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LIZZIEíS ANAGRAMS #31*****************************
Started by: lizziedownunder (6276)  Report abuse
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Lizzie's G+ Profile

Good morning dear friends..💜..well done with your words.....😊👍

Vince you got the 9 letter...👌..and I did know about the word wigan ...😊

New thread ...the other one was getting so long ...nice to see all the participation....it is very popular here too lots of people do Target Master in the Advertiser newspaper ....although they are predicting that newspapers will be scrapped altogether due to all the online content of news ...hopefully not for a while yet....🤨

Hope you are having a nice holiday Ray ....👌

Ok letís get on with a new week of words....😊

Amswer...... WINEGLASS
aegis agile algin angel angle assign awning easing gain gale gean genial gens glans glass glassine glean glei glen glia gnaw gneiss ingle leasing ligase linage ling sage sang sawing sealing sewing sigla sign signal silage sing singe single slag slang sling snag snig swag swage swig swing wage wangle wigless wing wingless

Anagram for today............ L U T Y B O A Y N

Good................. 14
Very good.............. 17

Words of 4 letters or more, including...... B ......Good luck☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (5004) Report abuse
boat, blot, buoyant, bounty, bloat, about, buoy, tuba,

A good brain work out this morning Lizzie.
A bit cooler this morning.
Have a good day everyone.

Posted by: bravo (2507) Report abuse
hi all,ray everythink going well on your holiday,you certainly got the weather for it,early post out later-GOLF-buoyantly-butanol-botany-baton-bayou-blunt-bola-bout-notably-somemore for our Maureen and ray if he as internet.take care all.

Posted by: momac (8868)  Report abuse
Hello all,bit late today..got to Rivvy this morning for 9-30,done a lot of
walking and am shattered now.

Marie are you able to get on WR..I can't for the life of me.


Hope Ray is enjoying himself.

Enjoy your golf Vince.

Thanks our Lizzie for our words and our new thread..you're a love.xx 💜

Posted by: momac (8868)  Report abuse
Marie,it's back to normal.

Posted by: MarieM (5004) Report abuse
Glad you got it back Mo. It happened to me once. Also I lost my Email on Friday but I am back on now.
Mo it says on Daily Drivel they have been having problems.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6276)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends 💜...well done with your words...😊👌

You got the 9 letter Vince...👌

No bother our Maureen....it is easy done ...just have to copy and paste the links and away I go ....😊
Glad you got a good brain workout Marie...👌...sometimes I am sure they repeat the anagrams ....still it is all good fun ...😊👍

Will put the washer on today although I will probably have to dry them all inside again ....the wet stuff just keeps falling...there were pics of heavy hailstorms last night in the paper this morning ...kids making snowballs with it ...very cold indeed...😬

Hope you are having a good holiday Ray...👌

Answer............ BUOYANTLY
ably about abut balun baton bayou bloat blot blunt boat bola bolt bony botany bout bunt buntal bunya buoy buoyant butyl nobly notably tabun toby tuba tubal unbolt

Anagram for today......... A C N S A L H D P

Good............ 20
Very good........... 25
Excellent............ 30
Genius.............. 35

Words of 4 letters or more, including......... A .......Good luck...☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (5004) Report abuse
nasal, land, plan, hand, sand, slap,

Thanks Lizzie. It's hot here this morning.
Hope Ray is enjoying his hols.
Have a good day everyone.

Posted by: bravo (2507) Report abuse
hi all,still no let up in the weather-mid 30s-ray the weather is favouring you,golf yesterday was knackering,but enjoyable-could be 2 nine letters lizzie will correct us-handclaps-handclasp!!-handclap-hasp-clap-clan-canal-clash-alpha-ashcan-panda-span-scandal-salad-scala-somemore for our Maureen,ray may not have internet.take care all.

Posted by: momac (8868)  Report abuse
Hello all..Vince,I feel sorry for you, the hot weather we had was getting me
down..hope you get some respite soon...also forgot to say that I didn't know
what the word WIGAN meant..I do now.

