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LIZZIEíS ANAGRAMS NUMBER 29***********************
Started by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
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Lizzie's G+ Profile

Good morning dear friends....well done with your words......😊👍
Another sunny morning with a bit of an Autumn chill ....back to summer tomorrow 😎
Happy new week to you all ...letís go...😃👍

Answer...... SAFEGUARD
adage aged argued daraf dare deaf dear drag drug dura fade fadge farad fared feud fraud fudge fused gaud grade gradus guard raged rased read rude rued sard sued sugared surd surfed surged urged used

Anagram for today...... E C L A N R E C A

Good..... 16
Very good...... 20
Excellent........ 24
Genius.......... 28

Words of 4 letters or more, including...... N ......Good luck....☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
lean, clean, near, clan, learn, renal, cane,

Thanks Lizzie. Sunny cold morning. It was snowing a bit when I went for the paper.

Plenty more for the others. Hope you have all had a good weekend.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
A big Monday hello to all.
A bright sunny but very cold day here, 2C is the max forecast temp.
I am not looking forward to this week, the weather forecast is for a Siberian blast,
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday look the worst days, with the prospect of snow and sub zero daytime temps.
Because of that, we have decided to do our Tuesday 'big shop' this arvo.

Mo and Marie, please take care and keep warm.


Well done to Marie.
Loads more for Our Mo and Vince.

Lizzie, a very G'Day to you, and thank you for our new thread.
Thank goodness you don't have to worry about freezing temperatures where you are.
Enjoy your warmth.
Thanks for our Monday wordage

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
Weather update.

It's just started snowing here in Keawyedland. so we may not get our shopping done.

Thankfully we have been stockpiling our cupboards and freezer ready for such an event, and we could survive for a long time if needed.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all,Ray..that's what we've been doing,trying to plan ahead of the
weather...did our usual shop this morning and boy was I glad to get into
Asda then home,get wrapped up when you go out Ray..and don't go into a
head wind.

Marie..I'm afraid I can't put photos on.

Vince,what is your weather like..I believe Portugal is getting nigh winds.


Thanks our Lizzie for our new thread...you wouldn't like our weather at the
moment. xx 💜😰😩

Posted by: bravo (2426) Report abuse
hi all,abit late internet been down,just come back on,maureen beautiful aftyernoon,about 20 temp.-canceler-cancel-caner-ranee-rana-arena-enlace-elan-erne-near-leaner-thats it sorry about your weather keep wrapped up.take care all.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends...💜 well done with your words😊👍
Glad you are all happy with the new thread..😊👍
Good one for the nine letter Ray...👍
I have a friend living in London on G+ one minute she is snapping blossom against a blue sky ...then it is forecasting snow...unbelievable that it is so cold ...take care everyone...😘
Vince, I think we are a bit spoiled with our weather ...😎

Answer...... CLEARANCE
acne anal anlace arcane arena arene canal cancel cancer cane careen carnal cenacle clan clarence clean cleaner cran crane crenel earn elan enlace erne lance lancer lane lean leaner learn nacre near neral rance renal

Anagram for today..... I R C S I O A U V

Good....... 11
Very good...... 13
Excellent....... 15
Genius......... 17

Words of 4 letters or more, including....... I ...... Good luck☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: bravo (2426) Report abuse
hi all abit early making up for yesterday,lizzie we are abit lucky with the weather although its raining at the moment-abit tricky today-vicarious-various-vicar-virus-visor-saviour-curio-sari-more for my friends-take care all.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
A very good day to all.
Well, we got our first taste of 'The Beast from the East' as the media are calling it.
After overnight and early morning snow, a bright sunny but very cold day here, 2C is the max forecast temp.
Thankfully the snow at the moment is thawing, so we may get a short local walk in this arvo.
Just watching the BBC One O'Clock News, it seems we've done very well here in the Wigan area compared to other parts of the country.

Mo, you are right when you say don't walk in to a head wind, most uncomfortable.
As you say plan ahead, I'm so glad we shopped yesterday

Hope you are keeping warm Mo and Marie, we don't skimp on heating when it gets cold.


I found the words today hard to come by, but it is a low word count.
Well done to Vince, especially the 9 letter.
Are you on a jolliday Marie? LOL

Lizzie, hope your recent wet spell greened things up a little, I know that from your previous posts you have said the lawns turn to straw till Autumn.
Thanks as ever for our wordage

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
Mo, I laughed at your post on Admin's 'Mensa Mind Teaser' thread.


It made I laugh, I've never seen such a complicated convoluted puzzle,

and believe or not myg has solved it, but reckons it's been posted before..

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all,by gum,our Lizzis and Vince don't know what they're missing with
all this beautiful weather do they..was going to nip into town this morning,
but guess what!!! I'm not going anywhere but Daves..I'm so soft you
wouldn't believe..

Ray,glad it make you chuckle,and tell your Susan to go give the rulers out
she's a clever girl.

It's going darker as I type this..hope it doesn't mean more snow.

Marie,wherever you are,I hope you're wrapped up.
How do Vince.

Only a couple left but every little helps..


