints Junior School.
Hindley Green St.Johns
Hindley Green County Primary
Hindley Green Secondary and Primary School
Holgate Council School 1911
Holgate infants 1953[ish]
Holy Family R.C.Primary School, Platt Bridge.
Ince Central School
Ince in Makerfield C.E Junior School
Ince methodist sunday school
joan wood stage school bryn wigan
John Rigby Grammar School, Orrell
Lamberhead Green Council School
Lamberhead Green County Primary School
Lamberhead Green Infants School
Lamberhead Green Junior School
little rose bridge
Low Hall Primary School
Marsh Green Primary
Marus Bridge Middle School
Marus Bridge Primary School
Marylebone School
Mesnes High School
Methodist Primary School Dicconson Street Wigan
Methodist Primary School Dicconson Street Wigan.
Metropolitan Borough of Wigan Schools' Brass Band
Mornington Road
Moss Lane School, Platt Bridge
New Jerusalem School
Newton Grammar
newton technical college
North Ashton Holy Trinity C of E School
Notre Dame School, Standishgate
Park High School, Hindley
Park Lane Unitarian School, Ashton
pem high school
Pemberton Boys School
Pemberton Girls School
Pemberton Primary School
Platt Bridge Mission
Platt Bridge Wesleyan School
Poolstock Cof E Football Team 1953/54
Poolstock Cof E School
Princess Street Nursery, Hindley
Rain drops are falling on my head.
Rectory c of e school
Red Rock school
RL Hughes Primary School
Robert Louis Junior, School, Norley Hall
Roby Mill C of E Primary
Rose Bridge School
Rose Hill School, Ashton
Sacred Heart School, Hindley Green
Sacred Heart School, Springfield
school in nelson dad and is brother
School Reunion
Scot Lane Primary
Shevington High School (1985)
Shevington Junior School
Spring View School
Spring View Senior Boys' School.
St Aidans
St Andrew's C of E School
St Benedicts, Hindley
St Bernadette's RC Shevington
St Catharine's, Wigan
St Cuthbert's, Norley Hall
St Davids
St Edwards (Scot Lane)
St Elizabeth's, Aspull
St George's C. E. Junior School, Wigan
St Jame's School, Orrell
St Jame's School, Worsley Mesnes
St James, Poolstock.
St John Fisher
St John Rigby College
St John The Baptist School, New Springs
St John the Devine C of E School
St John's C of E Pemberton
St John's R.C. Primary School
st johns school new springs
St Joseph's School, Wallgate
St Josephs Wallgate.
St Judes
St Lukes Stubshaw Cross
St Mark's School, Newtown
St Mary's, Ince
St Mary's, Standishgate
St Matthews, Highfield
St Michael & All Angels, Swinley
St Nathaniel's, Platt Bridge
St Oswald's R.C., Ashton
St Patrick's Boys School
St Patrick's junior mixed
St Patrick's R.C. Girls School, Hardybutts
St Patrick's School, Wigan. 1971.
St Pats. Church
St Paul's C of E, Goose Green
St Pauls Sunday school Standishgate
St Peter's, Bryn
St Peter's, Hindley
St Stephen's, Whelley
St Thomas More Newtown Re-union 1982
St Thomas More Secondary Girls' School. 1955.
St Thomas More, Newtown
St Thomas the Martyr Infant School, Up Holland
St Thomas the Martyr Primary School, Up Holland
St Thomas's Ashton In Makerfield
St Thomas's C of E, Wigan
St Wilfrid's School Standish
St William's RC, Ince
St Williams Ince
St. James secondry modern Orrell
St. John Fisher RC High School
St. John's C of E School, Hindley Green
St. Marie's, Standish
St. Thomas' Sunday School
St.John the Baptist. New Springs
St.patricks infant school
Standish Grammar School
Standish High School
standish Lower Ground
Thomas Linacre School
Typists Training School
Up Holland Grammar School
Up Holland Mixed School
UpHolland County Secondary School
upholland moor school
Warrington Lane Infants School
Wesleyan Infants School, Ashton
Wesleyan School Wigan
whelley chapel
Whelley Primary School
Whelley Secondary School
Whitley High School
Wigan College of Technology
Wigan Girls' High School
Wigan Grammar Schools
wigan high school
Wigan Mining & Technical College
Wigan school ???
Wigan Summer School
Wigan Wesleyan School
Woodfield School
Woodfold Primary School, Standish
Worthington Boys School