Hello Marie are you off anywhere today...we've. just come back from Daves
and the weather has turned today hasn't it after the gorgeous morning we


Thanks our Lizzie,one of my pet hates is having to dry clothes indoors,but
you probably have more room than us. xx💜

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6276)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends 💜...well done with your words..😊👍

Vince you got the 9 letter ...and I will allow the both of them 👌 ....I cannot see why they didnít print the two ....I think it is something to do with not allowing plurals ....so in this instance most of the word count could be doubled with plurals ....more work for the type setters...😊

alap alas alpha anal calash canal cash chad chap clad clan cap clash clasp dacha dash dhal hadal hand hasp land lash nasal paca panda pascal paschal pasha plan salad salpa sand sandal scad scald scalp scan scandal shad slap snap span

Anagram for today........ S E P K S I S E N

Good................ 10
Very good........... 13
Genius................ 19

Words of 4 letters or more, including....... S ....... Good luck..☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (5004) Report abuse
spin, skin, seen, skein, kiss,

Plenty left for Maureen and Vince. Lovely morning here Lizzie but storms forecast for later in the week. Went to see the new Mamma Mia film yesterday. Lovely.
Have a good day everyone.

Posted by: bravo (2507) Report abuse
hi all,no change in the weather,please lets have some rain-peskiness-skepsis-sense-spine-snipe-seine-skeen-spike-seep-sink-seek-sken-some for our Maureen,still on the swing with her magnum,ray must be enjoying themselves,take care all.

Posted by: momac (8868)  Report abuse
Hello all,glad you enjoy the film Marie.

Vince,I'll send you some rain later.
Also Vince..I only have a Magnum when we go to Daves on Tuesday,
there's no point saying no to him.

I don't know why I've got so many words left because none of them are plural,
unless Vince got them and he's being kind.


Weve done a lot of tidying up in the garden,it isn't a big garden and I tend
have everything growing in it..just love flowers and seeing what I can grow,
also out of bird seed I got the sunflower seeds,planted them and now
they're enormous..took some small conifers out of the front window box ,
been to Garden Centre again and got bedding begonias to replace them...
to top it all broke the sweeping brush so that's the next thing to get.
Don't I go on...Ray would say yes..

Thanks our Lizzie,I don't think I've slipped up with my words but only you
can decide,only with mine Maries and Vince's it comes to a lot more than
the target.xx💜

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6276)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends..💜..well done with your words...😊👌
Vince you got the 9 letter ...👌

It doesnít bother me in the slightest our Maureen how many plurals you want to post..if there are enough of the letter s in the anagram, go for it..😃

Looks like we have a nice day ahead for roaming round our leafy suburbs with my sis today... 9 - 20C .....👌

Answer....... PESKINESS
kiss penis pise seek seen seep seine seise sense sensi sepsis sine sink skein skep skin skip snip snipe speiss spek spike spin spine

Anagram for today......... O R S E W R O I M

Good........ 10
Very good........ 13
Excellent.......... 14
Genius........... 16

Words of 4 letters or more, including......... W .....Good luck..☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (5004) Report abuse
worse, swim, swore, wore, wire, rower,

Hope you had a good time with your sister Lizzie.
A lovely morning here.

Are you going to Southport today Mauareen and are you playing golf, Vince. Thought about you both when we came up Wallgate yesterday to go to Go Outdoors for some fishing stuff.

Hope Ray is having a good time.

Posted by: bravo (2507) Report abuse
hi all,just put an ceiling fan up and remote control,we need it bedroom temp 32-worrisome-worries-wormer-worm-wooer-weir-wirer-wise-wiser-morrow-meow-mews-ower- more for our Maureen,no golf today,next game Tuesday at bonalba-take care all.

Posted by: momac (8868)  Report abuse
Hello all,just got back from you know where,had lovely day.there from 9am
Sorry you're still sweltering Vince,it isn't nice.

Marie,went in Pound Stretcher yesterday, it's strange to think...my
Grandma at one stage lived in either Viictoria St or Melbourne St, and
Pounds Stretcher covers both of those streets,so am actually walking on
the same place that she walked..strange but nice isn't it.

I only have one left...mower.

Bet Ray is having a great time but won't be happy at having no internet...

Ta our Lizzie..and have a great time with your Sis.xx💜

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6276)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends...💜..well done with your words...😊👍
Vince, you got the 9 letter 👌

Had a lovely day ...down the south coast and lunch at a country pub...perfect day with lovely sunshine ...pic on my profile on the way home...😊

Well it is Friday again ....time flies ...hope Ray and Susan are enjoying themselves...can just imagine all that beautiful countryside ...👌

Answer......... WORRISOME
meow mews mower riwer serow smew sorrow sower swim swore weir wire wise wiser wooer wore worm worse wrier

Anagram for today....... T I R E C E S T N

Good........... 19
Very good........... 25
Excellent........... 31
Genius............. 37

Words of 4 letters or more, including........... C .........Good luck..☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (5004) Report abuse
rice, crest, cretin, recent, nice, nicest

Plenty left for the others.
Raining this morning Lizzie.
Best wishes everyone and have a good day. Glad you had a good day Lizzie. I'll try and find your photo.