Thank you our Lizzie,yes you are a bit spoilt with your weather..but then
again it's our fault for staying here isn't it. xx💜

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
Sorry couldn't get on til now. Well done everybody.

It was a white-out this morning. I bet Lizzie and Vince are jealous because they can't make a snowman. NOT. At least the sun is shining. We've not had it as bad as some parts of the Country.

Best wishes everyone. See you tomorrow.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends...💜..well done with your words...😊👍
On ya Vince for the 9 letter ...👍
When I went up Mt Macedon last August with my Sis and experienced the snow, it was lovely ...but I donít think I could cope with it and the freezing temperatures...like 10C would be freezing here in our winter...but we have had lower morning temps....😎..anyway ..shopping day today ...🛍

Answer..... VICARIOUS
asci auric carious coir coria curia curio curiosa iris ovisac sari saviour scoria sori uric vair various vicar vicious virus visa visor

Anagram for today...... R H R E D O A W A

Good...... 23
Very good...... 29
Excellent........ 35
Genius....... 41

Words of 4 letters or more, including....... D ......Good luck....☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
read, road, hoard, word, ward, draw, head, arrowhead, heard, drew, award,

Colder than ever today but the sun is shining.

Hope you enjoyed your day out with your sister Lizzie.

Good day for a walk Ray if you are wrapped up.

Maureen, are you going to Dave's.

Have a good day everyone.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
A very good day to all.
A bright but extremely bitter cold day here in Blighty, -1C forecast, but with the wind chill factor it will feel like -5C brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just watching the BBC One O'Clock News, it seems we have escaped lightly here, the Eastern side of England and Scotland have copped it badlly.
We have had just some light snow flurries over lunch thankfully.
Not sure if I want to get our afternoon walk in.

I know I said it yesterday, but please keep yourself warm Mo and Marie.


A high word count today, so hopefully loads for Mo and Vince.
Well done to Marie, especially the 9 letter

Lizzie, be very grateful for your Antipodean climate, it is awful here!!!!!!!!!
It's Wednesday, go get the bargains LOL
Big thanks as ever

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all..well Ray we went to Wigan this morning and I've never been as
cold in my life..you couldn't see people's faces everybody had their hoods
up and scarves draped round their faces...I had my poncho on that I've had
for thirty years..am I glad that I kept it..just like a Clint Eastwood one and so
warm.plus a big woolen scarf..so Ray stay where you are,it just isnt worth it.

Just had a visit from ex Son in law,not seen him for about 12 Months,he's
a cracker,always was..he's a biker with hair down his back and can talk
about anything..and a worker full stop...and working local so said he'll see
us more...good .

Marie,if you go out today be aware..it's bitter..get wrapped up.


Hello Vince,I know you'll have more..you always do.

Thanks our Lizzie,you honestly wouldnt believe how cold it is here..how I
envy you. your temp.xx💜

Posted by: bravo (2426) Report abuse
hi all,thats for the confidence Maureen,just a couple more to add,-awarder-deer-dower-dawah-oared-order-hardware-hoared-hawed-warhead-warred-whored-wade-redraw-thats it,dont forget keep wrapped up,stay indoors,take care all.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends...💜...well done with your words...😊👍
Good one Marie for the 9 letter word....👍
Another grey cloudy morning..not a spot of rain ...up in Queensland they are being deluged ...still it will all flow down to the Murray Darling basin and keep our rivers full ...off for a haircut today ...and it is our youngestís Birthday ...Julie is 41 today...my where does the time go...she and hubby Stu will be over this arvo to take me for a haircut as Julie and I go to the same hairdresser ...very handy ....😊👍

Answer...... ARROWHEAD
adore ahead award awed dare dhow doer dower draw drawer drear drew hard harder hardware hared harrowed head heard herd hoard hoarder hoed horde oared order owed radar read redo redowa redraw reward reword road roared rode rowed wade wader ward warder warhead warred whored woad word

Anagram for today..... E P E R E R S R V

Good...... 12
Very good...... 15
Excellent....... 18
Genius........ 21

Words of 4 letters or more, including....... E .....Good luck ....☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
peer, reeve, peeve, veer, ever, revere,

Thanks Lizzie. Snowing again.

Ray, It is definitely too cold for a walk today. It was painful when I went for the paper this morning. Definitely the coldest day so far.

Roll on Spring.

Have a good day everyone.

Posted by: bravo (2426) Report abuse
hi,maureen-marie-ray,looked at your weather forecast,dont envy you,it must be freezing and with the chill facture.wrap up warm stay indoors and watch tele.take care.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all,Marie,hope you're not going on your travels today.
Vince we did our shopping today instead of tomorrow..which is supposed to
be worse..the wind is a killer..we're not budging anywhere else now...it's
forecast bad snow tomorrow,let's hope not.

Ray,again I hope you're not going walkies today.youll freeze to death.


I'm sure Ray and Vince will find more.

Thank you our Lizzie,enjoy your weather as Vince will..this cold would
probably be a great shock for both of you .xx 💜

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
A very good day to all.
Another bitterly cold day here in Blighty, -1C forecast, probably the worst day of this cold snap so far.
We have a couple of centimetres of snow on our lawn which is sticking at the moment, and the wind has been whipping up the snow in little mini whirlwinds, it's B awful!!!!!!
Compared to other parts of the country like Scotland and parts of the South West we are doing OK.

We are not budging this arvo.
Mo and Marie hope are coping with this dreadful spell of weather.
Thanks for your concern Vince, we'll muddle through, it is marginally better at the weekend.


A moderate word count today, so hopefully loads for Mo and Vince.
Well done to Marie.

Lizzie, hope you have a happy hair day LOL
Sorry for bangin' on about the weather, but it really is the top news story on TV.
I don't know how the Scandinavian countries cope, but they do.
The whole country here is brought to a halt.
Your wordage is a bit of warmth in our ice cold day LOL

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
Bazinga Mo, I was typing while you posted LOL

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Ray,I can't gain access to WR..can you ???

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Everything's fine now.

Posted by: bravo (2426) Report abuse
hi all,late on I came second to the archers omnibus-I think there is 2 nine letter words-preverser-perverse-peeve-perve-perse-veer-reverser-reep-epee-reserve-thats it,take very good care,we are abit lucky,windy today temp 19,maureen and marie send your husbands for the papers tomorrow.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends 💜..well done with your words...😊👍
Good on you our Maureen for the 9 letter 😊👍...Vince, canít find the word preverser in my dictionary...but who knows ..you may be right ..🤔
The terrible weather over there has been in our news...stay safe xx

Will be off down the coast next week, so will give you the answer to this one tomorrow and then will not be back with a new one until the following Monday morning the12th March my time...😎...just need to get away and have some costal solitude...🐬xx

Answer..... PRESERVER
epee ever peer peeve perse perverse preserve reeper reeve reserve revere revers reverse seep seer sere serve server sever severe spree veer verse vesper

Anagram for today...... E R O T G T A C A

Good..... 14
Very good...... 18
Excellent....... 22
Genius....... 26

Words of 4 letters or more, including....... G...... Good luck...☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
great, goat, gate, toga, grot, cage, gore,

Thanks Lizzie. Have a good time.

It's colder than ever today. Vince I chuckled yesterday when you said let the husbands go for the paper.

We are not as bad as some areas where people have been trapped on trains and roads all night. Some for thirteen hours. What a nightmare.

Keep safe Maureen and Ray.

Best wishes

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
A very good Friday to everybody.
Another extremely bitter cold day again here in Blighty, temps will stay around freezing all day.
The worst thing is the wind, it just makes being out side almost painful.

We are thinking of a brief afternoon walk as we are going stir crazy.


A moderate word count today, so hopefully loads for Mo and Vince.
Well done to Marie.
How was it going for the paper this morning?, I have not left the house since Wednesday afternoon.

Are you keeping yourself busy Mo?

Lizzie, how lucky you are where you live.
I love the sight and sound and smell of the sea, enjoy your break.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all,just got back from The Paddock at Mossy Lea..got myself some
lovely shoes for the wedding,just need hat now.

Ray,if you go for a walk get really wrapped up, that wind is so bitter..I read
that the thrushes come here from Scandanavia to escape the bitter cold,but
it's colder here and they will be very angry...some motorists have been
stuck on the motorways for 20 hours..just imagine !!!

Hope you're keeping yourself wrapped up Marie.


Come on Vince,I know you'll have some more.

Thanks once more our Lizzie,we hope you have a lovely break..but we're
going to miss you..just like Ray said I too could live near the sea..I love just
watching the waves break.xx💜 What am I doing living in Beech Hill.

Posted by: bravo (2426) Report abuse
hi all,had abit of rain earlier not muchquite warm no cold wind,a visit to the millinery required Maureen-greatcoat-goer-cartage-toerag-argot-regatta-that's it take care wrap up warm.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
Mo, sounds like you are getting there with your outfit, well done you.

We are just back from a local walk, just 15 minutes, and that was enough.
I had my fleece and thick winter Berghaus coat on, and I have a neckwear called a ĎBuffí pulled up over my face like a bandit, that wind just cut right through my jeans and bob hat.
Iím having a warming brew as I type.
Hope we can survive these next few days.
It is forecast to be 4 or 5C on Sunday.

Vince, you donít know how lucky you are, enjoy your warmth.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Glad you've decided not to stick it out Ray...it's just not worth it.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends...💜...well done with your words....😊👍
Good one Vince for the 9 letter ....😊👍
Looks like a bit of warm weather coming up ...probably a bit cooler down by the coast...😎..just a smidgin..

agar agate agora agorae argot cage cargo cartage cottage cottager crag ergo ergot gate gear goat goer gore grace grate great groat ogre orgeat raga rage regatta target toga togae trog

Will be back on next Monday morning my time ..12th March ...take care everyone stay safe....love and hugs ..Lizzie...💜xxooxx

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello everybody..the bitter wind has dropped a bit but it's still very cold..so
I hope you're keeping well wrapped up.

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
Hiya Maureen. Not as cold today but raining.
Hope everyone is ok and looking forward to Spring.