Posted by: momac (8868)  Report abuse
Hello everyone,well has the rain fell this morning,the heavens opened,I hope
Vince has had some,it was badly needed here..the ground needed it,the
grazing cattle needed it and so on.

Have had a lazy day except the usual Asda shop this morning.


I know Vince will get more.

Ray should be getting ready for home I think.

Thanks our Lizzie ,I'm enjoying looking at the photos from your travels..and
also enjoy Simon Reeves travels through Oz.take care.xx💜

Posted by: bravo (2507) Report abuse
hi all,affraid not Maureen,no rain yet and none forecasted-intersect-icer-nicer-niece-cerise-citer-censer-cittern-enticer-erect-eric-recent-tercet-tinct-terce-since-strict-steric-screen-that's it for this week,have a safe journey back ray,as for a lazy day,put two ceiling fan up now.take care all.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6276)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends..💜..well done with your words..😊👌

Vince you got the 9 letter ...👍

Thank you our Maureen...😘

As I type this morning our heavens have opened too ...winter rainfall for the last two years has been a lot less than it should have been ...we are making up for it this winter ...So far we have had about 3 inches according to my rain gauge.....there will be heaps again today ....👌

Last one for the week ....😊

Answer...... INTERSECT
cense censer cent centre centrist cere ceresin cerise cete cire cist cistern cite cittern crest cretin enteric entice erect incest insect nice nicer nicest niece recent recite recti resect reticent rice scene scent scree screen secret secretin sect since sincere steric strict tennec terce tercet tierce trice trisecr

Anagram for today ........ F L N O S O A E S

Good ........ 16
Very good........ 21
Excellent.......... 26
Genius........... 31

Words of 4 letters or more, including.......... S. ........Good luck...☘️☘️☘️
Have a lovely weekend everyone...safe journey home Ray and Susan ...love and hugs..Lizzie....💜xxooxx

Posted by: MarieM (5004) Report abuse
sole, floss, nose, sane, loss, sloe, loose,

Lovely sunny morning Lizzie.
Hope you all have a good weekend and hope Ray has a safe journey.

Posted by: bravo (2507) Report abuse
hi all,we had 2 min of rain,just enough to wet the pavement.but now sun back out-aloofness-false-eons-lass-lose-lesson-loosen-saloon-salon-solo-noose-seal-safe-more for our Maureen,take care all.

Posted by: momac (8868)  Report abuse
Hello all,had another nice morning in you know where.

Sorry about your lack of rain Vince..as I said before..it isn't nice.

Hello Marie.

sale,soon,sofa,season,self,loses lasso,also lens,leans,loans.

Have a great weekend everyone..we'll have our Ray back next week.

Thanks our Lizzie..I hope you have a great weekend also.xx💜

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6276)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends 💜..well done with your words...😊👌

Vince you got the 9 letter ..👌

Still very cold and wet here ...tomorrow is predicted to be a better day with some sunny breaks ...😎
Have a lovely new week everyone.....💐

Answer...... ALOOFNESS
also false floss fossa fossae fosse lase lass lasso lens less lesson loess loose loosen lose loss noose nose oases ossa safe sale salon saloon sane sans seal season self sloe sofa sola sole solo sone sool soon

Anagram for today ...... R I E T P T E R N

Good............ 13
Very good........... 17
Excellent............ 21
Genius............. 25

Words of 4 letters or more, including............ P .....Good luck...☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (5004) Report abuse
pier, ripe, pent, tripe, pert, interpret

Bit dull this morning.
Hope Ray is back in full swing. Have a good day everyone.
Got a blood test this morning.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5181) Report abuse
A big Monday hello to everybody.
Really good to be back.
We had a lovely holiday in our little hillside retreat.
A cloudy damp morning here in Blighty, 21C forecast, personally I am glad to see some of the wet stuff.

Itís not walking weather, so we are going to Bents Garden Centre at Glazebury this arvo.

interpret- tripe-repent- peter-prettier-print-petite.

I think itís a little too wet for Rivvy this arvo Mo.
Wish we could send you some rain Vince, hopefully autumn will redress the balance.
Very well done with the words Marie, hope your blood test goes well.

Lizzie, thank you for starting our weekly words off.
I really missed not being on here last week.