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
What a disappointment. I thought Lizzie was coming back today. I didn't read her message properly.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
We're a bit lost without Lizzies quiz aren't we Marie..we' ll just have to have
a little chat on here..are you off anywhere today,I might be having a toot somewhere in Wigan today for a hat and then that's it,am getting fed up
now of trudging round the shops

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse

Marie..on another note,did you watch Call the Midwives last night.how sad
was that,

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
Hello everybody, hope you had a good weekend.
Thank goodness we have got rid of the freezing weather, I found it totally debilitating.
We actually got off fairly lightly in our area, with none of the extreme snowfalls.

Mo, I don't watch Call the Midwife myself, but Susan said it was a particularly sad episode last night, but tastefully done.

I am just watching the film 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' over lunch.
When it was Susan's 21st birthday, we got engaged, and we took a party of family and friends to Blackpool, we had a meal in a hotel, and then watched an afternoon matinee of that film, happy days.

This arvo, a nice walk is on the cards, hopefully not as wrapped up as we have been.

Take care all.

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
Maureen, I have been to St Helens this afternoon. Just mooching.
I have never watched that tv programme.
Glad you got your walk in Ray.
I wonder what Vince is doing.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Night night Marie,night night Ray,night night Vince wherever you are.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
I should have starred in 'The Waltons'

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
ďI should have starred in 'The Waltons' ď

LOL, made me chuckle Mo.

Hope everybody is well.

The usual Tuesday big shop at Sainsies in Leyth this morning.
It is a very pleasant shopping experience I have to say.
This arvo, a drive in to Bolton to Spitting Feathers, the shop in Wigan has closed, or is due to close in the next week.
I may manage a walk later this arvo, if the rain holds off.
I have to say I absolutely hated the cold weather last week, the warmer weather albeit not very warm (7C in Leyth) is very welcome.
Have a nice everybody.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Glad you liked my little comment Ray

Just been to Wigan..Cliffs bloods etc..then Daves this afternoon..am going
to start a Korma shortly..then feel like baking but don't know what yet.

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
Hope Lizzie is having a good time.
Glad you enjoyed your walk Ray. I agree it was awful last week. I don't know if it's because I am older but it seemed worse than ever last week.
Maureen, forgive my ignorance but what is a Korma.
Wonder what Vince is doing.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
I got my walk in just before tea and feel all the better for it.
A Korma sounds good Mo, I love a curry.
Because Thursdays is a busy day, we had started to buy ready meals for convenience.
Last week I decided it was lazy, so I bought all the spices needed to do a curry from scratch.
I just did my own thing, no recipe.
Fry the 3 basic spices of cumin, coriander and garam masala and maybe a little tumeric to release the oils, add an onion and garlic, a tin of tomatoes and simmer.
Susan cooks 4 chicken breast on Tuesday for meals and sandwiches, so I add one of them cut into cubes.
Iíve bought some yoghurt today to make it a little creamier.
Iím not a lover of coconut, but I may experiment with coconut milk, it seems to be used in a lot of recipes.
Enjoy your Korma Mo

Marie, a Korma is a mild creamy curry.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Marie,it's a mixture of cubed potatoes,onion,sliced carrots flour, mild curry
powder garden peas and corn,cooked in milk..I make my own garlic bread,
we've just finished it..of course you can put chicken in with it,if you like
spicy meals you'll love this.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
Sounds good that Mo

I figured you would make your own from scratch.

I like the idea of garlic bread with it.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Thank you Ray,at least you know what's in it when you do it yourself..I love
shop bought garlic bread but thought I'd use the garlic cloves I had in..I
have a garlic press gadget, mix it with butter..put it on bread that I've taken
the crusts off then toast under the grill..of course that's after toasting one side of the bread...it does warm you up..I should have made it last week..
I don't know about you Ray...or Marie but coping with that cold spell didn't
half get me down,thank God it's over with..it's so depressing,plus it makes
you so tense,then your bones ache here and there..here's to Spring and
Summer eh!!!.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
Mo, I can smell your garlic bread from here, fabulous.

Yes, I hated every minute of last week, the cold really got me down, as you say Mo, roll on Spring

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
Ray and Maureen, your recipes sound fantastic.
Been to Leigh this afternoon. It's not as cold as last week but it is still nippy.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
A big hello to all.
Hope everybody has had a good day.
A very pleasant bright but cool day here, it tried to rain when we were driving home, but didnít do much.
We had a trip up to Rivvy this arvo, parked in the avenue of trees near to Rivington Hall and walked in the woodlands, always a nice walk.
Just finished a piece of breaded cod and side salad, most tasty.
Mo, hope to see you later, the cryptic crosswords are all typed up for tonight.
Marie, hope you had a nice trip to Leigh.
Take care all.

Posted by: bravo (2426) Report abuse
hi all,just getting things sorted for our trip to England,playing golf on Friday dining out sat-sun cat in take cat to cattery on Monday,early night Monday early start Tuesday,7 hour drive to our over night stop-burgos,wed-3 hour drive to Santander,sailing 17-50 arrive 2100s Thursday,its ashare I cant see you all.take care.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all,been to Debs this morning for my hat..got one at last,that's it now.,

Ray I'm looking forward to the quiz as always.

Hello Vince,you are going to be busy with all that driving aren't you...and it
is a shame you can't see us all..but have a lovely trip even though you're
going to be shattered.

Just watching Simon Reaves on his travels..if I'd known about the Camino
De Santiago pilgrimage walk when I was younger, I'd have done my best to
do the walk...mind you there's lots of things I'd have done...

See you all tomorrow.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
I forgot to say Marie,there's also cauliflower florets in that Korma.

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
Sounds delicious Maureen.
I thought we'd finished with all this snow and a lorry has jack-knifed near us and the traffic is at a stand still all around.
Take care everyone.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Marie..it's all down to speed isn't it..people in countries that have snow
nearly all year round must shake their heads at the sheer foolishness of us.
I've drove in bad snow and pea souper fog..but drove according to the
conditions,too many people are in a hurry.

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
Best wishes everyone. I think Vince said he was playing golf.
Maureen, glad you got fixed up for the wedding. When is it?
Ray did you get a walk in. A bit warmer today.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Marie,it's April 12th.
Done me first bit of tidying up in garden..but only a bit.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Well,I was bored with the rainy weather today,so I made some home made
carrot and celery soup,and two loaves of bread,will pop one in the freezer,
Hope it's brighter tomorrow.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
Iíve been a bit remiss not posting this last couple of day so apologies are in order.
We went for a walk up the L & L canal from Rose Bridge yesterday afternoon but were well and truly rained off, I was most annoyed.

Youíve been very busy Our Mo, well done.

After a lazy morning today doing nowt we walked up to Sainsies in Westhoughton
this arvo for some ingredients for our Sunday evening meal.
We have made a change to our diet this last week.
I now make a Putanasca Sauce with wholemeal spaghetti.
It is almost a vegetarian dish and uses Ďstore cupboardí items.
Itís a bit rude, but the name translates from the Italian as ĎWhores Sauceí LOL
It was a quick meal that the ladies of the street could put together very quickly between Ďclientsí.
It uses tinned anchovies, capers, black olives, garlic and tinned tomatoes, with a sprinkling of Parmezan cheese at the end, very tasty indeed.
I think you would like it Mo, but I suspect you have already made it.
Anyroad, hope you have had a good weekend and will see you tomorrow.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends...💜..well it was so nice to read your conversations while I was away ...my favourite curry is Rogan Josh ..but Keith has a problem with curry ...I donít think I need to elaborate...🤨
And I love a good Puntanesca ...but easy on the olives ...😊
Was a lovely time away...beautiful weather lots of sunshine..have got myself a nice hat ...it is lime green so you can see me from miles away ...nice big brim to shade my face and shoulders...😊👍...anyway letís get too it ...so nice to be back...😎

Anagram for today...... R I T A G Y D I N

Good..... 24
Very good.....31
Excellent....... 38
Genius....... 45

Words of 4 letters or more, including...... G .....Good luck....☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
A very good Monday to everybody.
It's very nice to be 'back in the groove' again LOL
A coolish cloudy day with light rain forecast for most of the day.
We will have a lazy afternoon as it's Hindley History Society meeting tonight.

Are you keeping yourself busy Our Mo?
Marie is normally on by now, I bet she's on a jolliday.
Hope Vince can join us.


Loads and loads more for everybody.

Lizzie, lovely to have you back, and sounds like a good holiday was had.
Seems like I mistakenly spelled 'Putanesca' but I am from Ince LOL
You are right when you say 'easy on the olives', there are hundreds of recipes out there, and it seems to be a 'do your own thing' type of a meal, the recipe I got was from Tesco supermarket website, and called for 150g of olives.
I use Sainsies black pitted olives from a 85g 'drained weight ' jar and that is easily the best size for two people.
Thanks for our Monday wordage

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all ,how nice to have you back our Lizzie,I bet you had a lovely
holiday,I'd like to see a photo of you with your green hat on if that's possible

Just come back from Tesco's and boy isn't it a miserable day..but it isn't
cold which is a bonus.

Our Lizzie I've often wondered about Rogan Josh,think I might try it now I
love anything spicy,I even get spicy crisps...if you like it I'm sure it must be

Yes Ray Marie must be off on her travels again..

ding,daring, dating,yang,gain,grin,gray,rang,ring,riding,tang,tidying,airing,

Vince is due to set off for our shores I think tomorrow so may not be on this

Thanks again our Lizzie..it's lovely to have you back safe and sound.xx💜

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
Welcome back Lizzie. Glad you had a good time.