Posted by: momac (8868)  Report abuse
Hello all,a rainy morning..of course we should be glad it's just the darkness
that's a problem been shopping now much else to do ,Dave gave me some
cooking apples so will bake him and us an apple crumble.should keep me
happy for a while...while listening to Bon Jovi. lovely.

Glad to see you safely back Ray bet you enjoyed it.

petre,pint,print,prettier,printer peer pine peen pean preen preter,peri,trip,
ripen inept.neep.

Hello Marie
Hello Vince

Thanks once more our Lizzie..you're a belter..xx💜

Posted by: momac (8868)  Report abuse
Sorry to repeat some of your words Ray,have only just pressed the send
button..due to phone call..nice to see you back

All the best with your blood test Marie...if you go to TLS for your tests,a
good tip if you can is to go after 12 o'clock,there's hardly anyone there

Posted by: bravo (2507) Report abuse
hi all,no let up in the weather-mid 30s at the moment-inepter-pettier-petter-prier-ripener-repin-thats my lot,golf tomorrow,so will be missing,take care all.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6276)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends..💜...well done with your words...😊👌

Welcome back Ray...and you got the 9 letter....👌
Hope your blood test goes ok Marie...🌷
Enjoy your golf Vince...😊
Thank you our Maureen...🌷

Thank you for your lovely comments...love my Wiganworld family....😘🤗

Answer........... INTERPRET
inept neper peen peer pent peri pert perter petet petit petite pettier pier pine pint preen prettier prier print printer repent repine reprint ripe ripen riper trip tripe

Anagram for today...... R S O O D A E H U

Good......... 26
Very good.......... 33
Excellent........... 40
Genius............ 47

Words of 4 letters or more, including........ D ........Good luck...☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (5004) Report abuse
dose, soda, hood, rude, dear, read, road, dour,

Thanks Lizzie. A bit dull this morning but ok.
Hope Vince enjoys his golf and hope everyone has a good day.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5181) Report abuse
A good day to everybody.
A warm cloudy day here in Blighty with a little rain earlier, 20C forecast.
A lazy morning brewing some wine, I wish Susan wouldn't sup so much!!!!!!! LOL
This arvo is our 'big shop' day at Sainsies in Leyth.

roadhouse (is that a word?)-odour-dash-door-dare-rushed-adore-aroused-hoard-head-housed-herd-shed-shod-soared-rushed.

I don't think you'll be sitting out in Owd Dave's garden this arvo Mo, but you WILL be having a Magnum

A high word count today so hopefully I have hopefully left loads for Our Mo.
Well done to Marie.
Have a good round of golf Vince.

Lizzie, hope you are not suffering from the dreadful drought that is affecting New South Wales, most distressing especially in the Winter months when you expect some rain.
Thanks as ever.

Posted by: momac (8868)  Report abuse
Hello all guess where we've been again,Dave rang last night,so off we went
then Ray,a Magnum back at his..he always says I've told the girls (his two
dogs) Mo and Cliff are coming back...it was cloudy but didn't rain thankfully.


Show em how to play golf Vince..

How do Marie.

Thanks our Lizzie..keep wrapped up.take care.xx💜

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6276)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends..💜..well done with your words..😊👌

Ray you got the 9 letter ..and yes it sure is a word..👌

The heartbreakeing drought is not affecting us Ray..we are very green here in South Aussie land...there sre constant hay drives from farms in South Australia and now Western Australia.. a friend of mine informed me that his horses are eating South Australian lucerne ...so farmers help farmers as best they can ...that is the ethos out here ...which is a wonderful thing ...let us hope it breaks soon ...🤞
Ok ...bargain hunt day at the shops ..so letís get cracking...👍

Answer....... ROADHOUSE
adore aroused dare dash dasher dear doer does door dose dour douse dura hard hared head heard herd hoared hoed hood horde horsed hosed housed hued oared odour oohed rased read redo road rode rodeo rood roused rude rued rushed sadhu sard sarod shad shade shard shared shed shod shoed shooed shored shred shroud soared soda soured sudor sued surd used

Anagram for today....... T U I L P N S A P

Good............ 23
Very good....... 29
Excellent.......... 35
Genius.......... 41

Words of 4 letters or more, including....... P ....... Good luck..☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (5004) Report abuse
tulip, past, plan, slip, snap, snip, pain, plait, pail

Dull and damp this morning. Plenty for everyone else. Hope Vince enjoyed his golf and Maureen enjoyed her magnum.
Ray, I know you like walking round Amberswood. Last week in the paper it said the Amberswood Tavern is closed and has been sold to the Car place next door. Another one gone.


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