Well done Maureen and Ray. Will try tomorrow.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends...💜..well done with your words...😊👍
Our Maureen and Ray got the 9 letter 😊👍
Thank you all ...it is very good to be back ...we have booked again for October...probably a bit cooler weather...although we were quite a bit cooler down on the coast with the sea breezes....🐬
No problem with the spelling Ray ...sometimes I get it wrong too ...we use Kalamata Olives in the Puntanesca sauce ...they are not my favourite ...the black ones are or the green stuffed ones ....anyway each to their own taste...😊

Answer..... DIGNITARY
aiding airing angry dairying dang daring darting dating digit dignity ding dingy dirtying drag drying dying gain gait gantry giant gird girt gnat grain grainy grand grant gratin gray grid grin grind grit ragi raiding rang rangy rating raying riding rigid ring tang tangy tiding tidying ting tiring trading tragi trying tying

Anagram for today....... I U O C T S T C L

Good........ 16
Very good..... 21
Excellent....... 26
Genius....... 31

Words of 4 letters or more, including....... T ......Good luck....☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
lost, scot, clot, slot, toil, occult, cult, suit,

Thanks Lizzie. A good brain workout today.
Hope everyone is ok. Have a good day.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
A very good day to all.
A bright sunny cloudy day here in Blighty, 8C going to Leyth this morning.
Iím just settling down with a tuna mayo sarnie for lunch.
This arvo Susan does the chicken breasts for our evening dinner, or Ďteaí as they say in Ince LOL
I will get a good hour and a bit walk in well wrapped up with my i-pod blasting out some decent music.

Mo, I am like you, I love spicy food, my palate doesn't do 'subtle', so I've done another home made curry for this Thursday, Susan is having it too, but she doesn't like too much heat, so I will serve her a portion and then add some chillies.


Loads more for Our Mo.
I suspect Vince will not be with us for a while, enjoy your visit to Blighty.

Lizzie, you are probably back in the old routine by now, I hope the holiday has done you good.
Thanks for our Tuesday wordage

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all..the sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hooray.

Ray,that's just the same as us,I like strong hot curries but Cliff doesn't like
them too hot.he always says the heat overrides the taste..I just love them.

Vince will be on his way now or possibly just arrived..at least he's not got
the freezing weather.

You did well Marie.


Thank you our Lizzie..again ...so glad you're back. xx 💜

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends.💜...well done with your words....😊👍
Good to see you got the 9 letter Ray ....😊👍
A lovely cool week with nippy autumn mornings...back to summer on Saturday....but we just may get some rain on Monday...🤞
Saturday is voting day ...Labour, Liberal Independant ....I am at a loss....as the great Billy Connolly once said....donít vote ...donít encourage the bastards....😆😆...unfortunately it is compulsory here...😏😏

Answer...... OCCULTIST
cist clot clout colt cost cottus cult cultic cultist cutis ictus list locust lost lotic lotus lout lust lutist occult oculist otic oust scout scut silt slit slot slut stilt stoic stout stucco suit tilt toil tolu tout

Anagram for today...... Y T L E F R A U L

Good..... 22
Very good..... 28
Excellent....... 34
Genius........ 40

Words of 4 letters or more, including..... F .....Good luck....☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
flay, leaf, left, flat, fall, full, fell, fate, fare, fret,

Thanks Lizzie. A bit nippy this morning but it is dry. Not a good forecast for the weekend.

Going for a blood test this afternoon.

Hope Vince is ok.

Best wishes Ray and Maureen.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
Hi y'all LOL
Just to let you know I will be on later today.
Our Kit rang yesterday afternoon for a chat.
She totally shocked me when she said the wedding is only seven weeks away this weekend.
So I need to get my wedding suit bought asap, so we are just off to The Trafford Centre, and hopefully I will get fixed up at M & S, if not we will go to Boundary Mill at Colne next week.
See you later

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all,Marie you're going at the best time for your blood test..going in the
mornings can have you sat there for a good hour...all the best.

Ray,it sure creeps up on you doesn't it..I started to panic the other week when I realised how close it was.

By the way Ray..it did my head in last night. trying to get that last answer
on the fruit and veg anagrams..I looked for it this A.M..but couldn't find it.

I found the quiz Ray.

I haven't counted them Ray,so hopefully there's more for you...hope you got
fixed up today.

Thank you our Lizzie..good luck with your voting..just write the names down
and put them in a hat. xx 💜

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
A belated hello to all.
Well Mo, a very successful day was had.
I got fixed up in M & S. with a really smart mid grey 3 piece suit, with a tailored slim short jacket, pencil slim trousers and matching waistcoat, tres chic LOL.
Best of all was it was very well priced, but wasnít in the sale which was on.

Well done with the words Mo and Marie.
I suspect Vince is incommunicado this week.
Marie, hope your blood test is OK.


Mo, that Q6 anagram from last night is a killer.

6. fffeeeyppplinar (6,9) =

I can get Ďpineappleí which leaves fffrye, which Iím sure doesnít make a useful word.
I wonder if Lizzie or Marie can solve it.
The solution is either fruit or vegetables.

Lizzie, good luck with the voting, it must be a nightmare.
I had no idea it was compulsory, I wonder how they enforce it?
It seems youíre back to Summer on Saturday, and we are having another icy blast brrrrr LOL
Iíve prattled on a bit on your lovely thread

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends...💜...well done with your words...😊👍
Our Maureen..nice one for the 9 letter ...I came up with the same word...which is rare ...😆...off out with my Sis today ...not sure where but it is just nice to get out...😊👍
Will have a go with the veggie or fruit words but I am not hopeful....🤨
Prattle on all you like Ray...😊👍

Answer....... TEARFULLY
after artful artfully earful fall faller falter fare farl fate fault faulty fealty feat fell felt feral ferula feta flare flat flatly flay flea flue flute fluter fluty flyer fray fret fuel full fuller fully furl fury leaf leafy left raft reft tearful tufa turf turfy

Anagram for today..... E I R A B L S N S

Good..... 19
Very good..... 25
Excellent....... 31
Genius....... 37

Words of 4 letters or more, including....... B ..... Good luck.....☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
barn, bear, bare, base, bass, bale, brass, bran, sabre,

Thanks Lizzie. Have a good day with your sister.

Best wishes everyone. Have a good day.

Glad you've got your suit Ray.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all,what a nice day...just got back from our cat feeding duties,my
friend and her partner have gone off to Spain..will go again later.

Glad you got sorted Ray..you're going to look ever so powsh aren't you .
I just need a couple of little things yet.


Thanks our Lizzie..it is nice to get out,wish I did it more often..enjoy your
out with your Sis.xx 💜

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
Another belated hello to all.
A very pleasant btight cloudy day here in Blighty, 11C in Bowton this arvo.
Well, I thought Iíd be last on today, but it seems our Mo has yet to post.
Maybe a trip to Southport is on the cards, anyroad Iím sure she will make an appearance.


Well done Marie, you always start us off.
Come on Our Mo, your up next.

Lizzie, weíre slowly ticking the days off arenít we, itís Friday again tomorrow.
Have a great day out with Sis
Thanks as ever

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
Bazinga Our Mo!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do we do it LOL

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
Ray, I start you off because I'd have no chance of getting any words if I didn't. Not like you clever clogs.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Ray,it's 'cause we're pyscic...and no it isn't a mis-spelling,

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
You're just as clever as us Marie

Mo, we are kindred spirits me and thee LOL

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Too true Ray.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends..💜...well done with your words...😊👍
Good one our Maureen and Ray for the 9 letter ...👍....did you get the correct words for the fruit or vegetable that you posted yesterday Ray...I have been trying to get it but it just was too hard..😆😆
Nice day out with my Sis ...had a mooch around a few pre loved stores ...you never know what you may find...then a lovely lunch at Caffe Primo at Glynde ...I had Vegetarian Spaghetti and Sis had garlic prawns....we always get great food there...😊👍

Answer...... BRAINLESS
able abler abri abseil bael bail bale baler bane bare barn base baser basil basin basis bass bean bear belar berlin bias bier bile binal bine bise blain blare blase blear bless bliss brae brail brain braise bran branle brass brassie brine lesbian rabi rabies sabin sable sabre slab

Anagram for today..... G O N L D E K E W

Good...... 20
Very good..... 25
Excellent....... 30
Genius....... 35

Words of 4 letters or more, including...... D .....Good luck....☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: bravo (2426) Report abuse
hi all just arrived in Portsmouth,rough crossing,and along journey,1000 kilometre car ride to Santander,hopefully will be back on line soon.take care all.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
It's lovely to hear from you Vince,you've had a long journey haven't you,
look after your self and wrap up warm..it seems we haven't seen the last of
the cold weather yet.

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
done, node, down, need, wend, weed, ledge, knowledge,

Thanks Lizzie. Glad you had a good day out. It's freezing this morning.

Vince, I don't know how you have done that. These Wallgaters have such strength.

Best wishes everyone. Have a good day and keep wrapped up.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
A very good Friday to everybody.
A cool cloudy day here in Blighty, 8C forecast.
We should enjoy the weather today as we are having another Siberian blast over the weekend, not looking forward to it at all.
Temperatures of 2C and with the windchill factored in, more like -5C!!!!!!!! brrrrr
I bet Our Mo can't wait for it LOL
I don't know about you Mo, but I ain't budging this weekend, no siree.


Loads and loads more for Our brainbox Mo.
Well done Marie, especially the 9 letter.
Vince, I don't know where you are travelling to in the UK. but have a safe journey.

Lizzie, sounds like a fantastic day out with a lovely meal, well done you.
I gave up on that fruit/veggie anagram, I did all the rest, which were fairly straightforward, unfortunately Admin had lost the solution, blinkin' notreet LOL
Thanks for our Friday wordage

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all,the weather is lovely now,but according to info,it's going to get
rough again..and NO Ray..when the cold snap comes again I'm definitely
staying in..this body does not like the cold.

You did well again Marie.

I've just taken a beautiful big home made loaf out of the oven,it's white I
know but at least there aren't any additives in it.


Thanks our Lizzie..I was doing okay with the fruit and veg anagrams until the
awkward one..I went through every fruit and veg but got nowhere..mind you
Admin said she hadn't got the answer,so I think it was a slip up.

I bet you have a lovely time out with your Sis..it sounds great. xx 💜

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends...💜...well done with your words...😊👍
Good one Marie for the 9 letter...👍....yeah I reckon the letters for the fruit/veggie was a very bad typo error....😆😆
Safe journey Vince...😊
Well will get on with it ...the polls open in 15 minutes and we like to vote early ...just like everyone else...😏😏

Answer..... KNOWLEDGE
doge dole done dong dongle dowel down edge eked endow geld geode glowed gold golden gowned kedge kendo kneed ledge legend lend lewd lode lodge longed lowed need node ogled olden owed owned wedge weed weld wend wold

Anagram for today ....... E S P S E A A K Y

Good...... 10
Very good....... 13
Excellent........ 16
Genius......... 19

Words of 4letters or more, including..... E ...... Good luck...☘️☘️☘️....have a good weekend everyone...keep warm ...will be back around Sunday evening your time....love and hugs..Lizzie....💜 xxooxx

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
speak, peak, seek, peak, keep, apse, pesky, seek,

Thank you Lizzie. Snowing and sun shining here this morning and freezing.

Hope Vince has recovered.

Maureen your loaf sounded lovely. I wish I could bake.

Ray, I don't think you will be going for a walk today but if you do get wrapped up.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Marie,the recipe on Allinsons packet is the simplist and by far the best I've
ever known,and the result is lovely.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
A very good Saturday to everybody.
A bright sunny but very cold day here in Blighty, thankfully we have not had any snow as yet, 2C forecast.
The BBC have just shown a weather outside broadcast from Ainley Top in West Yorkshire, it has seen several centimetres of snow, that's where I used to leave the M62 when I was working, I am so glad I don't have to do that journey any more.
I said we weren't venturing from the house today, but if the weather stays constant we may get a local walk in.

Mo. I have always fancied doing home made bread but I don't have the confidence to start one.
I like the idea that you only use 3 basic ingredients, flour, water and yeast (and salt maybe) and no nasty chemicals.
I may have a try sometime.


Loads and loads more for Our Mo.
Well done Marie.

Lizzie, can't believe it's our final day again, where has the week gone?!!!!!!!!
Good luck with the voting, don't expect sweeping changes, they're all the same LOL
Thank you for looking after us notreets for the week and have a great weekend

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
Forgot to say have a great weekend Mo and Marie, and Vince where ever you are

Posted by: bravo (2426) Report abuse
hi all,iam in Waterlooville in Hampshire,just been snowing,long time since ive seen that-sake-seep-pekes-peaky-ease-easy-will try and post most days,take care all.

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all, Ray,we only had to go from the car to my friends house to see to
her cat and the wind was so bitter,so I can just say get well wrapped up,
you'll see what I mean if you do venture out ..I'm wrapping a big scarf round
my neck when we go back to let him in and feed him.

Also,as I told Marie,Allinsons recipe..(on the green bag) is brilliant..and the
bread is lovely.


Ta our Lizzie,good luck with the voting,have a lovely weekend,and the same
goes for Marie and Ray..and Vince if he gets to look in..xx 💜

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Sorry I missed your post Vince..you won't be used to this cold weather so
keep well wrapped up.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6158)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends....💜 well done with your words....😊👍
Nice one Ray for the 9 letter ...👍
Well it was a landslide for the Liberal party ...Labour has been in power for so long and the state was slowly going down the toilet ...letís see what fresh eyes can do ...but then again you might be right Ray ..just more of the same...😏😏😏

Answer...... SPEAKEASY
akee apeak apse ease easy espy essay eyas keep kype pase passkey payee peak peek pesky sake seek seep speak spek

Anagram for today ....... T W O I H F D S N

Good ...... 13
Very good ...... 15
Excellent....... 18
Genius....... 21

Words of 4 letters or more, including..... H .....Good luck...☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (4850) Report abuse
thin, this, nosh, fish, shift, hint, wish, shod, dosh,

Thanks Lizzie. It's freezing here but the sun is shining.
Hope Vince has recovered from his journey and is keeping wrapped up.

Best wishes everyone and have a good day.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5015) Report abuse
A very good Monday to everybody.
A very bright sunny but cold day here in Blighty, 5C forecast.
The weather is set to get warmer and back to 'normal' temperatures by Wednesday thankfully.
A busy morning cleaning me kitchen LOL, it is spotless.
This arvo a local walk well wrapped up and back home for steak and salad.
Mo usually has a busy Monday, what are you up to?
Hope everybody had a good weekend.


Loads and loads more for Our Mo.
Well done Marie.
Vince, as has been said, keep well wrapped up, you must really feel the cold.,
thankfully we will be in double figure temps by midweek.

Lizzie, sometimes you need a change, politicians get complacent and stale.
I always say, vote selfishly, ie for what you want.
At our age, we're not concerned with education schools, employment, the economy, but healthcare, social care, interest rates (savings) are more important.
Anyroad, I hope things improve.
It's not so often we get posting about serious subjects is it?
Thanks for the start of our week's wordage

Posted by: momac (8525)  Report abuse
Hello all..thank God the suns out today..still cold but not as biting as

Only been to Asda and gone to see to little cat..he's been fed but refused to
stay out,which I can't blame him for..will go back later again to sort him out.

Ray,you've been trained very well..only joking,cause I know you're a bit of a
germaphobe like myself..I drive myself mad sometimes.


Thanks our Lizzie,I've been looking again at photos on G+..I can tell which
are yours without looking at your name..you have your own signature,don't
you. take care.xx


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